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Loki was being a slut, making eyes at another man and glancing back at Thor to see if it bothered him, and maybe it did, but Thor would never let it show. He would rather watch Loki drag himself across the coals than admit that he was annoyed. The way his lover bumped and elbowed Marcus, occasionally punching him or tackling him roughly made his inner beast snarl a challenge, but he kept it caged. If Loki still loved somebody from their past, that was fine. Thor could watch him torture himself for a bit. It was what his lover liked, after all.

"You two are not really faggots?" Marcus remarked at one point, though his tone held the tentative note of a question.

It would have been painful to not laugh, so Thor did not even try to stop himself from doing so. Leaning back, he let his head hit the hard concrete of the roof. The grit of pain was dulled through the haze of alcohol. Reaching up towards the stars, he assured him, "We're not gay. We're indiscriminate."

Marcus chuckled, more mellow when he was drunk. Leaning back against the ledge, Thor watched as he glanced down the front of the four story apartment building before declaring, "You guys are fucked up. I can not imagine sleeping with anything but women."

"That is because you've never had a guy suck your dick," Loki assured him with a laugh. Thor grinned as Loki leaned towards him, lying over his legs. His fingers pushed up the hem of Thor's shirt, and their eyes met as Loki told Marcus, "There is something about having a guy do it that is so much better. They know what feels good and how to make it feel better. I mean, we have one, so we know what to do with them."

Brushing a hand through the dark hair, Thor added, "No chance of pregnancy, so as long as we are careful with others, there is no point in using protection."

Another chuckle escaped Marcus, and he told them with absolute certainty, "You two are not getting me with that shit." Leaning forward, he gestured sloppily between the two and himself as he told them, his voice slurred, "I figured it out when you two left. You are not really shagging. You just play it up to freak people out." He laughed again and reached for a half full cup of some drink Loki had made. Downing the rest, he added with a knowing nod, "You two could not stand when people were not paying attention, so you did everything you cold to be center stage." Another laugh and then he whispered, "But I will not tell anyone your secret."

When Thor looked at Loki, he had to wonder, if maybe, just maybe, that was true. The searching look Loki gave him told him that his lover was having similar thoughts. Shrugging, Thor grabbed a fistful of Loki's hair as he sat up, pulling his lover with him. Kissing him roughly, he whispered harshly against his lips, "Even if you are just fucking me to fuck with people, I still own your ass." To make his point, he bit the other's lip hard.

Obediently responding to the pull, Loki gasped at the bite but kissed Thor again, whispering sweetly, "For as long as you want me."

Thor knew what he was hoping for. He was hoping that Marcus would bristle, would say something belligerent, or would do something stupid. All he did was laugh. Leaning back once again, he told them with certainty that almost made the statement believable, "See? You two acted like pals right up until I said something, and then to freak me out, you're gonna start kissing. It's rather funny."

While Thor certainly felt disappointed that he would not have an excuse to punch Marcus, at least not yet, he could not deny that it was amusing to him. He had never been analyzed before, and with such serious reactions, from someone that Loki had described as stupid, intrigued him. Most of the time, drunks were easier to upset, but their friend seemed to head in the other direction. It made Thor wonder just how mellow the alcohol had made him. While his initial plan had been to brutalize and beat Marcus, proving to him that a "faggot" could kick his ass, but there was another possibility that would be even more fun. It would probably be difficult, but he really could not deny that the challenge added to the temptation.

Pushing Loki away callously, Thor let himself sink back down, more slowly this time so that he would not practically brain himself on the concrete. With a chuckle, he reached around for a cup, trying to find something that was not empty yet.

"Fuck, Thor, you split my lip," Loki whined. There was the sound of liquid pouring from glass to plastic and then the liquid transferred to a second cup. A moment later, he felt the drink placed in his hand. Before he could apologize, which he assume was what Loki wanted, his lover remarked, "You know, for a college dropout, you're pretty smart, Marcus."

There was a pause and then Marcus replied with a chuckle, "Yeah, well, I took all of my psych courses first. I thought it was interesting when I was a kid."

"Kid? Damn, man, it has not even been a decade yet. Don't get old just yet," Thor told him laughing. Bringing the cup to his lips, he sipped, careful not to make himself choke. His eyes remained on the stars, so he missed as Loki shifted closer to Marcus, leaning back against the ledge as well. If he had seen, he would not have said or done a thing differently. After all, Loki was just acting on what he picked up from Thor.

