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Naruto OC: Randenjinu Maku by muzikmastamaku Naruto OC: Randenjinu Maku by muzikmastamaku
Owkie! Ive finished with the first original character of my naruto-based organization, Tokkoutai. ^__^ oh! and guess what, its meh narutosized hehehe

Randenjinu Maku © Marc Landingin / ~muzikmastamaku (It’s Meh!!)
Konoha Symbol © Masashi Kishimoto
Maku’s Seal, KazeKunai, Katsugan, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu © Marc Landingin / ~muzikmastamaku

Other Tokkoutai Members:
Aruperezu Koi [link] | Gesa Mei [Coming Soon]

Other Naruto OCs
Ozawa Sento [link] | Kagai Luin [link]

Rough Sketch finished on paper
Digitally Inked and Colors finished with Adobe Photoshop 7
Mouse Drawing

Full view to see more of his character details please! comments would be highly appreciated! thank you so much! ^___^

That’s It! His full character profile is below! ^__^ enjoy! :wave:


Character profile info:
Real Name: Randenjinu Maku ( ランデンジヌ マク )
Nicknames: Maku, Hachi
Age: 23
Status: Active
Height: 179cm
Weight: 150lbs
Gender: Male
Birthday: 0623
Blood type: AB
Eye color: Dark Brown, Golden Brown with Katsugan
Hair color: Black
Rank: S-Class
Village of Birth: Wind Country
Village of Residence: Outskirts of the Hidden Village of Leaf, Fire Country
Element: Wind
Accessories: (coming soon)
Accessory Position: Right ring finger
Partner: (coming soon)
Debut: N/A
Profession/Job: Konoha's Tokkoutai Hanchou(Squad Leader)
Unique traits: Master of the Katsugan, Own ninjutsus dont need hand seals but incantation instead.
Likes: His girl Mei, His Squad Tokkoutai, Beef Teriyaki, Music
Dislikes: arrogant people

Ninjutsu/Bloodline limit: 60%
Hand to Hand/Taijutsu: 40%

Personality: As the hanchou of Tokkoutai, he's serious in getting their assigned mission finished. He is a flexible leader by which he lets his squad’s decision flow through the whole unit. As a regular Konoha fellow, he’s kind and approachable.


Randenjinu Clan’s History:
The Randenjinu clan was one of the most recognized clan during the war. They led squads which are always victorious from all the battles they have fought.
During the post-war, the leader of Randenjinu clan became corrupted from the lands they have conquered under the name of their kage. Soon after, the leader of the Randenjinu Clan questioned the Kazekage’s authority; he planned to take the position and be kage for himself. His plans to assassinate the Kazekage were later discovered by some shinobis. The Kage was so angry at the leader of the Randenjinu clan that his trust to him and his whole clan was turned to dust, thus he sentenced him and his clan to be stripped from all military authorities and be mass-killed for their impudence, dishonor and mutiny. After the mass-killing of the Randenjinu Clan, the clan vanished from the history of the whole wind village.

Maku’s History
Maku is the only son of the late leader of the Randenjinu clan; he was born in the wind village during the post-war. Nobody knew that he was born because every member of their clan was busy with their military responsibilities. After his clan’s mass-killing, he became an orphan and was taken care by his uncle(unknown character sorry :XD:), who was the sole survivor. They took refuge in Konoha (Hidden village of Leaf), during his 5 years in Konoha, he learned everything there is to know about his clan and their unknown jutsus from his uncle. A year later, his uncle died.
He joined the ninja academy at the age of 6. He passed the exams at age 7. He then practiced his own (clan) jutsu’s and passed the chuunin exam at the age of 11. Due to his excellence in missions he became Tokkoutai’s team captain at the age of 17. As team captain he and his managed to meet every mission the Hokage ever ordered. During this time he fell in love with Mayu who has a secret love for him. With his caring persona, he gained the trust of his squad thereby treating them as brothers for life.
When in combat, he seldom uses his S-Rank jutsus because of his compassion to fight with honor and to not kill. But when his level 2 Juin is activated, he loses control and uses the S-Rank jutsus mercilessly.



