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Loki was seriously contemplating leaving Thor this time. It was bad enough that he had installed cameras in their house without telling him. It had been appalling to learn that everything he had done in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and shower had been recorded for the past two years. The fact that Thor had not even had the guts to tell him for so long only made it worse. Of course, he probably should have noticed. He was giving himself hell for not noticing, but he had thought that he could trust Thor to not do something completely insane and invasive like that. The way his lover idly mentioned over breakfast had only pissed it off more.

"So, I have a couple recordings from the past two years. Do you want to see them?"


"Recordings, video mostly, because the audio still is not that good. The cameras are top of the line though, so trust me when I say that the video itself is great. One or two are black and white, but those make it more fun, because you can not tell who is who."

"Video of what?"

"You're slow today. Us, from the cameras."


"Yes, cameras. They've been up for, like, two years. You seriously have not noticed?"

"Noticed? Noticed!? Do you think I would have left them up if I had noticed!? How could you do that without telling me first!?"

"I got inspired one day. I figured that since you did not take them down, you did not mind them."

"Did not mind them!? I did not know about them!? Where are they? They are coming down, Thor."

"No, they are not."


"They are not coming down, Loki. You'll calm down eventually."

Grinding his teeth, Loki wondered if it was possible to kill someone with thoughts alone. If it was, he would certainly be a widower before the morning was done. Thor had snuck cameras into their home, secretly recorded him for years, and then when rather than discuss it maturely and see where he was coming from, Thor had manhandled him, stripped him naked, tied him up, and then left him in the closet, with a snide, "Just think about it a bit while you're in here."

"That insufferable ass!" Loki muttered, not able to shout it, though he desperately wanted to. No, Thor had remembered to stick something in his mouth. All he could do was mutter and mumble angrily as he tried to get himself free. His wrists and ankles were bound tightly, making it impossible for him to get free. Oooh, Thor was going to pay for this. He may not be willing to actually leave him, but he could certainly make him pay. Unless he intended to keep Loki tied up for the rest of their lives, Loki would eventually be able to tear each and every one of those cameras out. Then, he would make Thor eat them, one at a fucking time, until his lover had enough electricity in him that kissing really would make him feel a shock.

Chuckling darkly at the idea, he twisted again, trying to find a tie with his fingers. He was not quite flexible enough to bring his arms around in front of him, so he was stuck there, unless he could untie himself, but that did not seem likely. Thor had played rope games with him since they were still just friends. The other knew how to bind him to be certain he would not get free until Thor wanted him free.

For a few minutes more, he struggled, not quite ready to admit defeat, but then he slumped forward with a sigh. It did not seem likely that he was going to get loose. Instead, he contented himself with daydreams of what he was going to do when his lover got home. A knife would be good, very good. Maybe once he had carved Thor up a bit, he would get over this annoying obsession with playing childish, painful games. Then again, maybe the bond between them would be cut. If he marred Thor's body, there certainly would not be any reason for him not to leave.

Oddly, that did not make him as happy as it should have. Instead, it made him wonder what he would do if Thor actually did get fucked up. Their jobs certainly presented enough opportunity for it to happen. Though he tried telling himself that he would just leave him and not worry about it, he had the dark suspicion that his own body would become thoroughly acquainted with a knife. One of them would have to carve identical scars into his skin.

As twisted as it was, he found the idea appealing. He liked knives and pain, though he had never gone to such an extent before. Light cuts to draw blood, never any gouging. There had rarely been serious marks left a week later. This would mark him for life, and he did not think that he would mind. Thor treated him like an object and he never objected. Maybe it would be best if he was marked as Thor's in such a thorough and complete way. Then, even when he wanted to stray, his own body would not let him forget the commitment he had made. Years ago, when they were still just kids, he had sworn with a pinkie promise to stay by Thor's side for as long as he wanted. Some would have forgot and others deemed it not important to keep, but it was a promise to Thor, so he could not let himself forget. Thor would never remember it, never appreciate the commitment, but he had given his word, and even the part of him that was not drawn to Thor refused to break such a promise. Until Thor did not want him, he would not have the courage to leave. The other could torture him, humiliate him, and degrade him, and he would return before the night was even out.

Sighing, he rubbed his face against the carpet of the closet. His mind was churning up all of the negative sides of being with Thor. It was not really that bad. Yes, Thor would lead him on, tease him by taking the flings he wanted, put him in uncomfortable situations on purpose, and could not remember their life time together, but it really was not that bad. Thor made him know that he was loved and he belonged, and in the end, that was what he wanted and needed the most. Their relationship was not just animalistic attraction. That was just the fun part of it. Mostly, their lives revolved around each other and finding happiness together. He could not imagine that with anyone else. That was what mattered.