"Man, I have a daughter that will be that age before long," Marcus told him with a laugh. Softly, he groaned and then added, "Fuck. I don't want to think of that. I hate thinking my baby girl might grow up."

"The best of us never do," Loki told him, his tone a mix of mocking and reassuring.

Thor lifted his plastic cup into the air and declared, "A toast to the best of us never growing up."

"Cheers to that," Marcus murmured, his cup bumping against Thor's.

"To us," Loki said with a soft laugh as he joined in the toast.

Drinking the poison silently, Thor was not sure why he felt darkness even as he smiled. This was as good as things got, drinking with Loki and someone that they would share for their own amusement. His life revolved around it, and he could not imagine it any other way, so it made no sense for his ghosts to be sitting on his shoulders at such a time. After all, it was not like he could remember the faces of the ghosts, just feel them twisting around his heart.

For a moment, there was silence and then there was a dull thunk as a cup was dropped, and the warm wash of liquid under his shoulder smelled a good bit like the rum that Marcus had been favoring. Giving it a second, Thor rolled onto his stomach to look, and what he saw did not surprise him.

One of Loki's pale hands held Marcus's chin, his other hand was tangled with one of the stranger's. It was hard to tell which of them was leaning towards the other, they were so close. Their lips met in a light kiss that was barely more than a brush of skin.

Then, without warning, Marcus lunged forward, pushing Loki over backwards. He caught Loki's wrists and pinned them to the cool roof top, using his body to pin down the slender bartender. Thor propped his chin up to watch, eyes lidded. He almost felt sleepy, so content to purr in his mind as he watched Loki squirm beneath another man. It was not often that Thor just watched without giving instruction, but he sort of liked it.

Something about what he had heard earlier had his mind working in circles, and he began to consider a part of himself that was hidden beneath the surface. He had always assumed that his mind was his one flaw. He was beautiful beyond compare, but his mind was almost equally twisted. While his moral compass kept him clear of murder, he knew that there was something decidedly unhealthy about having fantasies that involved someone that looked like a twin, or perhaps a clone, of himself. At times, he tried to find the logic of it, but it always seemed too stupid to give that much thought. He liked Loki has a friend, and they had awesome sex. Thor wanted to touch what was in the mirror, and in Loki, that came to life.

A soft moan brought his attention back to the present. His eyes fixed on the two. Marcus had Loki's shirt push up, his hands brushing roughly over the skin, too careless to be caressing. Used to rough treatment, Loki was squirming, still kissing Marcus back, but demanding more with each move of his perfect body.

Deciding that the sidelines had lost their amusement, Thor shifted to his hands and knees and crawled over. Resting on his hip, he looked down at Loki as he brushed a kiss to Marcus's shoulder. His hands slid over the fair shoulders, and for a moment, he felt the other tense, but then he relaxed. A soft smile brushed across his expression at the submission and acceptance. His fingers curled over the fair skin, dragging his nails across it. Since they were short, it was not very effective, but he heard the redhead suck in a sharp breath.

Thor could feel as Marcus shifted to kiss Loki's throat, and he kissed him again, nipping the back of his neck lightly. When he felt a shiver run down his spine, he slid his hands down to the redhead's hips. Beneath him, Marcus worked his way lower on Loki. Thor's hands slid under their "guest's" shirt and he pushed it up. To his surprise, Marcus was compliant as Thor pulled his shirt off.

Abruptly, he got a bit of insight into the mind of the man between himself and Loki. He had always loved Loki, at first as a friend, but then as more. Unfortunately, they all shared a religious upbringing, and while Thor and Loki had loved the sin more than the salvation, Marcus had thought beyond himself. In the end, he hated himself more than anyone else on the earth, but he had taken it out on the person he wanted and wanted to be like. Now, years later, he was drunk and in the years that would come, he would use that to excuse his behavior, forever denying himself what he really wanted.

In that moment, Thor did the cruelest thing he could do.

Bursting out laughing, he fell back, landing on his back. Cradling his stomach, he laughed so hard that tears ran from the corners of his eyes. His laughter filled the air and went on and on, naming it impossible to ignore.

