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Death Wishes Sound More Like Prayers Every Year
I keep burning
Stay up all night tossing and turning
Torn between who I am and want I'm yearning
Split between what I need and what I'm earning
32 more days and another year I'm turning
I can't keep burning
Through the candles
Through the night
Through the headaches
Through my life
I am a mess
No disrespect intended but no punches pulled
I ain't got time for bull
Some how I'm impatient because I want to see through the wool
Done with this shit
Done with fake friends
Done with emotions
They aren't mine so why must I deal with them?
I can't be myself
But I'm not allowed to be someone else
I'm not safe with you
But you still want me to open up out of the blue
My middle finger is in the air
I think it is gonna stay there
Sick of you
Sick of you
Sick of your kind in general
Sick of burning
Through my stash
Through my cash
Through my past
Memories like photographs in front of a flame
Crumple and curl and gone again
I don't feel no pain
I have nothing to gain
But I just keep on burning
Stay u
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.not to be hostile.
so high and mighty, above everyone locally-smartest person you know
can’t grasp at cultures beyond your own though
can’t think things that haven’t been spoon fed to you
when was the last time you walked into an art gallery?
when was the last time you thought critically?
intelligent discussion
with extremist comparisons and dismissive jokes
you don’t like losing but can’t even admit that much
so you get flippant and emotional as a crutch
i don’t want to argue
i want to discuss
create a dialogue
pick your mind find
parallels and contrasts to mine
now i am left wondering if you have one
or if you just want to have fun
fun is fine for some time
but damn you fall flat
don’t like this. don’t like that
tell me, sweet child, what do you like?
what occupies your time?
a girl that doesn’t love you back
a habit that is going to give you a heart attack
self loathing, self destructive, self depreciating habits
that are no better than an
:iconmuzica-g:Muzica-G 3 0
Collin and Freckles
Collin woke with a startle, his brown eyes snapping open and frail hands fisting in the sheets beneath him. Bewildered, he stared around the white room, the smell of antiseptic unobtrusive in a way that meant he had been breathing it in for a while.
It wasn't odd, waking up in a strange hospital room. Born two, nearly three, months premature, Collin had been in and out of the hospital since infancy. From his bones to his lungs, everything about him was just a shade more fragile than most around him, and he had experienced parts of his body shutting down at random since he was too young to be able to do more than sob in terror. Death's cold touch had become more familiar than any of his lover's in his short life.
All of this settled like fact in the back of his mind, while the forefront of his thoughts were caught on the hurricane of conflicting memories that filled his mind. Not being able to remember exactly what had been happening before a surgery was rare for him. It had happened a
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Small Steps
"I have a question."
Mincy’s gaze instantly snapped away from the scattered pieces of the Smith and Weston she had been cleaning. The fact that Peshka had chosen to ask when the gun was disassembled made her weary, if she were to be honest, but she didn’t let the suspicion show. Peshka was healing, and she would never let on how much he’d broken her trust. She simply hummed curiously as she continued to clean the gun.
"Why haven’t we moved in ten months?" Peshka asked, and okay, Mincy may have felt more than a little proud that he was aware of that. For most of that time, Peshka had been trapped in his head, and less responsive than a door. The fact that some part of him was still aware of the outer world-or had merely kept track since finding out-made her feel a little more reassured about his progress.
Of course, with the flood gate opened, more questions poured out of him, "Why are you all always hanging out here? Do none of you guys work? Where is the fundin
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It was a lazy morning for Jazzy, the kind of morning where he wasn't allowed to drive the bus and no one was actually awake as in functional enough to drive but him and Alana, who refused to drive. The two were curled up at the table, playing five card poker and doing everything in their power to cheat each other out of the stack of candies between them. JK had just dealt himself a winning hand, when ,Maria emerged from the bedroom and walked up the narrow path to the front of the bus.
"JK! Up on the rooftop!"
"Click, click, click," Jazzy responded in a sing song tone, and instantly, Alana belted out, "Down through the chimney came old saint nick!"
"JK! NOW!" Maria shouted, and the fourteen year old cringed before looking at Alana with wide eyes. She merely shrugged, used to the bassist's moods near the end of the month. She matched his bet before tossing her cards down before heading to the recently vacated bathroom.
Jazzy tossed his cards down before he hopped from his s
:iconmuzica-g:Muzica-G 0 0
Mincy held Peshka pinned up against the wall with a white knuckled grip on his slim wrists. The bag he had slung over his shoulder a moment prior was smashed between them, forgotten despite being the start of their fight.
There was swelling started on Peshka's cheek, and Mincy's lip was busted, dripping blood down her chin. Matching heads of mousy brown hair were in disarray, and their chests heaved from the scuffle that had ended moments before. There was fire in their eyes as the two attempted to glare each other down, and Mincy felt a bittersweet joy in it. It was the most passion, the most energy she had seen from Peshka since she'd rescued him.
She was nearly crushed as it drained out, fading beneath the futility of struggling against her hold. Instead of straining against her, he melted back into the wall, shrank inside of his skin, and disappeared from the surface. No more protests or curses slipped past his lips, an
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I Fucking Hate You
Camdyn hated ultimatums. They were the sort of thing that just thinking about made him uncomfortable and unhappy. Any time he reached the point in a relationship where he felt like he had to issue an ultimatum, he never did. Instead, he ended the relationship. The only outcome for an ultimatum was someone winding up hurt. He would rather just assume he would be the one to lose and give up without trying. It wasn’t worth the stress no matter how he looked at it.
That was why, when he realized that he couldn’t continue dating Boone and Zack while they were on the road, he hadn’t bothered to give them the choice to quit the band and stay with him. Zack lived for the band. That had been his only driving force growing up. It was all he had, and Camdyn wouldn’t want to have the man that would be left of Zack if he gave that up. Camdyn didn't want to face his own guilt if he was chosen.
While Boone may not have lived for the band, it was his passion as well. It had bee
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Some of my prose, poetry, and an occasional piece of (usually digital) 'art.'