Loki suddenly wished that he knew what time it was. He was feeling a bit shame faced about already accepting that he was not going to leave Thor or even give him as much hell as he deserved. He hoped desperately that it had at least been an hour, but trapped in the closet with no source of light, he could not be sure. This was awful. His life had been recorded for years and the video was somewhere. Some part of him was convinced Thor had sold it to a porn company, which would explain how he had managed to pay for so much. He was no closer to getting free, and his stomach was starting to rumble.

Hearing the front door open, Loki strained, attempting to sit up. He could not believe that Thor was already coming home. It surely had to be too soon. If not, he was proud of himself, because he had been pissed off at Thor for most of the day, not just a few feeble minutes. Of course, his wrists were probably a lot worse off than he had originally thought they would be, but that was fine. A few bruises and abrasions on his skin was nothing new. This time he had not enjoyed being tied up, but Thor was the kinky one that liked rope anyway. If Loki was already sore, he would not be able to use it for a while. It was not quite a fair trade off, but at least Loki could deprave him for a bit.

Chuckling at himself, he wondered how stupid he really was. He had never really viewed himself an as idiot before, but his idle was doing its best to convince him otherwise. Pushing his thoughts away, he focused on the sound of footsteps, coming into the home. It took him less than a minute to realize that it was not Thor. Hesitant, unsure steps like that could never belong to him. An invader had come into their home. This person obviously felt like he did not belong there. Unlike Thor, who knew he belonged anywhere he damn well pleased.

Frowning, Loki tried to imagine how someone could have wondered into their home. He had listened to the sound of the door being unlocked. That meant he had a key. Loki and Thor had the only two keys to their apartment, aside from the owner of the building, but she always called in advance. There was a rather simple answer and hearing his phone buzz, positioned only a few inches from his face, told him exactly what he suspected. This was one of Thor's games. He had no doubt that as soon as he checked the message, there would be a coy "play nice." Growling with frustration, he wondered if it was possible for him to hate the person he loved the most. He was coming close to disliking himself. He knew that he was going to go along with it. As soon as this person untied him, he would do his best to put on a good show for Thor.

"Hello?" the voice called, sounding just as uncertain as the steps. The person obviously had not been told everything, so Loki wondered what he had been told.

Rolling his eyes, he began to move around. Muffled, he called softly, trying to get the man to come into the bedroom. As the sound of approach grew louder, he made more noise. Suddenly, he was eager to be untied, to check his phone for what Thor had said. If they were going to start a new game, he was not going to go in with a disadvantage. He would do all that he could to prove that even when he did not want to play, he could win and win gracefully. Feeling pride that outweighed the unimportant self loathing, he continued to make noise until he heard the footsteps come into their room. Then, he fell silent, waiting. It did not take long for the door to open. Trying to twist around, he heard a startled gasp and the sound of someone backing away. What exactly had Thor said to get the guy to come there?

"H-hold on. I'll untie you," the guy declared abruptly, dropping to his knees. His fingers were warm against Loki's sore wrists, and he smiled to himself. As soon as his arms were free he checked the phone. The message was a simple "Purr like a good kitty." Loki almost hated Thor until he turned and got his first look at their little game.

He was cute. Loki knew that Thor would not want someone ugly, but this guy was seriously adorable. Loki felt his cheeks heat as he gazed as this adorable stranger. He was not really Loki's type, too naïve and nothing guarded about his eyes. He and Thor had been born cynics. It was naturally to like them. Seeing someone so open, someone he could hurt so easily made his heart beat a little faster. Seeing the golden brown hair and shy blue eyes, carefully trained on his face and not moving any lower, he fought not to smile, knew that this would ruin the game. He was still angry at Thor. A cute little treat like this was not going to get him out of the dog house, not that easily.

The guy was a little taller than Thor, surprising, but looked much younger than either of them. Loki decided on twenty-four, which was a healthy four year age difference. He could certainly live with it.

"W-what were you doing in there? I was told to take care of a cat," the guy told him, his voice shaking with shock.

Shifting into a more delicate position, Loki tilted his head and shook it rather hopelessly. Why could not Thor have given him something to say? This game had no set rules, but it was not like playing with Thor, who could give him clear signals with his eyes and body language. This one was rather unknown.

Watching the other man swallow roughly and reach for him, a faint smile appeared. Deciding not to try and talk, he leaned forward and pushed his head under his chin, nuzzling against him like a cat would. Surprisingly, he fell back, eyes wide with shock and lips parting. Before he could protest, Loki straddled him and kissed him softly. His lips were still and tight beneath Loki's, but when he wiggled his lips, they parted, and Loki took advantage of that, dipping his tongue in briefly. Finally, he got a reaction, the other kissing him back, but only for half a second before he pushed him off, oddly gentle despite the fact that Loki had jumped him.

