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Published: December 10, 2011
Collar me
Brand me
Claim me

Give me meaning
Through your domination
Give me feelings
Through your sensation

Buy me
Own me
Claim me

Leave me bleeding
From your decisions
Leave me reeling
From your incisions

Shackle me
Bind me
Claim me

Make me dream
Through your lies
Make me scream
Through your ties

Deny me
Ignore me
Abandon me

Destroy my heart
Through your indifference
Make me smart
Through your silence chance

Collar me
Brand me
Claim me

Make me yours
Your toy, your friend, your lover
Make me your slave
So long as I am yours
© 2011 - 2019 Muzica-chan
If I willingly gave myself to you
what would you do?
Would you cast me away
for destroying the game we play?
Would you try to destroy me,
but just for my reaction maybe?
Would you still want my life,
or would I be no fun without strife?
If I willingly gave myself to you,
what would you do?
Would you lose interest in me,
or finally claim me?
Please, just tell me honestly~

*sigh* Just...in a mood again. Forgetting, remembering, wanting, denying, lying. It's so fun.

This is for her, of course. <3

This is the cue for Hin to start laughing and mocking me for falling. x3
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HinfallendHobbyist Writer
The irony of this situation: "She will be Loved" by Maroon 5 just came on :XD:

:glomp: This is sweet and sad and makes me want to kidnap someone to make you happy >.>
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xDDD Not irony. A sign! Love is soon to come in my life. >w< /shutupIambeinghopeful

I don't want that though. :( I want someone that wants me, as impossible/illogical as that is. I may have a foul personality, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be loved, ya know?
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BoekBindBoetiekProfessional Artisan Crafter
Aww now, that is totally not illogical. Someone will want you. Someday all things involved are gonna be just right. :)
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xDD It is still a good five-eighths illogical then. :P Doubtful. Uck, I sort of hope not. I am too in love with ideas over people. x3 Yesterday, I was just feeling heartbroken. >.>
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BoekBindBoetiekProfessional Artisan Crafter
Oh I know, I used to feel the same way...
But there's a scary roller-coaster thing in actual reality that takes things way over the op, makes it so much better than make-believe. If you really love that person. If they say or do something that totally blows your mind, that you couldn't have thought up in your wildest dreams. When reality turns out to be better than anything you can think up. When that girls surprises you at every turn. Okay, I'm gonna stop now :P Did I actually just write that? ;)
:hug: Hope you feel better soon. Even if there's a bittersweet beauty in heartbrokenness... :(
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You make love sound that much more amazing~ I still don't want it though. I am happier with my dear friends and uncertain, unrequited love. x3 At least then I am just living for myself, which suits my selfish nature. :P
You are so love struck~ It is adorable. :P
I hope not~ I feel more inspired when there is an ache in my chest. x3
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BoekBindBoetiekProfessional Artisan Crafter
:o that reminds me of this old poem of mine:



It's too much words
images, somebody else's
it's not my story, not my story

It's too much, it's addictive
you know I'm living it
but it's not, not my story

It's easy to avoid those
eyes, eyes, to drown in them
I'm in a void, what's me
is too much stalling
Giving in to somebody else's life

It's not my story - heartbroken
Loved, cried, tried to survive
this void - stalling
somebody else's words

When is the time to admit
never ever falling in love
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I don't think that quite fits how I feel, but I am again awed by your writing. >w<
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HinfallendHobbyist Writer

I get it :) Someone will love and want you. You don't have a foul personality
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