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Horror Reaper 3-D conversion

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Good. Ray Zone would be proud
Can you add all 3d anaglyph with the depth map too? I really need it..I'll make multiview image using depth map..and print it on to lenticular sheet..
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I do keep some of them already....I've been posting them on another page:
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men....its AWESOME 
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He is realy aaron ramsey
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THIS LOOKS INSAANE!!!   I gotta ask I love this and want it for my wallpaper, but can't really with it 3-D all the time, Any chance you could put up the exact version but not in 3-D Pleassse?????
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No's just a wallpaper image that I found and created a depth map for to convert it into a 3-D image....the original is here:…
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Thanks alot man, I wish I knew how to do that 3-D thing, it looked Sick!
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Here's a good song to go with it: Don't fear the reaper by blue oyster cult.
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Needs more cowbell.
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I see you've got a fever too.
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I love deviantart xD
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impressive!!  In all ways
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OMG if you sway from side to side the background move and so does the hour glass a little. :D
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Fantasic work, this.
I'm going through your gallery with my 3D glasses and it's great. A lot of people just use a lot of blue and red and say their artwork is 3D when it's not. This is the real deal. 
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Well, thank you, my friend....I'm glad you like my conversions. It's a lot of fun to do...some are more difficult to make the depth map than others, but the tough ones are the ones I enjoy the most anyway. This one in particular has been viewed more than any of my others, so I guess I'm happy with how it turned out. *lol*
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Aw, I know I have some 3D glasses around here somewhere... I bet it's even more awesome then it already is when you can see the effects :la:
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Save this lazy filtered crap for Photobucket please.
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*lol*  It's hardly filtered...I created a depth map for this. Just using a 3-D filter wouldn't be enough.
Besides, what's with the attitude anyway?
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I need to find 3d glasses... I know I have them somewhere...
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