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Published: December 21, 2011
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Name: Princeling
Name meaning: He who will not be king
Age: 3 (Born June 12)
Gender: Stallion
Rank: Silver
Training Tier: N/A
Coat Colour: Blood bay
Markings: One white foreleg and a snip on the nose
Bonded Rider: Sereg [link]
Personality: Princeling really is a prince in behavior, showing the utmost respect for others and himself. Very proud and noble, he can sometimes be naive about the evils of others. He would give his last breath defending someone else, even if they would not do the same for him. His heart burns with passion, rarely letting his childish side through. When he does act undignified, it is only around those he truly trusts not to judge him.
History: Born and raised in the Citadel, Princeling grew up with his mother in a relatively normal life for a foal. He was reserved and noble even then, and though it warranted him some teasing, none of it was ever cruel or bothersome. Around two years old, he began to grow restless and after discussing it with his mother, he set out to find his rider. For half a year, he walked. Something seemed to draw him farther and farther north. He went so far that snow froze in his nose and eyes, blinding and crippling him. Finally, he lost all strength and went down. When he awoke, he was somewhere warm and a fire crackled not far off. When he stirred, a warm hand touched his shoulder, pressing him down. A gentle voice soothed him, "Hush, hush, you'll be okay here. Don't want to knock a hole in the ice or the cold will get in." It was then that he met Sereg. The human spoke to him throughout the night, and the next morning, she broke down the ice walls so he could stretch his legs. Even then, he knew she was the one he wanted to bond with.
Other Notes: Princeling was not born with this name. In fact, his name was Bloodrite. Sereg, however, didn't know this and thought he was noble enough to be a prince "but too poor to really be one."

TKE (c) Orengel
Lineart (c) Orengel
Sereg and art (c) Me
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