"Wh-what's going on?" he demanded, his eyes racking down Loki's body. He was obviously bothered, but undeniably attracted to Loki and the tempting offer in front of him. He had seen it dozens of times before, mostly back in when he had been caught in that hick town. This was not quite the same, he could tell. The hesitance came from a naïve reserve. It would be easier to overcome that. Loki had beaten homophobia just for a quick thrill. This was more than a thrill. This was flipping Thor the bird. He could prove that no matter what games they played, he would always be the one to win. Thor could claim himself the winner, but Loki never backed down and that was what really mattered to him.

Crawling forward again, Loki bit his lower lip for a moment before asking, trying to sound timid, "Are not I good looking? Don't you want me?"

"Wh-that-but you're-what?" the guy stammered, seeming to grow even redder. His eyes lingered on Loki's shoulder, and he realized that his skin was probably black and blue from the fight earlier. Thor certainly had not tried to be gentle. Maybe that was a part of the game, to scare this poor bystander. It certainly was a fun way to play.

Shaking his head, he closed the distance between them. With lidded, lusty eyes, he met the startled gaze and told him, "Don't worry about it then. Just do what you want to me. I am yours for now." Leaning forward, he kissed gently, wondering if that would do the trick.

In some ways, Loki hated the world they lived in. He wanted everyone to be perfect, pure, and innocent, but he never tasted anything as sweet as innocence corruption. Love was wonderful, but lust was better. If evil was not so easy, so natural, and so sweet, no one would fall for it, but it was. The damnation that lived inside of all of them was the only beauty that they all shared. Maybe that was why he liked pain, hatred, and bitterness. They were universal. Everyone took part in them, so he could enjoy them and admire everyone in that respect.

He could practically feel the war in the young man. His mind told him to take care of Loki, who looked fragile and abused, but his body demanded that he take the offer to taste wickedness. It was a war that many had fought inside of themselves before. Sometimes, giving into the demand of the body and desires was truly an evil thing, but Loki could not help but rejoice when it happened this time. It was a slight shift in the kiss, as the young man took control, his lips slightly more forceful against his. It was not nearly as painful as kissing Thor, but that did not make it more or less enjoyable. It was different, but he could live with that.

Instead of demanding more, Loki kept his hands on the ground, waiting for the young man to push the issue. This was a game between the two of them. Thor could not dictate all of the rules. He wanted a cat, but not all cats were pushy. He could do with what Loki decided to do. He would follow the lead of this tom. It was something he normally never did, even when he was being submissive. He would see how well Thor liked when someone else got to manhandle Loki a bit.

Much to his surprise, after the initial collapse of his resistance, the young man took very little time to gain completely control. He was never rough, always touching Loki gentle as if he might break, but he wasted little time ridding himself of his clothing and working over Loki's body. The brunette felt himself purring sarcastically, hoping that the audio of the cameras was at least good enough to pick that up. His body responded eagerly, but his mind was miles away, focused on Thor. He had to wonder if he was distracted, thinking about what was going on at home or if he was focused on work, letting the time pass quickly so that he could get back to watch. He hoped that it was the former, just because he wanted Thor to get hurt at work today. He would help him get better again, but at least he would feel like there was some justice in the world.

His attention was jerked back to reality when he was rolled to his hands and knees. Arching his back, he rubbed against the broad chest, tilting his head back to nuzzle his face against the warm neck. He could smell sweat and lust, something intoxicating about the mix. Then his head fell forward as he felt the young man push into his ass. There had not really been enough preparation, a sign that this young man may have been gay, but he had not had much sex before or had not bottomed before. Loki had had worse though, so he kept himself relaxed and closed his eyes. Soft sounds of pleasure escaped him, encouraging the man to keep going. To his shock, the other pulled out before he came. His hands were slightly less gently as he nudged Loki over to the bed. Loki was reminded of the time at the grave yard as he was bent forward at the waist, his hands on the bed and his rear in the air. This time, there was not much of a wait before the other thrust in again. He gasp, feeling his whole body pushed forward. It was rougher, but he liked it. Soft, pleading sounds grew louder, and the pace picked up. Again, just as he was nearly his climax, the male stopped, pulling out and pushing Loki onto the bed. Rolling him over, he pinned Loki's legs up near his head as he pushed in again. The sound that escaped Loki was wanton and demanding. His nails racked down the broad chest as he demanded more.

He had not really enjoyed bottoming for anyone but Thor. His nature was surprisingly dominant. This man was quickly changing his opinion. The rough, brisk nature of it, the pent up frustrations that were obviously being taken out on him made him want more. He did not care about the man, but he could not help being curious, simply because he was enjoying it so very much.

Although, he was quickly getting sick of being stopped just before he came. This time, however, he was rather happy by the change. The young man shifted so that he was lying on the bed and Loki was straddling him. As he mounted his cock, he decided that he was reaching his orgasm whether the young man cam with him or not. Much to his surprise, as he rode him, using just the right angle to his prostate, he felt a warm hand close over his cock. Tentative at first, but soon stroking bristly, drawing him towards the edge, he made a soft sound of appreciation at the hand job. Already near the edge, it only took a few minutes before he cam, and as his body tightened with pleasure, he felt the rush of fluids into his ass. It was then that he realized that the guy had not used protection. Some part of him freaked out, but then he decided that if he got anything from this, Thor could get it too. It was, after all, his fault.

