Bella's Twin Sister (Mother, Jane Volturi): Ch 2

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Hide and Seek Scare: Bonding with Caius


Part 2
~~~~Year 1991~~~~
Jane was walking down the corridor, when she spotted Demetri sniffing the air. Wasn't he supposed to be watching her daughter?

"Demetri, why are you sniffing the air?"
"Jane!" Demetri exclaimed, as he turned around to face Jane. She noticed that he looked a bit nervous. Why was he nervous?
"Demetri, aren't you supposed to be watching Tia?"
"Um . . . I am . . .?"
"Really now?"
"Uh . . . Yes . . .?" Jane raised an eyebrow.
"Then where is she?"

Demetri, was trying to think of something to say to her without angering her too much. Jane, felt that he was taking too long and just when she was about to ask him again, Felix came right at that moment and without even waiting had said.

"Demetri, I still can't find Tia. Hi, Jane . . . Jane!" Demetri could have smashed his head through a wall right then and there, Jane's eyes widen at Felix's words.
"WHAT!!!!" Jane yelled and both Demetri and Felix flinched at her scream, they back away from her when she narrowed her eyes at them both and slowly advanced towards them. 
"What do you mean you can't find her?" Jane said through gritted teeth, practically spitting venom at them.

Demetri and Felix, were backing away from her with each step that she took towards them. It wasn't until Alec came at that moment, both Demetri and Felix hid behind him. Alec found this both amusing and somewhat weird, since Demetri and Felix were cowering behind him from his obviously very angry twin sister.

"Did I miss something?"

Jane hissed out and at her words, Alec's eyes widen as he too turned to face the now cowering guards. Strong they may be but they didn't exactly want to face the "witch twins'" they began to back away and were actually about to run for it, until.

"What is going on here?"

A voice, that they all recognized, said that came from right behind them. When they all turned towards the voice, standing right there were both, Aro and Marcus. Both Marcus and Aro, looked a bit confused and somewhat amused at what they were seeing before them. Aro was smiling widely at the whole thing, while Marcus had a somewhat bored look.

Though he was actually curious as to what was going on. Jane, tried to compose herself but her instincts of a mother were fighting that she demanded, both Demetri and Felix to go and find her daughter, like right now!


Aro said, obviously wanting to know what had happened. Jane turned to Aro and Marcus, but not before she sent, Demetri and Felix a bit of her power, which caused them to fall to their knees.


Aro said in a clam, yet authoritative, tone. Jane, took a breath in (even though she didn't need it) and exhaled out as she then began to explain what had happen.

"I left Tia, with Demetri and Felix to take care of her, until I come back from hunting. When I had come back, I expected to see my daughter, but I have found out that they have lost her instead." Jane hissed at the lost part.

Marcus's eyes widen a bit as Aro hummed, they both looked at Demetri and Felix, who both flinched at their narrowed eyed looks.

"We were playing hide and seek." Demetri quickly said, Jane and the others looked at Demetri and Felix.
"Then how in the world did you lose her? It would be easy to find her, especially with our senses." Alec said, with a raised brow, both Demetri and Felix looked at each other then back at them.
"That is what we are having trouble with . . ." Just before Jane could use her gift on them again, Marcus spoke.
"Have you tried listening for her heart beat?" Demetri and Felix each gave a look, that obviously said that they didn't.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Jane yelled.

Soon all six of the them went around trying to hear Tia's heartbeat, it wasn't until Alec heard the loud beating of Tia's heart beat but where it was coming from was the only reason that he didn't go and fetch his niece. Alec, alerted the others' that he had found Tia, once they had all gathered Jane's happiness soon turned to a state of panic along with everyone else. 

Except for Marcus and Aro, Aro was more curious then worried. They were all standing in front an Oak door that opens to, Caius's art room. Tia, went in there? How and why was she in there? Jane, was worried and was already thinking of what Caius may be doing to her precious little blessing. Both Marcus and Aro knew, that Caius would never harm her. After all, Caius wasn't one to actually kill an innocent human child. Immortal children were different, but never a human child.

"Well Jane, go and fetch your daughter."

Aro said with a smile/smirk on his face. Jane, walked up towards the door and raised her hand to knock but just before she could, the door swung open and there stood Caius and sitting there on his right arm was a smiling and giggling Tia.

"I win!"

Tia, exclaimed as she giggled. Caius smirked as he looked at all of their faces, their reactions were just priceless. Jane, along with everyone else were just stunned, including Aro and Marcus. There was Tia, sitting in Caius's right arm, with paint smeared on her face, along with Caius being shirtless and who also had a bit of paint on his face.

