Bella's Twin Sister (Mother, Jane Volturi): Ch 1

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The Beginning: Baby Tia and Mother Jane


Part 1
~~~~Year 1987~~~~
It was a silent night in the town of Forks and all was calm. Except for the screaming that was coming from the Swan's house hold, as Renee screamed from the contractions that she was having. The midwife was telling Renee that at the next contraction she had to start pushing, all that Renee could do was nod her head at the midwife.

Soon, Renee started to push and then there was a small high-pitched cry, as the midwife was cleaning the small newborn baby girl when all of a sudden, Renee began to scream yet again. The midwife put the first baby in the baby basket, as she then went over to Renee and was surprised that she was once again giving birth to another baby!

The midwife told Renee to push again and unlike the first baby, this next one was a bit more difficult. Two minutes later it was all over. The midwife was surprised, that Renee was pregnant with twins and that she didn't even know about it herself! But she had to admit that even though the second baby girl was a bit smaller then her older twin sister. The youngest twin was just as cute, if not even more beautiful than her twin.

"Congratulations, you have two healthy daughters'." The midwife had tried to hand her the youngest daughter of the two, but when she did Renee had pulled away.
"Get that thing away from me! That is not my daughter! All I know is that I only have one daughter and she is in that basket!" "W-what?"
"Give me my daughter and get that thing out of this house!"

The midwife was surprised at Renee's reaction towards her youngest daughter but did as she was told, moving the youngest twin in her left arm she gently passed the oldest twin to her expecting mother. The midwife then left the house with the youngest of the twin's that was safely in her arms. As the midwife made her way out, she quietly went to an alleyway and gazed down at the sleeping little baby in her arms, she smiled sadly at the young baby and gently kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm sorry, little one."

The midwife then gently placed her on the ground and began to walk away, she would have gladly taken the child with her to raise as her own. If only she didn't already have four children of her own and was already having trouble feeding her family as it was, she didn't need another mouth to feed.

~~~~Not that far away~~~~
Meanwhile three dark figures' that were hidden by the darkness of the night stood up as they each had just finished their meals' (victims'). Two were male's and one was female. It was Felix, Demetri, and Jane. They each smiled as they wiped the few blood drops that were on their pale cold lips.

"Well, I think that it's about time that we head back home now." Said Jane.
"Come now Jane, one more hunt won't hurt."

Said Demetri, Felix nodded for he too was still in a hunting mood. Jane, rolled her eyes but didn't say no for she too was still in a mood for a bit of hunting.


Just as they took a few steps, Jane stopped in her tracks and titled her head to the side just a bit. Both Felix and Demetri, had noticed that Jane had stopped and looked back at her.

"Do you hear that?"

Jane said and both Felix and Demetri looked at each other, they both titled their heads to hear what Jane was hearing. What they heard was a small wailing sound.

"What is that?" Felix asked, with confusion in his voice.
"I don't know . . . but I am going to find out."

Before either of them could say anything, Jane had taken off; they sighed as they went after her. Jane soon entered the dark alley way, though the darkness was of no problem to her in the very least, she walked towards where the sound was coming from. Jane, soon spotted the small tiny bundle that was lying on the ground.

Jane was soon by its side in an instant, she kneeled down and her eyes widen a bit as she saw that it was a little baby. Jane sniffed and what she smelled, easily told her that the baby was just a newborn. 'Who would abandon a newborn baby?' Jane thought, but then she scowled as she thought of how humans' were now-a-days.

Jane then gently picked up the small baby, that was when she realized that it was a bit small for a newborn, she smiled down at the little baby that was no longer crying but was now staring up at her. The small baby blinked up at Jane and then it squealed in pure delight at her, making Jane's smile widen even more.

"What is it, Jane?"

Demetri asked, as he tried to peer over her shoulder, Jane stood to her full height, though it wasn't much compared to the two males, and said in a calm/loving tone.

"A baby."
"A baby!?" Both Demetri and Felix said at the same time, they were quite surprised to say the least.
"Yes." Jane said, she then turned to face them as she gently cradled the small baby in her small petite arms.
"Just leave it here, Jane!" Felix snapped.

Jane snapped back as she held the small baby protectively close to her, though mindful not to hurt the small newborn. Jane then carefully unwrapped the baby and checked to see if the little baby was injured or not, she wasn't, she then rewrapped her in a much better fashion and more securely. Jane then faced both, Demetri and Felix. 