Standing up, he stretched and picked up the young man's clothes, brushing them off before handing them back to him. Smiling, he purred and nuzzled his neck. "Thank you," he said. "I think you should leave now. I don't know when he is going to be back, and he probably will not be happy to see someone here."

There was something distinctly dazed about the stranger as he redressed himself. Loki stood in the doorway of the bedroom as he watched him walk up the hall and leave. A minute after the door had closed behind them, something was pushed under the door. Feeling curious, Loki walked over. Spotting the key, he nearly burst out laughing before picking it up. Putting it on the key rack, he returned to their bedroom. After a bit of looking, he found what he was looking for. Glancing at one of the mirrors, he made certain that what he had was well hidden as he winked before going to where Thor said none of the cameras could see.

A few hours later, he was showered, dressed, and finally fed. Sex on an empty stomach made him even hungrier. He made a mental note to make certain that he finished his meal before flipping out on Thor next time. It was not worth going hungry. Then again, having passionate, rough sex with a stranger was not so bad. He was debating whether it was worth going without a meal until nearly eight hours later when he heard the front door being unlocked. When Thor stepped in, Loki instantly banished all emotion from his face. This was a fight he was not losing.

"Hey babe, have a good day?" Thor asked with a distinct smirk. He walked over and tried to kiss Loki, but he stubbornly turned his face away. Feeling the lips brush against his cheek resolutely, he nearly laughed. They were both bull headed, and if Loki had not been so willing to give up just because he could get what he wanted some other way, things would not have been nearly so happy. This time their stubbornness would clash and rage. It would be healthy to have it all out at once. At least, he told himself that it would be. Even if it was not healthy to fight, it would make him feel better, and at the moment, that was all he wanted. His ass hurt and his stomach still was not happy with him for being neglected.

Thor did not say anything after Loki refused to kiss him. Instead, he went to the fridge and began to poke through it. A moment later, he returned with a glass of orange juice. Loki did not have to look closely to know that there was vodka mixed in. Thor never drank orange juice without it. Sniffing disdainfully, he observed, "Drinking before four o'clock is a sign of alcoholism."

"Ah, but I am not drinking alone," Thor replied, tipping a clear glass bottle over Loki's cup to pour vodka into his drink.

Normally, that would be enough to coax him into drinking as well, but this time, he stood up, taking his glass with him. Without once looking at Thor, he poured the drink down the drain.

Thor was torn between amusement and outrage when Loki actually poured the drink down the drain. They were both fans of vodka. He could not imagine what possessed his friend to waste it. Their jokes sometimes pushed on the limits of what was proper, but alcohol abuse was so out of the question. He wondered if he really had pushed things too far before deciding that it did not matter if he had or had not. Loki had no right to do such an immature, insane thing. If he did not want it, he could have just left it be. Sooner or later, it would have been drank by someone that wanted it.

"What is your problem?" he demanded, standing up and glaring after Loki. Much to his surprise, the other just walked away, heading into the living room. Thor finished his drink before throwing the glass into the sink. Stomping over, he stood over Loki and demanded once again, "What is your problem?"

Blue diamonds glared up at him with suck viciousness that he knew that Loki was far beyond pissed. Oddly, he had not expected this. He had known that Loki would probably be angry, but he had thought that it would be explosive anger, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damages to their stuff and a fist fight. This resentful, biting anger was nothing like what he was used to. He was not even sure how to handle it, and he grew even less certain when Loki picked up a book and pointedly stared down at it. His eyes were too still for him to be reading, but the point was obvious: he was not going to acknowledge Thor when he was being an insensitive ass.

Huffing in annoyance, he did the only thing that he could think to do: he snatched the book and threw it. Meeting the glare with one of his own, he told Loki bluntly, "You can be angry, but you are not going to ignore me."

For a moment, the beautiful lips parted, something snarky and outraged on the tip of Loki's tongue, but the his jaw snapped shut. A smirk briefly flickered over the gorgeous features, but then Loki looked away with seeming disinterest. His expression was purposefully bored and his lips remained pressed in a tight line. Quiet anger, a refusal to play any of Thor's games; he was distancing himself  just to see how well his lover handled that distance.

It was not a wise choice on his part. Thor had seen Loki tempt him into a fit of anger on purpose. Loki liked the abuse, liked the rough sex, and liked seeing him get demanding. Thor was not going to give him that, not this time. If he wanted to play games, Thor could act like a kid playing games as well. When he lost or was not included, he would throw a right little tantrum just to see how well Loki could handle that. Since Loki was the one usually throwing the tantrums, he doubted that he'd be able to do much more than gap with confusion and shock.

