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FA-61A1 Bakunawa by muzikmastamaku FA-61A1 Bakunawa by muzikmastamaku
Haven't been here in DA for quite some time, here's one of my top secret aerial superiority fighter, the FA-61A1 "Bakunawa". an aircraft on my sci-fi verse project, that you'll see soon. for the mean time, Enjoy!

take note that the original sizes of the posed render are all 3072x2304, but i've minimized the size for DA and watermarked the texture maps for security purposes hehe

FA61A1 "Bakunawa" © Me / Marc John Landingin

Shorts: JMLAND Technologies: FA61A1 "Bakunawa" - (The Moon Devourer/Eater Dragon of Philippine Mythology) is a top secret aircraft in the last 21st century. It was commissioned by the UNCAF(United Nations Confederate Air Force) for aerial superiority, only 10 were built, 7 single seater designation FA61A1, 3 double seater designation FA61A2. The Bakunawa has STOL capabilities, which make it more suitable on aircraft carrier deployments, has reverse swept wing for aerodynamic on high speeds.

Other Classes/Family:
FA61A1 "Bakunawa" -  1 Crew (Main Superiority Air/Ground)
FA61A2 "Bakunawa" -  2 Crew (Multi-role Air / Bomber Ground)
EA61B1 "Minokawa"  - 1 Crew (Electronic Warfare / Jammer)
EA61B2 "Minokawa"  - 2 Crew (Reconnaissance / Surveillance)
UA61A1 "Mikonawa"  - UAV (Electronic Warfare / Jammer / Bomber)
UA61A2 "Mikonawa"  - UAV (Reconnaissance / Surveillance)

General characteristics

* Crew: 1 (FA61A1) / 2 (FA61A2)
* Length: 76.82 ft (23.42 m)
* Wingspan:
Spread: = 88.29 ft (26.91m)
Swept:  = 47.53 ft (14.49m)
* Height:
Gear Down/Tail Max Pitch: = 17.06 ft  (5.20 m)
Gear Up/Tail Var Pitch:   =  9.68 ft  (2.95 m)
* Wing area: to be added later


* Maximum speed:
o At high altitude: top secret / recorded Mach 18 (13810.8 mph)
o Supercruise: top secret / recorded Mach 4 (3069.08 mph)
* Range: to be added later
* Combat radius: to be added later
* Ferry range: to be added later
* Service ceiling: to be added later
* Wing loading: to be added later
* Thrust/weight: to be added later
* Maximum design g-load: to be added later
* Power Plant: 2 Jet Engine (to be added later), 1 Rocket engine ( to be added later)
* PowerCore: to be added later


* to be added later

* Power Plant: 2 Jet Engine (to be added later), 1 Rocket engine ( to be added later)

* to be added later

*Modeling,UVMapping,Rigging,Lighting,Rendering(MentalRay) = Autodesk Maya 2011
*Cloud/Environment = Vue 15 XStream
*Texturing, PostProcessWork = Adobe Photoshop CS 6

Mac's Notes:
Fully Functional Rig with GUI
Vehicle modeling/texturing/rigging: took 3-4days
Render Time (model): took 03:58sec (4k)
Render Time (clouds): took 18:23sec (2k)
Overall: took 1week to finish from scratch
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rkraptor70 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Hobbyist
So many things wrong with this design, no way it would fly well (if at all).  

Nice render though.
muzikmastamaku Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
so your jet would fly better? with the little long wing at the end? i beg to differ, thanks for the comment thou
rkraptor70 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist
Geez, someone's a bit edgy.

In what universe I compared your model with mine? Besides, the BAI-06 (Assuming that is the one you are talking about) is more of an experiment with curved surface then an actual design.  Its bland surface is a dead giveaways of that.

And since you did decided to pull that up. I would like to point out that the jet above has way too many flat surface to handle high G nor it has the necessary sloping to work properly. Not to mention match 18 is practically impossible for a manned aircraft as the pilot won't survive over mach 5. The BAI-06 is a lifting body with variable wings designed to serve as a low orbit interceptor. Its not meant for atmospheric dogfight nor it will do good in that (The wings are too thick). 

If you don't like criticism, disable the comment section. Just don't be a jerk. 
muzikmastamaku Featured By Owner Edited Nov 17, 2015  Professional General Artist
if you carefully READ your initial comments, you will see that YOU were the jerk, it's not constructive criticism at all, it's more like ridicule and sarcasm. so I just answered you back with the same gesture you gave me.

your the one who's edgy, just look at that long comment, jeesh and to answer your comments, every artist has their own freedom to design and interpretation on how they want their own air/space craft to be, that's why it's literally called conceptual design. Just like you defended your own, I can defend mine. FYI, my aircraft isn't just bounded for earth's atmosphere, it can also fly low-orbital/space flight just like macross UN spacy jets. At those ceiling heights, drag is nearly 0-5%, so you can achieve mach 18+ without even knowing that you are doing it. :cough:U2:cough: As for the hard edges, it's designed to be stealthy for aerial superiority, have you ever seen a stealth craft with dominant round/curved edges? have you seen f22/f35/pakfa/j20, do they have dominant round edges? they are almost 80-90% hard edges. i rest my case.

like I've said, every artist has their own freedom to do so, if you think not, then you should say that comment(the initial one) to all artists out there who does conceptualize or design that wont fit in your specifications. so I'm sorry if I didn't put a more detailed description on my design just for you to slowly take it in as I'm busy with other projects and I think the BG can clearly state the fact that it's flying on low-orbit/edge of the earth's atmosphere.

and do I need to disable my comments just you said so? may i ask, who are you to say so? I can handle criticisms fine as they help me be a batter artist/designer, but there's a thin line between constructive criticism and ridicule/sarcasm and if anyone would read between the lines of your initial comment, it's the latter. If you really wanted to do constructive criticism, you should have just said your point on the third paragraph in your recent comment, instead of ridiculing my design for being bad/wrong based on your interpretation and that it won't fly just because it's bad for your own taste.

no comments needed from you anymore, I think we stressed enough both of our own POV as an artist/designer. thanks again and good luck.
rkraptor70 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Hobbyist
Lecture noted.  My sincere apologies for starting this conversation in the first place.
Imnoobbutwithheart Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
Dude this is cool :)

I'm a Fan of Philippine Myths and naming this Aircraft from the myth is awesome. Also had the same idea before but never really did finished it. But for the record though, Mine isn't an aircraft but a Battleship akin to "Thundersub". I guess I stopped doing it because I was into making my Bakunawa Kaiju and not really good at art anyway lol =P

Anyway you're awesome and you just earned a watcher and a fan today :)
muzikmastamaku Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
thanks buddy!
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