"I am going to take her back to Volterra with me."
"Are you crazy? The death here would be much better than the one that it will face if you take it to Volterra with you!" Felix tried to reason. At his words Jane hissed as she bared her teeth and said with much venom in her voice.
"No one will dare too touch her! I will adopt her as my own. Anyone that tries to touch her will die by my hands first!"

Jane hissed out. Back before Jane was turned into a vampire, she always thought that she would marry and have children of her own someday, but all of that was taken from her, from the moment that she was turned into a vampire. Jane is always the one to take an opportunity when it presents itself.

She saw this as an opportunity at a chance that she had once thought, so long ago that she would never have in all of her immortal life, ever! Imagine her surprise/happiness’s at the thought of finally having the chance to raise a child as her own, even if it wasn't technically hers.

But Jane already felt that this small little baby girl was hers. Both Felix and Demetri sighed as they looked back at Jane, they could already tell that Jane had made a connection with the tiny baby. Plus, they both knew that once Jane made up her mind about something that was it, there was absolutely no chance of changing her mind, no matter what.

"Alright then, let’s go back to Volterra."
"Not yet. She will need food."

"And where do you propose that we get milk from?" Felix asked, Jane just shrugged.
"It would be best if we buy some, we should also mix it with butter to give it a much more richer taste."
"So we will need milk and butter?"
"And a bottle." Both Jane and Felix looked towards Demetri, who just shrugged. 
"How else is she going to drink it? From a cup?" Jane rolled her eyes as Felix chuckled at his joke.
"Right. So we need milk, butter and a baby's bottle."
"Yes." Jane answered and Felix sighed.
"I'll go get them then."
"What will you call her?"

Demetri asked, curious to know if Jane had already a name picked out or not. Jane looked down at the now sleeping baby in her arms, she smiled as the perfect name popped into her head.


Both Felix and Demetri gave a small smile, Felix then made his way to go and get the butter, the milk, and the baby bottle while both Demetri and Jane made their way back to Volterra. It took a few hours but soon both Jane and Demetri were back at Volterra. Jane and Demetri were at the entrance of the enormous stone fortress.

To anyone else it would be foreboding, but to Jane and Demetri it was home. Demetri pushed the doors open and held them for Jane as she walked inside, a guard stood in front of them and when his eyes landed on the tiny bundle in Jane's arms she hissed at him both in a warning and in a threatening manner. His eyes snapped back up at her.

"They want to see you."
"They?" Jane said, even though she knew who he was talking about. 
"You know who I am talking about, Jane."

The guard said, his face stone cold. Jane sighed as she nodded her head and walked at a comfortably slow pace towards the throne room. When she reached the wide double doors, she gently knocked and soon the doors opened. Jane entered the throne room where three men sat, one on each throne.

The one in the middle was Aro, the one on his left was Caius, and the one on the right was Marcus. All three eyes had alight film over them, although their vision is far better than 20/20. They watched as Jane entered the room. But their expressions changed, just a bit, as they took in the sight of the baby that was safely clutched in her arms. Jane came to a stop about a good ten feet away and inclined her head at them in respect.

"Aro. Marcus. Caius." Jane said as she respectfully acknowledged each of them.
"Jane" They said in sync.
"My dear, what do you have in your arms?"

Aro asked gently, although a slight . . . undercurrent of something ran underneath his kind tone. Jane held the baby tighter, though not to tight that she would hurt it just in a more protective way.

"I found her."
"Her?" Caius asked.
"Explain." He demanded.
"Felix, Demetri and I were hunting when I heard a cry. I couldn't identify it so I fallowed the sound to its source and I found her." Jane titled her head towards the still peaceful sleeping baby in her arms.
"And I've decided to adopt her."
"Jane you know that you cannot adopt a human child." Jane struggled to keep her tone respectful.
"Aro, I know that you think that. But I want her. Please allow me to keep her."

Aro leaned more back into his seat, as he looked down at the small vampire and the little baby that was being gently held in her arms. After a moment Aro turned to Marcus.

"Can you sense a bond?"

For the first time, since anyone can remember, Marcus's face showed emotion. Confusion was traced across his features but there was also a hint of a smile.

"It is quite odd. They share a bond, one like a mother and daughter. Somehow, the child thinks of Jane as her mother, and Jane thinks of her as her daughter." Aro raised his eyebrows at this, he was about to speak when Caius exclaimed.
"Aro, you cannot be thinking of allowing this?" Aro looked at Caius.
"You would kill the child?" Jane held the baby closer to her, though gently.
"Well, not personally . . ."
"So you would allow her to starve to death?"

