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Published: April 5, 2012

Six Months Ago...

Lisa Ann Beyer was a straight laced, straight forward young woman. Her hair was naturally a reddish brown that fell in tight ringlets around her oval face. Even though she ate carefully and worked out, her body was rounded and soft. The natural pallor of her skin was kissed with freckles across her nose shoulders, and a small smattering on her lower back. Clear blue and beautiful, her eyes held youthful innocence.

She was twenty-two and had just begun her third year of college. She was studying to be a pediatrician. It was all she had wanted since she was five years old. Throughout school and growing up, this had never wavered and never changed. Even through all of the awkward and even painful phases she had been through, she just wanted to help take care of new life.

Just like any truly motivated, driven purpose, her life had a rhythm. She got up at five A.M. every day, except on Sunday. Since she slept in sweat pants and a sports bra, she just had to put on a tank top and sneakers, and then she was off on a job. Coming back in half an hour, she spent an hour in the bathroom, making certain she was clean. Walking out in a towel, she would start her balanced breakfast and then find what she wanted to wear for the day. After eating, she would start on her home work. If she got that done before her first class, she would go to the campus and read. She worked to always have her first class at ten or eleven A.M. and then she'd switch from one class to the next steadily until five or six P.M.. Any free time was spent studying in the sun. After school, she went to her job at a dinner. Earning nice tips with her politely friendly manner, she would wait tables until around ten P.M. and then head home. She lived in a small apartment by herself. One bedroom, a small bath, and a kitchen living room combo was all she needed.

Saturday night, she would go out with friends. Usually, they would go to a coffee shop to study, but sometimes they would hit up parties. No matter where they went or what they did, Lisa would be friendly but distant. She didn't have close friends, and she was fine with that. Avoiding intense social interactions meant that she didn't have the fights and troubles. She could be a shoulder to cry on without having an opinion or having to worry. It was easy, though she could hear her friends occasionally whisper "ice bitch" behind her back. She was fine with that. At least they were nice to her face. In a few years, they wouldn't remember each other anyway.

This was her world and her life. She was just fine with it never changing.

Almost ironically, she had been contemplating that earlier in the day.
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