Spinning away, he walked into the kitchen. He looked around for something glass and breakable. Spotting one of the plates that they had stolen from the church when they were just kids, he smiled, remembering Loki's face when he told him about the story. He knew that the plates were precious to Loki. Looking at him to be sure that he was not actually looking, he moved half of the stack of plates, hiding it back in the cabinet. Mind games were almost as much fun. Pulling down an equal number of the cheap, glass plates, he aimed one at the wall next Loki and threw it. It shattered on impact, making Loki jump and stare at him with shock. Before he could say anything, Thor picked another of the plain plates up and threw directly at him. He jumped out of the way. As Thor threw the third plate, the shouting and cussing began. Both of them screamed and threatened the other, Loki nearly in tears because of his plates being broken and Thor fighting not to laugh because he was having so much fun with it. By the time he had finished throwing the cheap plates, Loki was coming towards him threateningly. Just as he reached for one of the actual plates, Loki tackled him, slamming him back into the counter. A gasp of pain escaped him and he began to hit Loki. He did not like being bruised. The fact that his back was surely going to be black and blue pissed him off more than a little bit.

"YOU FUCKING FUCK! HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU DO THAT!?" Loki screeched in his face, still hitting him as hard as he could manage. Thor hit him back, enjoying the physical pounding. It was something he could handle. The silence was not cool. They were not meant to be silent. They were supposed to hear each other, be the only pair of ears that could hear anything and everything.

The screaming and hitting continued, the two of them rolling around the kitchen, trying to pin each other. They both made certain not to hit each other's face, but Thor gave into the temptation and bit Loki more than once. The shrieks of pain coupled with more violence made it hard for him to not laugh, and Loki was obviously winning this one. He did not mind though. Losing was not so bad when it was to Loki.

Before long, Loki was spent, having exhausted himself with all of the screaming. Thor was not nearly done though, and he rolled to pin Loki. Roughly, he began punching him. The solid thumb of his hand hitting Loki's chest with no resistance was only fun the first ten times, but then he felt like the ribs beneath his fist were getting close to breaking so he stopped. There was something else that he could do to make damn certain Loki never disobeyed or ignored him again. Standing up, he brutally jerked Loki onto his knees. The other was struggling to breathe with the air knocked completely out of his lungs. There was something oddly dead about his eyes, as if the loss of those plates really broke his heart. Thor knew he should have felt bad, but this was a harsh lesson and one that Loki sincerely had to learn. If he ever forgot it, Thor might be more tempted to kill him than try and teach him again.

"Open your mouth," he instructed Loki as he undid his fly. The hollow blue eyes looked up at him, sorrow obvious in them. Thor made a mental note to mock Loki later, once he was not quite so upset. Until then, he would have to continue brutally. He knew that Loki might be a little sore about it for a few days, but they had done things that were worse, according to Loki, and they were still together. It was about time they made some new nightmares for both of them to enjoy and share together.

The lips parted obediently, and Thor forced his dick into Loki's mouth. Some part of him questioned if every guy enjoyed fighting the same way he did. He knew that any time he got into a fight, he wanted to do only one thing after: fuck. His blood boiled and the idea of claiming someone as his bitch was all too appealing. Normally, Loki would keep fighting, but this time, he obediently accepted it. Thor had never seen him like this before, but he was brutal instead of apologetic. He fucked Loki's face, pushing in so far that Loki struggled, gagging and gasping for air. His hands were tight in Loki's hair, jerking and pulling. The other eventually began to resist, knowing that if he did not, Thor would just get even worse. His hands pushed at Thor's thighs, trying weakly to get him off, and Thor pushed back, going deeper. There was something satisfying about the struggle for control. He could and would control every single aspect of Loki's life. In some ways, it was obsession, but in others, it was simply comfort. Loki had everything, memories, knowledge, and faith. Thor only had him. He had lost everything but his street smarts. It was only fair that he could control something in his life, even if that something was a person.

Finally, he was rock hard and Loki's mouth was not doing it for him. While he did want to shoot his seed all over that forlorn expression, shove it in his face that Thor could do whatever the hell he pleased, his body demanded more and the lesson lost importance to his wants. Removing his dick from Loki's mouth, he dragged him to his feet. Bruised lips, lost eyes, and a struggle to glare were all that he saw. Kissing Loki's forehead, he told him mockingly, "Don't strain yourself, dear. You'll just get upset."

"Fuck you," Loki spat, but there was no spirit behind it, just an angry word muttered in a hollow tone. When Thor turned him around and jerked down his pants, he obediently leaned forward, putting his arms on the counter, almost as if he were tired. Glaring at him, Thor fished a mouth dam out of his pocket. He had spotted it in a store when he had been waiting around for the call from the guy he had hired to take care of Loki. They had never tried one before, so he had bought it as a way to make up with Loki. He knew that his lover liked new things, whether he admitted it gladly or not. This time, however, it was not going to be a reward. It was going to be a reminder that no matter what Loki did, he could not ignore Thor for very long.

