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Muzikbots: Lets Dance: Enter Rhythm Ep1Ch1Chapter 1“Alright! Today's the day!”It’s the year of 20XX. An active ten-year-old girl began sprinting outside the doors of Summer Tone Elementary once the bell rang on Friday. Her attire consisted of active wear: blue sleeveless shirt, black stretchy shorts, matching blue sneakers and hat. She noticed multiple kids headed in the same direction, so she picked up the pace in order to beat the crowd.‘They must be after the mystery prize, too,’ she thought. ‘It's a good thing I'm not breaking a sweat!’Everyone was excited school was out to hit up the Power Play arcade. It was the last day to collect enough digital credits to win the mystery prize. Whatever it was, she was eager to get it before everyone else. The competition had been going on all month and it was just a couple blocks over from school.“Hey there, Chori!” The elderly store clerk called as he spotted her running in along with several others. “Think you'll score the prize tonight?”“You know it, Mr. Rom!”Her name is Chori Calloway. She had been a regular at this arcade since she was invited to one of her cousin’s birthday parties at age five. She started out as a shy girl, not knowing anyone and carried little interest in most of the games. She was always content in being alone...until Mr. Rom came along. He was very considerate of everyone in his arcade, ensuring everyone to have memories every time they entered. Seeing herself suddenly perk up to the sound of particular music playing from one of the games, he encouraged her to give it a try. It was a dancing game: a couple of older players were tapping the arrows that appear while maneuvering on the platform. It looked challenging, but the more she watched, the more she understood. One was playing easy, and the other was medium....Was there a harder difficulty?The two players that saw her standing behind them watching smiled and asked if she wanted to try. They offered her a free game.“She’s only five,” One of them said. “Perhaps easy would be best for her.”Chori shook her head and smiled.“...Mind if I try hard?”Chori was a young prodigy. She was known as a master of rhythm. Her moves wowed viewers despite not being meant for the spotlight. As the years flew by, her love of rhythm didn’t stop there. She bounced around from games with eye-foot to eye-hand coordination, challenging herself to newer songs, newer games, and absorbing as much into her muscle memory as she can. It felt odd at first having a crowd watch her, but it was because of this she was able to open up. It was always expected of her to stop by everyday, not just to play at all her heart’s content, but thank Mr. Rom for introducing her to something new.And it all started with her favorite song: “Xenon” by Mr. T.“I wish I could play the favoritism card,” He spoke. “I hope the best for you!”“I’ll be giving it my all!”The contest was expected to last till closing, which was 7 PM just for tonight. Everyone roughly had four hours, since most schools got out at three, to collect as many digital credits as possible. There must have been over fifty people here. It was as packed as ever. It’s good that her parents knew where she was going to be, otherwise she would have been lectured for hours. She was lucky to first partner up with another player on one of the dance machines. She always started with her favorite song since it never got old.She wasn’t really the competitive type. She was always in for having fun no matter who danced with her. Afterwards she moved onto the other games and continued to circulate. She had to put all her effort till the very last minute.A bell was rung.“Time’s up, gamers!” Mr. Rom announced through the arcade’s speakers. “Please line up at the desk so we can calculate your credits. Complete your game first if you’re in midgame!”Everyone who entered the contest were lining up. There was only one prize that can be won, and everyone hoped they’ve acquired enough points to get it. Each person came across the digital credit reader and inserted their cards, and every entry was calculated onto a screen that only Mr. Rom could see. Once everyone had finished with the reader, he tallied up the final results.They all wondered what the prize is: a cool bike? Game console? Unlimited game credits for a year? It’s a shame that there’s no prizes for runner ups, but Mr. Rom did mention that the credits can go towards future prize purchases.“Keep your eyes on the leaderboard!” He directs. “It will first list the top 10 in no particular order, and will shortly rearrange them based on their total credits!”The board initially flipped through the names of various contestants at high speed till it slowly began to list those within the top 10:Justin StricklandDarren GoodmanPhillip ManorJessie BurnsLuke JeffersonSara KennedyBrandon ReevesMason ClarkeHazel O’Neill…...and Chori CallowayChori took a deep breath. She was last, but she knew this wasn’t the final placements. The remaining nine did as well.“I can’t believe we made it in the top 10!”11-year-old Luke Jefferson. She heard him speak as he moved next to her. He also came from the same school, dressed in sporty attire as he too admired rhythm games. They tend to catch each other during lunch hour to talk about the latest in rhythm games. Other students don’t seem to mind the fact that they alone didn't have anyone else to talk to, but they suited each other well either way.“Too bad it isn't the final order.” Chori mentioned.“No hard feelings if I turn out to be number one!”“That's what you always say. I know how competitive you get.”“Relax...I’d never get my hopes up for a mystery prize. I mean Mr. Rom did say it was something never before seen at Power Play. All the more reason to show off my rad skills, right?”“You bet! I'm always happy to have fun regardless of who wins!”“Alright everyone!” Mr. Rom announced.”Now for the real order!”The anticipation was fierce as the board flipped through the ten names once more. After a few more seconds it slowly began to show the results starting from the bottom:Sara KennedyDarren GoodmanPhillip ManorBrandon ReevesHazel O’NeillMason ClarkeJessie Burns...Their names have yet to appear, which meant they were in the top 3. Where were the remaining names going to fall? It was only a moment of truth starting from 3rd:Justin Strickland...Luke Jefferson......Chori CallowayThe remaining players were in surprise. Chori especially couldn’t believe it. She had never won anything before.“And there you have it, folks!” Mr. Rom announced. “The winner of the mystery prize is Chori Calloway!”Majority of the contestants had applauded for her. Turns out that she was the youngest contestant to ever win the competition. Her skills as a prodigy had definitely paid off.“Thank you all contestants for participating in this contest. Starting tomorrow, you’re welcome to put your hard-earned credits towards other prizes on display, or getting a head start for next month’s contest. Miss Calloway, please come forward for your prize!”Chori was ecstatic to claim it, but paused slightly over catching her friend’s tightening fists.“Luke, you're doing it again,” She brings it up. “I knew you'd be jealous.”“W-What? That's just silly,” he smiled, loosening up. “I can't win them all, can I? Really, Chori, I'm glad you've won! Now get up there and claim it!”“I’m very glad for you to have won, Chori!” The elderly clerk smiled. “I knew you’d have a talent for this!”“Aww, thanks, Mr. Rom,” She couldn’t help but blush a bit. “I didn’t think I’d win anything.”“I’m sure most winners would think that. Either way, you’re in for a treat.”Locked in a special safe hidden just below the desk’s floors, he pulls out a box decorated in mysterious gift wrap. It appeared like a casual birthday gift, roughly the size of a small toaster.“To be honest, I’ve been expecting you to win,” the clerk said. “This prize is definitely best suited for you.”“Huh? Really?” She asked. “May I open it?”“The only thing I ask of contest winners is to open their prizes when they return home.” He pushes the box to her so she could reach it. “The prize is super special. I expect you to treat it well.”“Well, whatever it is, I’ll be sure to do my best!”“Thank you. Now get home safe. You and Luke are headed to the subway, right?”“That’s right. We only live a few blocks apart in the next station over, so it’s pretty convenient.” She and Luke start heading for the exit. “Good night! I’ll see you tomorrow!”