~~~~In The Beginning of Hide and Seek~~~~
Little four-year-old Tia, was running down the corridor trying to find a good place to hide from her two older brothers', Demetri and Felix. This time she was determined to find the perfect hiding place from them. Every time she played hide and seek with them, they would always find her but not this time.

Nope, this time she had found a door that she had never been in and was determined to open it and see if it was indeed the perfect place to hide from her brothers'. Tia, could barely reach the door handle but had somehow managed to reach it and open the door. Once she was inside, she closed the door and backed away from it.

Tia giggled, she then turned around and gasped as she saw that it was not an empty room or a storage room like she had thought at first. No, instead it was a room that was filled with paintings and paint. The paintings were like nothing like she had ever seen and she felt drawn to them, Tia explored and looked at the paintings.

Too mesmerized by the paintings, Tia felt compelled to touch them but had decided against it for she didn't know who these paintings belonged to and she didn't want to anger them. Just then, from the corner of her eye, Tia noticed some paint bottles', paint brushes' and an empty canvas. Tia smiled, as an idea popped into her head.

Tia quickly grabbed some paint, a brush or two and finally she got one of the blank canvas's, it wasn't too big but it did fit her lap just somewhat big was all. Tia thought it perfect, she began to paint. Of what, she wasn't sure but all she knew was that she just had to paint, Tia was so into her painting that she didn't even notice that the door was opening.

Imagine Caius's surprise, when he goes to his art room to paint and relax, but instead finds the little human child in his art room. His first thought of picking her up and putting her outside, but then he noticed that she was . . . painting. This caught his curiosity as to what she was painting, he walked towards her silently and peered over, to see what she was painting.

Since Tia was four-years-old, her paintings were at a four-year-old level. Though Caius had to admit, that she was quite good even for a four-year-old. Her brush strokes were smooth, the mixing of the color was also vibrant, and the look of concentration on her little face was just absolutely adorable as well.

Caius stayed silently behind Tia as she painted, he was, in a way, mesmerized at how she was painting. He could tell that she was doing quite well for her age and that if taught then she could become a prodigy in the making, interesting was all that he thought as he continued to gaze at Tia and her art work.

After a few minutes, Tia was finally done. Tia smiled, as she put the paintbrush away on a rag, that she had found when looking around to see what she need to paint. Tia smiled down at her masterpiece, she was quite proud of her work and she still was completely unknown about the presence behind her, who watched her the whole time.

Tia, then felt like there was something behind her or more like . . . someone. Tia, turned her head and was meet with Caius, who was looking down at her with a raised brow. Tia, wasn't exactly scared of Caius but he wasn't exactly someone, who she would run to first out of the three kings; Marcus was because of how nice and gentle he is, plus his aura just felt safe.

Also, Tia has been told by her mom, uncle, and brothers' many times to try and stay out of Caius's way if she could help it. Was this art room his? Now that Tia thought about it, she has been told that Caius does art, though she had wondered where but wasn't ever told where, let alone told much about it either. Well, now she knew.

It was obvious to Caius, that the little human child was now nervous, well she should be after all she had entered a place she didn't know. After all, she could have entered the place where the newborns are and ended up dead. Though he wasn't sure if she was lucky or not to have ended up in his art room.

"And what are you doing here, little one?"

Tia, lowered her eyes in both shame and embarrassment. Caius, for some reason didn't like the look on her face even though he thought it was, in a way, a good lesson for her. But then his eye's shifted over to the painting in her lap. Caius, couldn't help but smile at her painting, that was obviously about her and her 'family'.

Tia, was going to have to apologize for entering in his art room without permission but before she could, Caius kneeled down next to her. Tia jumped a bit, still not used to the vampire speed but she will in due time. Caius chuckled at her reaction but kept his eyes on her painting, Tia noticed that he was looking at her painting.

"I'm sowwy."

Tia said as she didn't look Caius in the eye's, of course he noticed. No one knows this (except Marcus and Aro) but Caius, has a soft spot for children. Human children anyways, immortal children are completely different. He didn't like how she was quiet around him, but he also couldn't just cuddle her in front of everyone either.

After all, he did have a reputation of being the most feared one out of the three kings. But maybe having something in common would help, with that Caius gently took hold of Tia's painting. Tia looked up at Caius, who was holding her painting. Tia was nervous of what he thought of it, for she knew that her painting was nothing compared to his paintings'.