Kneeling behind Loki, he put the dam in his mouth before using his hands to part Loki's ass cheeks. Focusing on the reaction, he forced his tongue against the sensitive skin. The layer of latex kept any of the disgusting taste out, but he could still feel it so clearly, the patterns and tightness of the skin that his fingers and cock had explored before. He did not push into the little, dark hole. Instead, he lapped graciously at the surrounding skin. He felt Loki tense and twist around. His blue eyes were wide and searching, a mix of arousal and confusion bright in them. He knew that Loki was probably mentally cringing at the idea of it, but that did not change the fact that there was lust bright in those eyes that had just been vacant. Pointedly, he forced his tongue roughly against the little hole, pushing in slightly. The sound that escaped Loki's lips was a whimpering moan. His legs pressed together, but Thor used his hands to keep Loki right where he wanted him. Smirking, he pushed again, this time dipping in. Gasping and trying to pull away, Loki began to protest, but that protest was broken with a moan as Thor repeated the action. After that, Thor did not give him the chance to speak coherently to complain, tongue fucking him and enjoying the squirming and desperate, breathless sounds that could have been anything from "no" to "more" they were so distorted.

Stopping, he gave eyed Loki, weak kneed, cock weeping desperate for release, face flushed and head bowed. He looked so deliciously fuckable. Straightening up, he spit out the mouth dam and fished a condom out of his pants, slipping it on. He knew that Loki was not nearly prepared enough for it to be comfortable, but he really did not have the patience to wait. The sound that escaped his lover was pained, but he did not feel guilty. It was too much fun to feel him tighten and struggle weakly. The pain forced Loki to react, and Thor wanted that, wanted him to know that he could never just ignore Thor. It was not allowed. That was one game that was not welcome between them.

His hands were bruising tight on the toned hips of his lover, keeping him in place. Loki fought against him, twisting to push him away, but Thor was indifferent, knowing that Loki was not strong enough to actually escape. That did not mean that he expected Loki to stop fighting, because he sure as hell would not. Even when Thor relented enough to reach around and jerk him off with brutal, vicious strokes, Loki continued to struggle. His voice was rough and high, demanding Thor stop, but his body demanded something entirely different. Before long, the mix of pain and rage combined with his lust and Loki was spilling his seed into Thor's hand. Turned on by the slick heat, Thor thrust harder and faster, driving so hard that Loki had to brace himself against the counter or be pushed forward. As he cam, he slumped forward against the strong shoulders, and just like always, Loki did not let him fall.

Regaining his strength quickly, he pulled out and away from his friend. There was blood and sweat on both of them from the fight as well as other bodily fluids now. As Thor straightened up, pulling up his pants and redoing the front, he watched Loki, who leaned against the counter rather than look at him. Worried that he had hurt him more than he meant to, he walked over and gently touched the thin shoulder. Loki did not even glance back as he whispered, "You broke them...I hate you."

Chuckling, Thor kissed the top of the head and opened the cabinet that he had hidden them in. "Don't be such a bitch, babe," he told him teasingly, slapping his ass before walking away.

His ears were perked, half expecting Loki to throw one of the plates at him. A surprised sound came and then the grating scrape of one of the plates being lifted, but just as he prepared to duck, he heard Loki sink down to the floor. Turning back, he was shocked to see his lover cradling one of the plates to his chest. Wide-eyed with surprise, Thor walked back over and crouched down. Gently, he put his hands on Loki's knees and shook them. When their gazes met, he thought to ask if the stupid plates were really so important, but the look he was given told him all that he needed to know. Possibly for the first time in all of the years they had known each other, he tilted his head and told Loki softly and honestly, "I am sorry."

Loki's face was twisted into an angrily glare, but that did not stop the tears of relief from dripping down onto his face. His hands were shaking, but he refused to grasp the plate tight enough to stop them. The way he held it made it look even more breakable, made him look breakable. Despite that, his expression lightened, understanding dawned. Slowly, resentfully, he nodded, accepting the apology even if he did not want to. Holding it closer, he whispered, "You don't understand."

"I don't, Loki. All I have to treasure is you. Nothing else has meaning," Thor told him, leaning forward to brush a kiss to his forehead. Drawing back, he smirked and added, "And if you react like that to a dish being broken, I think I am happy not understanding."

A watery laugh escaped Loki, and he nodded weakly, wiping his eyes. Thor suddenly understood something. Loki was attached to those plates in a way that was deep and significant, but that attachment was because of him, because of the stories that he told him. Though he was angry at Thor, he would be forgiven, whether Loki wanted to forgive him or not, simply because without him, those plates would have no meaning. It was a strange sort of logic, but without even trying it, he knew it was true. That logic was, perhaps, the only thing that kept him from destroying those plates. After all, nothing should have mattered to Loki more than him.