Fan Episodes
Let's Jazz it Up! Enter Dixie Chapter 4Unfortunately for Louie, he wasn't the only one who was interested in Scarlet. Even worse, that other person was Max. Max, however, was mainly interested for different reasons. During lunch that day, Scarlet had looked in his direction and smiled. And since he only really cared about her looks, he took that glance as "Oh she probably likes me." and didn't consider any other possibilities. That and he'd told his family he had a girlfriend. He'd gotten her a bouquet of red and blue flowers which he intended to give to her. The only problem, he didn't know where she was. He probably would have asked her parents if he'd known where she lived. He'd looked all through the town and eventually found his way to the arcade. She had to be there. He'd looked everywhere else. It was the only other place she could be. "Ok Louie, so you know the basics?" Scarlet asked, directing Louie's attention to a relatively small and apparently easy pinball board. "Yeah, uh, hit a bunch of bumpers and don't let the balls fall in the hole." Louie recalled. "Exactly!" "I'm guessing this board doesn't have boss fights?" Louie joked. Scarlet seemed to get the joke and laughed a little "Nope. Just try and rack up as many points as possible. Since you're new, you'll start on this board. Now, I'll go pay for your first game. Be right back." Louie took a look at the board. It didn't take long to see that it was clear why he was starting here. A lot of the other boards around him were large and had a lot more to them. This one, meanwhile, was rather small and seemed to only have a few kinds of bumpers, bells, and whistles. "Ok. That's fair. Baby steps." He muttered. "Hehehe..." a quiet voice giggled. "Dixie, shut up, you're gonna get caught." Louie mumbled. "What was that, Louie?" It turned out it didn't take too long to pay for a game." Scarlet said, reappearing. "I-I said 'Oh boy, I think I'm not gonna do so hot.'" Louie responded, trying to keep the bot in his backpack a secret. "Oh, don't worry, we'll make you a pinball wizard in no time! Let's get you started." Scarlet giggled, putting a coin in the machine. "Now, these are what you use to control the bumpers." She pointed to two button-like objects near the bottom of the machine. "Just pull this rod thingy over here and the ball will start flying!" "Alright, gotcha!" Louie readied himself, pulled the rod, and... "LET 'ER RIP" Scarlet cried mere seconds before Louie let go of the rod and let the ball work its magic. Max came into the arcade and began looking for Scarlet...only to find her with Louie. "Why that little..." he muttered before screaming "HEY LOSER, BACK OFF MY GIRL!" "Oh no." Louie looked up from the game when he learned of Max's presence. "Doh! I dropped the ball." Scarlet looked over at Max and scowled. "Keep playing. I'll be right back."She then stormed over to Max and demanded to know "What are you doing here, Max?" "Looking for you, duh! Like that's a question." Max yelled. "Why? To pick on me for being a nerd?" "Hey, you were the one who looked at me!" "What do you mean?" "At lunch today! You looked at me and smiled. That means you like me right?!" "HECK NO! I WAS LOOKING AT A POSTER FOR AN EVENT! I DON'T LIKE YOU AT ALL!" Scarlet screamed with the fury of a hundred suns. "WHAT?! WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME? I'M THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE SCHOOL!" "BECAUSE YOU'RE A JERK! IF YOU REALLY THINK MY STANDARDS ARE THAT LOW, YOU NEED TO GET CHECKED OUT! HECK, I'D DATE LOUIE BEFORE I'D DATE YOU!"Wait does that mean she likes me or that I'm her last choice for a date? Louie thought. "THAT LOSER IS ABOVE ME?" Max scoffed, "You're the one that needs to get checked out." He then walked outside. Scarlet then marched back to Louie, taking a chair to sit in and cross her arms. Louie then stopped playing and pulled out one of the snacks his mother gave him, a gingerbread man with a suit and bowtie. "Cookie?" "Oh, thanks." Scarlet took the cookie and seemed to be not quite as angry. Max, meanwhile, was storming back home when he heard something whisper to him. "Hey, kid. Come over here." Max looked over at where the sound came from and began to walk over there. "I see you're pretty upset, huh?" "Yeah. I am." Max scoffed. "Maybe I can help you fix your little problem."...
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