Fallow Deer 00 - August 10 by mszafran Fallow Deer 00 - August 10 :iconmszafran:mszafran 256 38 Muzica-chan - commish2- sketch by Selene-Blackthorn Muzica-chan - commish2- sketch :iconselene-blackthorn:Selene-Blackthorn 1 0 Muzica-chan - commish1- sketch by Selene-Blackthorn Muzica-chan - commish1- sketch :iconselene-blackthorn:Selene-Blackthorn 1 0 OC Body Study by Dyemelikeasunset OC Body Study :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,203 165
The Ripple Effect
'i'm tired,'
they say, eyes downcast and
head bowed like the weight of the world hangs
around their neck.
'sleep then,'
you say lightly, watching
not them but
the fractured petals of light on the wall.
it's the same color
as the bruises beneath their eyes.
and then
'not that kind of tired,'
drifts across the space between you as
lazily as the smoke from the
cigarette in your hand.
you hum once,
soft and low, before
dragging your eyes over to stare
at the the downturn corners of their lips
where sadness
has pressed lines into their skin.
'i know.'
a hand shifts over
to curl on top of theirs,
as slow and heavy as molasses, and
you can almost feel their
it feels like a
leeching onto whatever it can.
it feels like a
'good night,'
falls on your ears,
cutting dully
like weathered pieces of glass.
you don't watch as they
move away, but that god awful
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600.000 PVs on Yaoi-World thank you! (GIVEAWAY) by Yaoi-World 600.000 PVs on Yaoi-World thank you! (GIVEAWAY) :iconyaoi-world:Yaoi-World 1,104 450
Now I'm still not moved out of my apartment and I won't be until May 4th so I'm still settling and packing and what have you and so fourth.
I've got some exciting ideas for available commissions and I have to get used to digital again [I haven't done it in a little while!] so that may mean that I'll do traditional commissions I'm not sure but we'll see how these things go :D 
Hope you're all enjoying the start of your summer vacation? What do you all have planned?
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Chilhood Monsters - NEW: Now as a shortfilm! by MSO-Hessai Chilhood Monsters - NEW: Now as a shortfilm! :iconmso-hessai:MSO-Hessai 16 10 Collin And Freckles -Commission- by MSO-Hessai Collin And Freckles -Commission- :iconmso-hessai:MSO-Hessai 3 2
Look at this. Look at this amazing whatever is here. Because it is amazing. Obviously. I favorited it.



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United States
Welcome to my profile. My chosen name is Muzica, and Muzi suits me just fine. I'm 20 and have been writing for more than half my life. Here is where I intend to share my poetry and prose. For more than five years, dA has been my favorite web site, though I've bounced between a few accounts. I attempted to make a new one under my new screen name: DisappearingMirror, but to be honest, I like Muzi. It suits me.

I will be looking for roleplay groups to join eventually, but presently, I am working on and attempting to find motivation for projects of personal importance. My goals are networking and friendship on here. I want to find fellow artists with creative minds. I miss the friend group I had a few years ago, and I'm keen to be as involved in art and writing as I was back then.

If you're looking for a friend or a sounding board for an idea of your own, I'm always interested.



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Sorry, Marenne. Say the word, and this comes down, but this was inspired by reading your piece so I thought I'd post. I attempted to mimic your style a bit but honestly, I'm just rusty with writing poetry. This is crap but I hope one day I'll have the motivation to revisit

No matter how beautiful I write
I can't redefine the way I break
my heart aches
and I all have left is the want
for the one thing you don't give freely
I'm always out of line when I ask for your time
even when I give you all of mine
You keep saying that you freed me
liberated me spiritually
released me from the confines of my mind
what? With your touch?
Your presence?
Your love?
You just projected and I accepted
became a puppet for your lust
a shell of myself from trust
I'm just left craving the thing I can't tame
I feel like I'm raving, but you've driven me insane
I just wanted to fall in love
Why does it have to feel so rough?
But when the pendulum 
of your attention is back, hovering above
and you're mine and I'm fine
For just a moment, we're alright
I feel like I'm as light
as the air I breathe
and you are the light
that I need
Everything is as it is meant to be
No more craving, no more aching
Your hands are on me
Hands grasping
Lips brushing
Fingers uncurling
and suddenly you're leaving
and I'm left wanting
and suddenly I'm wondering
Am I better of now than I was before?


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