Abruptly, Thor felt curious about something he had never questioned before. He could remember waking up in a hospital. Loki had been sitting beside his bed. They were nineteen and eighteen at the time. Loki had looked a lot younger, worry making him venerable. As soon as their gazes met, Loki had whispered something along the lines of "Thank all of you," before bursting into tears and hugging Thor close. In that moment, he had accepted everything that was easily. He had no memories before that, but he understood how the basic functions of life worked. When Loki tried to call him Troy, he had rejected it, christening himself Thor. Even though Loki had called himself Nicolas, Thor had rejected it in favor of Loki. That had bothered the other for a bit, especially since he was struggling to adjust to Thor not remembering anything. When their relationship had turned sexual, it seemed that he accepted the name with more ease. Later, he had explained it was because he was uncertain if Thor had decided that they were brothers or if it was just a nickname. Knowing that it was just a name had comforted him greatly, and after that, he had been the one to introduce them by their proper names. It showed Thor how much he truly did control Loki, and he took advantage of that control time and time again. His narcissism had come naturally even after losing his memories. Looking in the mirror showed someone that he adored. The first mirror he saw, he wanted to kiss. It was love at first sight, just as it was lust at first sight when he saw Loki. Even worried and frazzled, he looked so delightful, so fuckable. That was how Thor's life had started: with love of himself and lust of Loki. The lust had taken a few weeks before he acted on it, but the love had been an instant thing, a fact in his life of fictions.

"What happened to me?" Thor asked abruptly. He had never asked it before, never even wondered about it. The accident was always mentioned vaguely and he had been fine with that, but suddenly, he wanted to know. It was not direly important, but his interest was focused on it. Some part of him halfway expected Loki to try to seduce him and sway him from it, especially with the way he looked at him. His blue eyes were so wide, so fragile. He looked like he was going to break just from the memory and the idea of speaking it out loud had him trembling in fear. He looked almost like he might get sick, and Thor almost took the question back, rather than let it hang between them.

"Give me a second," Loki whispered. Standing up, he carefully set the plate back in the proper stack. Walking over the their alcohol cabinet, he got the bottle of vodka and pour several shots, arranging them neatly at the table. Gesturing for Thor to take a seat he took a few of them. Thor knew why he was doing it: he wanted to be numb. He had never seen Loki try to drink himself into numbness, but he had seen plenty of their acquaintances do it at bars when they were faced with something bad. He could not believe something so awful had happened. After all, Loki had been able to laugh and mock the beatings both of them had suffered at school. Seeing him sick and trembling…it made Thor want to go headhunting with a nice, big knife.

After finishing the first row of shots and refilling the glasses, Loki drew in a rough breath. His eyes were fixed stubbornly on the table, where his fingers drummed nervously. His voice was still shaking as he warned Thor, "I am only going to tell you this once, because I don't want to repeat it. Please pay attention."

They had just graduated high school. Their whole lives seemed to be driven up to that moment, the moment where they would finally get free and decide where to go with their lives. The whole world was open. There was nothing that they could not do. From that moment on, they were free to do as they pleased. Unfortuantely, they were just dumb kids that were not sure where to go or even how to get there. They could not approach it like one of their summer road trips: driving wherever they wanted to go just to see what was there. They had to find somewhere that they could make a life. If they wanted to make a life on the road, they would have to decide on that. It was not that easy though. Both of them had dreams and wants. Even if they were willing to forget their own dreams, they could not forget each others. That was not in their nature. They loved each other almost as much as they loved themselves. It would not be possible to just brashly forget the other in their selfish wants. Even if they tried to, they could not. So, they spent the first month after graduating floating around town, picking up odd jobs and trying to figure out where to go. Their nights were spent in Loki's car or in his room. His parents did not acknowledge him anymore, but they did not bother them, so it worked out just as well. The silent treatment was better than being screamed and cursed, which was what would happen if they tried to go to Thor's house. Of course, it occasionally got to Loki. Not very badly, but still enough that Thor would insist they sleep in the car instead. The two of them curled up in the backseat was not the most comfortable thing in the world, but they could at least tolerate it.

It was Friday, so most people were out drinking. Thor wanted to go, but Loki convinced him not to. They had to talk, had to figure out where they were going. They had only a thousand dollars saved up. Neither of them could get into college for that little, much less both of them. It was not looking very good for them, but they did not have any real desire to get into college. They were not stupid. They knew it would make their lives easier, but not going just meant that they would never be separated. That night, they went to the playground, pushing each other on the swing set, laughing loudly and changing topics often. They did not want to think about the future, even if they had to.