Tokkoutai, (Means "Special Attack Unit; Suicide Squad; Kamikaze Unit") an elite offensive/defensive squad specially formed for the protection of the village from threats, called for assassination and high-risk missions even through enemy countries, counter enemy countries' attack team such as ANBU, and hunt down Missing-Nins(S-Rank Ninjas). Tokkoutai is a squad that oaths to fulfill their missions without hesitation and the fear of death. They serve under the direct command of the Hokage and their Hanchou. They wear a special robe to identify their difference to ANBUs and other ninjas.


Weapon of Choice:
Kazekunai (x3) - A special kunai used with a very small amount of chakra. If an additional amount of chakra is used it can pierce through wood, steel and even stone walls.


(Own Ninjutsus)
Kaze Bunshin Jutsu (Wind Doppelganger Technique)
Type: D-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
This jutsu is a variant of the kage bunshin, where Maku uses wind particles to create doppelgangers.

Fukaikiri No Jutsu (Think Fog Technique)
Type: D-rank, Defensive, Supplementary (Range 400-500m)
This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense and very thick fog. Anyone within its radius, decreases sight and mobility.

Kuchiyose: Hayabusa Kyo (Summoning: Great Falcon)
Type: C-Rank, Offensive
Maku summons a falcon which scouts/attacks the enemy at the user’s will.

Shouheki Kaze (Wind Barrier)
Type: B-Rank, Defensive, Supplementary
A wind barrier with tremendous pressure created by Maku to protect him/others from attacks or from any danger. The barrier strengthens according to the amount of chakra in which is used. It can can parry/block almost all kind of attack.

Tsujikaze No Jutsu (Body Whirlwind Technique)
Type: B-Rank, Defensive, Short Range(0-5m)
An impenetrable barrier of wind forms around Maku as a large whirlwind, causing the enemy to be swept away to any direction.

Kaburikiri (Fog Protective Covering)
Type: A-Rank, Defensive, Supplementary
This jutsu allows maku to cover himself with a fog unseen by the naked eye, it can only be seen by Byakugan, Sharingan and Katsugan. The protective covering allows the user to minimize unprotected blows even block it.

Kazetama (Wind Sphere)
Type: A-Rank, Offensive
Maku amasses a large force of wind which rolls into a vortex-gathering ball of wind, which is very destructive. When the wind sphere is fully charged, he can either manipulate or fling it to the enemy.

Futon: Kudakenami (Wind Sphere Release: Breaking Wave)
Type A-Rank, Offensive, Range (5-15m)
The sphere is flung to the enemy; it can break through metal and concrete, but it has a minor setback, in which it can be stopped by the second layer of the attack point.

Futon: Kaze Katzuken (Wind Sphere Release: Wind Spread)
Type: A-Rank, Offensive, Range (5-30m)
The sphere dissolves and spread from all angles, the wind particles are so thin and sharp it can severely damage internal organs.

Futon: Reppa Fuujin Ken (Wind Sphere Release: Attacking Whirlwind)
Type: S- Rank, Offensive
The sphere is thrown at the enemy and it spins extremely fast. The spinning creates a huge tornado that engulfs the opponent. Inside, the opponent is spun mercilessly, and cut by the wind like knives.

Futon: Hayate (Wind Sphere Release: Swift Wind)
Type: S-Rank, Offensive
An attack much like Kudakenami, but Hayate can virtually slice its way through 20 layers from the attack point killing everything in its path instantly.

Futon: Bakuha Shougekiha (Wind Sphere Release: Explosion Shockwave)
Type: S-Rank, Offensive, (Range 50m-1k)
With his wind sphere the user adds an amount of chakra causing it to explode causing an enormous shockwave within it said radius. It creates a massive destruction within its path. The shockwave can vary it's strength depending on the amount of chakra that is added and if the amount chakra is so high, it can even kill its user and everybody around its radius.