Caius grimaced realizing that no matter what, Aro would twist his words into saying that he was killing an innocent and defenseless baby. He may be sadistic and cruel but he was nowhere near as cruel and sadistic as to kill an innocent baby. Yes, he has killed many other "innocent" adults, but he thought them different then babies and children. That was why he never feed off of the children that were in the feedings.

"Fine." He grumbled out, Aro turned back to Jane.
"You may keep the child. She will be raised here and no one will touch her. You will be responsible for her. Tell me have you already named her?" Jane smiled, a genuine smile, and said in the most lovingly tone of a mother.
"Tia." Aro smiled.
"Lovely name. Have you got everything that you will need for her?"
"Felix has already gone to get a baby bottle, milk and butter. I'll melt the butter and mix it in with the milk to give it a richer taste. There are plenty of towels that I can use to keep her clean." Aro nodded and again just before he could say anything else, Marcus spoke.
"There is still much more that she will need." Jane nodded.
"Yes. I plan to get what she needs as soon as possible." Aro nodded his head.
"Very well, Jane. You may go now."

Jane inclined her head towards them, she then turned on her heel and made her way out of the throne room and towards her room. Though she had no bed, since she didn't need sleep, but she did have a fireplace, a couch, and a bookshelf. When Jane was close to her room she saw her twin brother leaning up against the wall next to her bedroom door.

"Sister." Alec greeted as he gave her a gentle hug, though being mindful and careful of the little baby in her arms.
"May I?"

Alec asked as he gestured towards the sleeping baby in his sister's arms, Jane smiled and nodded her head as she then gently transferred her baby to her brother. Jane absolutely trusts her twin brother to be gentle with her baby. Alec smiled and carefully bounced the baby in his arms.

"She's very beautiful, sister." Alec murmured, Jane smiled proudly at his words.

Tia then yawned and whimpered a bit, somehow sensing that her mother (Jane) was no longer holding her. Alec rocked her and Jane watched them for a moment.

"Alec do you mind watching her for a while?"
"Of course. Where are you going, sister?"
"I need to get some things for her."
"Like what?"
"A cradle, blankets, diapers, bottles and any other stuff that a baby needs." Alec nodded his head at his twin sister.
"You can trust me, sister."

Alec said softly, Jane smiled and nodded her head. She lightly kissed her brother's check, then Tia's forehead. Jane reached out lightly, and gently, touched Tia's check with just her finger tips. Jane then reluctantly left running, towards the baby store. Alec then looked down at his new baby niece and decided to walk around until his sister return's.

~~~~A Few days and Cute Baby Moments Later~~~~
For the next three or four weeks, Tia did not leave her mother's arms. Unless she was being changed or bathed. Occasionally, Tia would be in Alec's arms but never for very long. Jane was constantly amazed by her baby's beauty. Jean knew of course that she did not have the eerie perfectness of a vampire, but Jane still thought that she was beautiful. 

Even Alec was of the same opinion. Tia was a smiling baby and it didn’t take much to make her laugh. Jane and Alec were more than delighted in being in her presence. Tia was the most visited person in the entire Volturi fortress, besides Aro, Marcus, and Caius of course. Soon all the Volturi considered Tia as one of them. Even Aro, Marcus, and Caius couldn't get enough of her.

Felix and Demetri doted on her almost as more then Jane and Alec did, and each considered her to be their little sister. Everyone was fiercely protective of the tiny human girl, willing to do anything for her and each loved her fiercely as well. More than once, Jane and her brother laughed over the fact that when Tia gets older, that she would be very, very spoiled.

So this is basically my first try at a Twilight fanfic, so be gentel. Anyways here is my version though I will warn that it would mostly be in the point of view with the Volturi. There may also be different languages as well. I will try to translate as best and as much as I can. All characters' belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Intro: Bella was born with a twin sister name Tia, the minute that they were born Tia was rejected by their mother Renee, though she kept and loved Bella. Where Tia is abandoned three vampire hear her cry and one of them falls in love with her and decides to adopt her. That vampire is  none other then Jane Volturi herself. Jane convinces Aro and the other kings to allow her to keep Tia and raise her as her own daughter. But what would happen if Tia was to somehow meet Bella when she is kidnapped from the Volturi. See what happens as Tia goes through everything throughout the whole Twilight series, and see what happens when they reach New Moon. See how would they react when they find out that they are actually sisters and twins at that! How would Bella react when she finds out that Tia, her twin, is the Volturi Princess? Will Tia be forced to chose between her vampire family and her newly discovered family? And what is this? A love interest? But with who? Read and find out. Review and please be gentel. Enjoy! ;P

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