About midnight, some of the drunks were on their way home when they came past the park. They heard Thor and Loki and decided to check it out. What started out as a simple verbal fight quickly developed into something much, much worse. There were twelve guys, but Thor was too arrogant to back down. Loki tried to convince him to run, but he would not listen. Since Loki had not said anything, they just beat the shit out of him until he went limp. They thought he was unconscious. Loki just knew that it was easier to play opossum. He had been jumped at school plenty of times to know that when the odds were that bad, a little bit of shame was better than multiple broken ribs and missing teeth. He had knocked enough teeth out to know how ugly it looked, and he was not too keen on the pain.

Thor did not seem to get the memo. He continued fighting, getting more angry and aggressive when he saw Loki go down. As much as he loved Thor, he loved his own face more, so he did not say anything, just tried to catch his gaze and tell him to stop silently. It did not work, and Thor fought until he was bleeding from multiple places. Then the guys decided that it would be a good time to teach the faggot a lesson. They stripped him naked and raped him over and over. Loki tried to get up, only to realize that he could not. He was too badly beaten to move. He could don'thing. His muscles had locked up from being still so long, and as the tears leaked from his eyes, he struggled to cry out, to convince them to go after him instead. He could not stand watching, but he could not look away. Thor met his gaze then, and the golden eyes were so expressionless, so indifferent that Loki nearly grew sick of it. It was almost as if Thor honestly did not care, did not mind that his beautiful body was being attacked. Loki knew that was not possible, but he did not want to accept the possibility that Thor was lost to him.

By the time the guys had sobered up enough to realize what they were doing, Loki was able to move. They ran off, trying not to talk about it.

"After that, I called the police. You were in such bad shape they used a helicopter to send you to the city. I signed myself out of the local hospital to drive out to you that night. For a week, I sat next to you, barely alive and hanging on only out of spite. The doctors told me that I should not be hopeful for a full recovery. All I could think was that I had let you down. I had betrayed you by saving myself. When you woke up, you were changed. I knew that even before you spoke. It made me sick, but the change in you was one that made you meaner to me, and I felt like I deserved it, so I never questioned it, never let myself push you away," Loki whispered. Three more times the glasses had been filled and emptied.

Thor reached over a poured a fifth set of drinks, picking up a shot of his own. Tossing it back, he reached across the table to pat Loki's hand. Smiling at him softly, he did not say a word, but he did not feel like he had to. He could not remember, so there really was not anything that he could say. Standing up, he beckoned Loki to follow him. Not surprising, the other stood and followed. Thor took his head and led him through the wreckage of their home. Taking him into the bedroom, Thor pulled him down onto the bed and curled around him, trying to comfort him more than himself.

It was like hearing a story on the news. His mind could conjure the horrific image, even knit him into it, but he could not relate to it. It was not really him. It was who he had been. Now, he was someone different, someone that did not have to deal with those scars. Considering that Pride had been raped, he knew how victims acted. He was not a victim. He was luck for that. Looking at Loki, he had a strange thought that, maybe, just maybe, Loki had taken those memories from him. The way he spoke of their memories were so vivid, so detailed that it was obvious he had not forgotten a single thing. His memory of those times was perfect. He could not even recall things that happened a week before in such detail. It was not anything extreme, but it still marked the difference in his long term and short term memories. Even things that had happened shortly after Thor had woken up in the hospital could not be recalled in such detail.

"Thank you," Thor whispered softly, kissing the top of Loki's head. He hoped desperately that the other would think that he was thanking him for explaining it to him, but in reality, he was thanking him for taking the pain and scars away.

Loki just shook his head and burrowed against Thor's chest. He seemed to be fighting tears, but Thor did not say anything. He knew that Loki's guilt would never go away completely. No matter how many times Thor forgave him, he would hold onto that guilt, just so that he wouldn't grow numb to the past. Thor sort understood that. More than he understood the actual guilt, he understood why Loki didn't refuse and reject it. It made him love him a little bit more.

"I love me," Thor whispered, running his fingers up and down Loki's back.

Loki squeezed him softly, and much to Thor's shock, he whispered back, "I love you too."

In the silence that followed, Thor did not know what to say, did not know what he could say. Kissing the top of Loki's head, he decided that honesty was the best policy. "I love you too."
Here is my NaNoWriMo results.
This is unedited. Therefore, there will be numerous mistakes. Do not bother pointing them out to me. I have no intentions of editing this steaming pile of waste. :)

Initially, this was just me practicing writing erotica. Thor and Loki's lives to primarily revolve around sex. About halfway through, I realize how much more I could do with it. There are many details to their lives and their mindsets that would be absolutely brilliant to explore. Additionally, I had no outline, so it was unorganized. This frustrates me beyond belief.

For those reasons, I am going to wait until I am finished with MPiH before redoing this, and when I redo this, I will be starting from scratch. This is basically just a brainstorm/brain fart on my part. Please do not take this seriously.

Their relationship is neither normal nor healthy. Don't whine to me if you don't like it.
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