(Naruto-based Ninjutsus)
- Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
- Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough) (Note: He uses this technique with Koi’s(character sheet soon), Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu.)
- Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Doppelganger Technique)
- Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind)
- Futon: Renkudan (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet)


Genjutsu :


Supia (Spear)
Type: B-Rank, offensive (Range 5-10m)
The user gathers his strength on his right/left shoulder then charges to the enemy like an American football player. The more force the user applies to his shoulder and charge, the more damage it will cause.

Sanjuu Shutten Oosotogari (Triple 360 Throw)
Type: C-rank, offensive
A taijutsu used in combination with "Supia". Wherein the user grabs hold the enemy’s ankle, whirling the enemy three times. After which the user throws the enemy into the air.

Shuugeki Oshitaosu (Charge Down)
Type: B-Rank, offensive
A taijutsu used in combination with "Supia" and "Sanjuu Shutten Oosotogari ". This is an aerial attack, where the user grabs hold of the enemy then literally charging him down unto the ground.


Juinjutsu (sorry about the lack of juin level pics :XD:)
Randenjinu Clan Curse Seal
Juin Level 1:
When he activates this level of Juin, the seal spreads first through his whole right arm. He becomes aggresive, thus increasing his chakra, speed and strength. In this level he can use his "Katsugan". He can activate it without the enemy seeing it.
Juin Level 2:
For this seal to be activated the user must amass a very large amount chakra causing him to lose control of his conscience. This level increases his chakra speed and strength 10 fold. In this level, the seal spreads through his whole upper body, his hair is extended longer, his teeth grows and lastly a black wing grows into his back. This seal only last for 5-10mins, thus when this Juin's time span is over the user will fall to the ground, paralyzed as if he is lifeless.


Kekkai Genkai / Advanced Bloodlimit:
The Katsugan (meaning “Keen Eye”, “Piercing Eye”) is a special pupil condition that occurs naturally within the Randenjinu clan. It is a variant of the Byakugan., though its abilities differ in some ways.

A person with the Katsugan can detect anything within the range of 180° angle(of the user's point of view) and 500-meter radius, if it is activated the user can see anything that moves within the said radius. It is very similar to an eagle's eye sight. It can pinpoint the enemy’s chi/aura, so even if the enemy hides from a certain place it can still be detected by knowing the enemy’s last position. The Katsugan’s sight is inferior to the Byakugan’s sight because it can be blocked mainly by an object with 8inch or more width. But if used altogether with the “Fukaikiri No Jutsu”, it can increase its sight by filtering with the haze/fog, allowing the user to virtually detect and predict the movement of its enemies. In close combat it can detect the enemy’s slightest move, though making it a strong defensive weapon.

Just like the Hyuga clan, the Randenjinu clan aimed to protect its abilities from being stolen through the means of a Juin(”cursed seal”). The seal can be placed anywhere in a clan member’s body, but it is usually placed in the right or left side of the neck. The cursed seal is so powerful that anybody who tries to steal it will instantly die through the means of incapacitation from the wind that will surge through the lungs causing it to blow.

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Aww, i love the design for your character, but i have a character with the same name and he also uses wind techniques. I was wondering if it would be ok if i ever decided to post his bio and character design? I swear i created him before i knew about your Maku, please believe me.
Dubtiger Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2007
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P.S. just so you know, Maku means "To Scatter" in japanese
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nnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo, someone has my idea for a shinobi, hey can i ask you to let me also use some of these jutsus i have an idea for a sannin character that is a wind ninja, but he is from a different village, and a different summon, i swear i will not use the same jutsu names on my own but you have some that i thought of as well, i even made hand seals for some of them that i would be happy to share, sp could i please also borrow some of his jutsus, i'd be most grateful.

this is so good too by the way you definately have a talent for naruto characters i'm still doing lineart and i'm not that good, i'm jealous. XD
Bound-Shadow Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
awesome character sheet, and very cool OC. I'm curious though, aren't Kekkai Genkai the hereditary result of being able to harness 2 elements (I remember seeing this in the manga)? Sorry to ask for even more info from you when you've allready put so much into the description, but this guy is incredibly interesting.

great job, definitely a +fav

Happy Holidays
muzikmastamaku Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006  Professional General Artist
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