But that didn't mean that she didn't want some form of approval, especially from Caius. Caius, looked over her painting and he had to admit it was good, for a four-year-old she was good at blending some of her colors. Some of her lines were good as well, Tia was really good with her painting. Though Caius felt that she could do so much better.

"It is exceptionally well, little one."

Tia was surprised and happy, that maybe just maybe Caius, in his own way, had given praise to her. Caius, smiled a little bit more and nodded his head at her, Tia jumped to her feet and hugged Caius around the neck so fast, that she actually surprised him.

Caius stiffened, for a second, but then he relaxed, Tia was hugging him. He wasn't exactly sure what to do next, he had never been hugged before in all in his immortal life! But he had to admit that it wasn't so bad, he could feel the warmth that she radiated from her tiny body. It was nice. Caius, gently put an arm around Tia, holding her in a small embrace.

Caius, then took it upon himself to teach and show Tia all about art, Tia listened and soaked up all the information like an eager sponge. Tia, very much enjoyed herself and the little lesson/bonding moment with Caius. They even did a painting together, of course Caius took off his cloak and shirt. Tia, being far too young didn't mind and wasn't awkward with it at all.

They enjoyed themselves and even got a bit of paint on themselves, Caius had even asked why she was in his art room and when Tia explained why. Caius, couldn't help but think about what were her 'brothers' doing, since they couldn't find her they were more than likely freaking out and fearing of feeling Jane's wrath, since they could not find her daughter. 

Caius couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of what Jane would do to them, he actually wished that he could see Jane's reaction. Caius, then decided to listen for them and what he heard made him chuckle, they were outside his door. Not just Jane, Demetri, and Felix but Alec, Aro, and Marcus as well. Caius turned to Tia, who was sitting on his right arm, Caius smirked.

"Little one. It would seem that you have won the game." At hearing this, Tia looked at him with excitement in her eyes and Caius had to admit; he couldn't wait to see their reactions.
"Shall we?" Caius said as he raised an elegant brow, Tia giggled and nodded her head enthusiastically.

