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FA61A1 Bakunawa 2 by muzikmastamaku FA61A1 Bakunawa 2 by muzikmastamaku
Haven't been here in DA for quite some time, here's one of my top secre aerial superiority fighter, the FA-61A1 "Bakunawa". an aircraft on my sci-fi verse project, that you'll see soon. for the mean time, Enjoy!

take note that the original sizes of the posed render are all 3072x2304, but i've minimized the size for DA and watermarked the texture maps for security purposes hehe

FA61A1 "Bakunawa" © Me / Marc John Landingin

Shorts: JMLAND Technologies: FA61A1 "Bakunawa" - (The Moon Devourer/Eater Dragon of Philippine Mythology) is a top secret aircraft in . It was commissioned by the UNCAF(United Nations Confederate Air Force) for aerial superiority, only 10 were built, 7 single seater designation FA61A1, 3 double seater designation FA61A2. The Bakunawa has STOL capabilities, which make it more suitable on aircraft carrier deployments, has reverse swept wing for aerodynamics on high speeds.

Other Classes/Family:
FA61A1 "Bakunawa" -  1 Crew (Main Superiority Air/Ground)
FA61A2 "Bakunawa" -  2 Crew (Multi-role Air / Bomber Ground)
EA61B1 "Minokawa"  - 1 Crew (Electronic Warfare / Jammer)
EA61B2 "Minokawa"  - 2 Crew (Reconnaissance / Surveillance)
UA61A1 "Mikonawa"  - UAV (Electronic Warfare / Jammer / Bomber)
UA61A2 "Mikonawa"  - UAV (Reconnaissance / Surveillance)

General characteristics

* Crew: 1 (FA61A1) / 2 (FA61A2)
* Length: 76.82 ft (23.42 m)
* Wingspan:
Spread: = 88.29 ft (26.91m)
Swept:  = 47.53 ft (14.49m)
* Height:
Gear Down/Tail Max Pitch: = 17.06 ft  (5.20 m)
Gear Up/Tail Var Pitch:   =  9.68 ft  (2.95 m)
* Wing area: to be added later


* Maximum speed:
o At high altitude: top secret / recorded Mach 18 (13810.8 mph)
o Supercruise: top secret / recorded Mach 4 (3069.08 mph)
* Range: to be added later
* Combat radius: to be added later
* Ferry range: to be added later
* Service ceiling: to be added later
* Wing loading: to be added later
* Thrust/weight: to be added later
* Maximum design g-load: to be added later
* Power Plant: 2 Jet Engine (to be added later), 1 Rocket engine ( to be added later)
* PowerCore: to be added later


* to be added later

* Power Plant: 2 Jet Engine (to be added later), 1 Rocket engine ( to be added later)

* to be added later

*Modeling,UVMapping,Rigging,Lighting,Rendering(MentalRay) = Autodesk Maya 2011
*Cloud/Environment = Vue 15 XStream
*Texturing, PostProcessWork = Adobe Photoshop CS 6

Mac's Notes:
Fully Functional Rig with GUI
Vehicle modeling/texturing/rigging: took 3-4days
Render Time (model): took 03:58sec (4k)
Render Time (clouds): took 18:23sec (2k)
Overall: took 1week to finish from scratch
dixiedukes Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
Stunning picture
muzikmastamaku Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
thanks mate!
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