With that, Caius made his way towards the door, with Tia safely seated on his right arm. Caius, then opened the door and was greeted with Jane's raised, tiny fist that was obviously going to knock on his door. Caius smirked at them, as Tia exclaimed that she had won, Caius chuckled. Their expressions were all just too funny! He was definitely going to have to paint it later.

~~~~Present Time~~~~
Tia was still giggling, she had won the game. Thanks to Caius, for not kicking her out of his art room, she would have to thank him later. Tia was a bit surprised though, to see that not only her mother and uncle were with Demetri and Felix but that, Aro and Marcus were with them as well. Did she hide that well? Well Tia just found her perfect hiding spot now.

Aro and Marcus were both surprised and not so much at the same time, after all Caius always did have a soft spot for children so of course he wouldn't hurt Tia. At least not physically anyways. Aro was all smiles, while Marcus was calm, though he was a bit surprised to see that their shaky bond was a bit stronger now than it was before. That's nice.

Both Demetri and Felix, had never felt so close to death then they had ever before in all their immortal lives, they just hoped that it would be quick. Demetri, wanted nothing more but to run and hope that when he looked back, he won't see a feral Jane running after him wanting to rip him limb from limb; Felix's thoughts were of around the same as Demetri's.

Alec was surprised, by the fact that Caius was gently holding his niece! What had happen? Did they bonded? Impossible! Caius barely gets close to Tia, let alone look at her for more than a minute! But . . . was it possible? Well from the look on Tia's face and the calmness of Caius, perhaps it was possible?

Jane on the other hand, was doing her absolute best of not yanking her daughter right out of Caius's arm, partly because it was Caius but also because Tia looked to be . . . enjoying herself? What the hell? Did they . . . bonded? But . . . Caius had never shown an interest towards her daughter, the only ones who ever interacted with her were both Aro and Marcus. So why?

Tia looked at her mother, uncle, and brothers' and couldn't help but wonder, if she was in trouble or not. Tia, looked over at Caius and couldn't help but smile at seeing him smile, he found it funny and she could tell by the twinkle in his eyes. Caius, gazed at them all and then finally his eyes landed on Jane, who looked more than ready to yank her daughter right out of his arms. Caius raised a brow, he then said calmly as if it was any other day.

"I believe that this little human belongs to you, Jane."

It was more of a statement then a question and Tia couldn't help but giggle, she knew what they all truly were and she wasn't scared of them one little bit. Tia also didn't mind that she was going to be one when she turns 18, in fact she is actually looking forward to it. Jane nodded her head and gently took her daughter from Caius's arm, Tia wrapped her arms around her mother's neck and nuzzled her small warm check against Jane's cold check.

Jane bowed her head towards Caius, who just nodded his head at her and gave a small smile towards Tia. With that, Caius smoothed his face back to normal and went back inside his art room and slammed the door closed, Marcus lightly smiled while Aro chuckled, as Jane, Alec, Demetri, and Felix looked on with shocked/surprised expressions.

"Well now that, that is over with. I do believe that it is time for little Tia's bedtime." Aro said, as he clapped his hands together.

With that both, Marcus and Aro left just as Tia rubbed at her eyes. Now that Aro mentioned it, she did feel a bit tired. Tia, rubbed at her tired eye's and tried to stop the yawn that escaped her mouth. Jane, chuckled along with her twin and the two vamps, who she was going to take care of later on.

Both Demetri and Felix, had decided at that moment to try and escape while they could, but the minute that they tried to turn tail and run a dark mist surrounded them but not really touching them. They both turned their head's and were meet with a smiling Alec. Yup they were dead. 

Jane gently rocked Tia into a light snooze, she would deal with her in the morning. Right now, she needed to put her down for bed, Jane looked from the side of her eye and saw that her twin had both, Demetri and Felix trapped. Good. Jane, then moved with vampire speed, to Tia's room. Jane, then gently tucked the, now half asleep Tia in her bed and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"Goodnight, my precious Tia."

Jane whispered, before she turned on her night light, turned off the lights and then gently closed the door. Jane, then made her way back down to where her brother and the much too terrified, Demetri and Felix.

"Now then. Why don't we take it outside and just accept your punishment, shall we?"

Jane said in a sickly sweet voice, that was obviously coated with venom. Both Demetri and Felix gulped, while Alec just smiled as they exited to the gardens. After that night, everyone was even more scared of Jane, after all 'hell hath no fury like a mother's wrath' and Jane had plenty of that.

Here is the second part of my story.

Tia is four years old and was playing hide and seek with Demetri and Felix, while her mother Jane went out hunting. During the game Tia finds a door that she had never been in before, when she goes in she is surprised to see an art room filled with amazing art. Tia explores and finds some paint and a couple of empty canvas's and decided to paint. While painting to fails to notice Caius walk in, it is his art room! At first he is undecided of what to do, but once he see's her painting he realize's that she has potential. They bond with art as thier connection. Meanwhile everyone is looking for Tia, they track her down to Caius's art room and just as Jane is about to knock the door opens. Ciaus is holding Tia and both have paint on them. Jane takes back Tia and tucks her into bed and then she beats the crap out of Demetri and Felix for loosing her daughter in the first place.

What do you think? Like it so far? Review and please be gentel, nothing too negative. Enjoy! ;P

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i just started reading this fanfiction and this is incredible!!! the storyline and plot are seamlessly attached to the Twilight plotline extremely well!!!! please continue writing more chapters!!! I would love to find out what happens next with Tia.
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Thank you very much for such encouraging words MDNVII Adult Neptune Yahoo~ GIF 
I am in the processes of writing the next chapter and it does show the deep connection between Tia and the volturi clan. Though I have to admit that it will be a while due to me taking college classes and unfortunately one of my classes is math, so it takes a bit more of my time than I would like it to.
Though I do promise that as soon as I have more than enough time the next chapter will be posted as soon as possible.
Thank you again for the kind words and the support Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile) 
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You’re very welcome. I understand how stressful math is, so I get it. Your story is amazing to read and can’t wait for more chapters to come. There are some issues in punctuation throughout your chapters, which make it seem the entire thing looks like a giant run on sentence. Other than that, love the plot and characterization with Tia and her relationship with the Volturi.

I’m curious about something: who’s she going to fall in love with? If she turns into a vampire, will she have a talent and what will it be? Is she going to confront her mother (biological) and ask why she abandoned her at birth? Will she meet Charlie and tell him that Bella was born a twin and Renee never told him?

These questions burn in my mind. I hope they’ll be answered soon.

Great job on the story!!! Super excited for more!!!
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Is there a 3rd chapter yet ? And update soon pls
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I love this! Tia is so cute and the moment with her and Caius was adorable!!! Another chapter please!
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Thank you! I am working on the next chapter but it will take a bit of time since I also have my finals to work on, so it will be a while before I can post it but for sure it will be posted as soon as possible.
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