Loki, of course, began to chuckle, unable to ignore Thor's mirth. Thor watched as he pushed Marcus away and crawled over to him. Pecking him lightly on the lips, he asked, his voice dancing with the amusement that still escaped Thor in giggles and bursts, "What is with you all of a sudden?"

"It is so fucking pathetic," Thor told him, still laughing. Reaching up, he pulled Loki's face down and kissed him again. "That fucker thinks that if he had a little more courage, he could have had you when we're kids. He does not realize the truth. You should tell him."

More laughter escaped Loki, and the two exchanged a few more kisses. Thor sat up to lean against Loki as his friend turned to face Marcus, who was starting to look a mix of sick and angry. With their attention returned to them, he went to ask something, but Loki cut him off. "I am not gay," he told Marcus. Turning his head to kiss Thor again, he deepened the kiss, his hand knotting in Thor's hair with more demand than he usually showed. The kiss was hard and lingering, and when they broke it off, Loki explained, "I am a narcissist."

"Elegantly phrased, love," the fair haired man said, kissing Loki on the cheek.

The look Loki gave him was caught somewhere between his usual adoration and annoyance. Looking back towards Marcus, he ran his hand through Thor's hair as he added mockingly, "But you obviously have some repressed homosexual tendencies. Something you want to get off your chest?"

Marcus had risen to his feet, his movements a bit sloppy from the alcohol in his system. Glaring at the duo, he snapped, "I am drunk and you kissed me first."

"And you'll tell yourself the same thing every time you remember it," Loki assured him, his tone so condescending that Thor could hardly believe his little butterfly had spoken like that. Doing his best to comfort Loki wordlessly, he wrapped an arm around his shoulders, rubbing lightly, his eyes not wavering from Marcus.

It almost looked like there would be a fight, but then the redhead muttered, "Fuck it," and headed for the fire escape. As soon as he had disappeared, Loki's hands caught his face, kissing him roughly. His hands curled into fists on Thor's shoulders, and he realized just how hard that had been for Loki.

Pushing him away, Thor stood up and headed towards the fire escape. He heard Loki say something, but paid no heed. Since he had to sneak down a fire escape more than once before, chased from someone's home by a spouse returning home, he was quick in his decent. Once he was on the ground, he quickly caught up to Marcus. As he drew near the redhead, he called out softly. The ginger turned to face him, and Thor made certain he saw it coming when he swung, hitting the guy as hard as he could in the face. As soon as the first strike landed, he followed through with his older fist, this time punching Marcus in the ribs. The impact hurt his hands, but he swung again. Marcus lunged forward, knocking him back onto the concrete, but the two of them had fought often when they were teenagers, and Thor knew to expect it. The impact did not bother him as much as it would have if he was not prepared. As it were, he brought his knee up, getting the other in his stomach. As Marcus's breath rushed from his lungs, Thor hooked an arm around his neck and started punching him in the head. Marcus was stunned for a moment, but then he began hitting back. The two wrestled around, hitting each other, and Thor realized that he could remember doing it before, fighting with Marcus in particular. He had loved it, because it upset Loki to the point his lover would literally fly into tears afterwards.

After a moment, the two young men broke apart. Thor sprung to his feet with cat-like agility. His lip was bloody, there was definite swelling on his cheek, and his body was riddled with small aches that would only get worst. He was not keen to think about them, but the pain brought a grin to his face. Eagerly, he watched Marcus, waiting to let the redhead make the next move.

Said redhead was backing away from Thor, stumbling and weary, not drunk enough to continue a fight that he was sure to lose. His eyes were narrowed and he snapped, "You're a fucking psycho."

"And I am fucking the second hottest person in the world," Thor replied, his tone chipper and friendly. It may not have been relevant, but at least it was true. The look of annoyance that flickered over Marcus's face caused Thor to burst out laughing. Gesturing dismissively, he said, "Go on now. Run off to talk shit about us. Maybe you can convince people that both Loki and I jumped you by surprise...or at least tell your wife that hickey is a bruise."

"Fucking faggot," Marcus spat, still trying to be on the offensive, no matter how badly he was doing at it.

Laughing once again, he shook his head and just pointed away. "Get out of here, because I can get it up for women. Do you even fuck your wife or do you imagine she is someone else?"

"Fuck you, you fucking shit eating piece of-"

A bottle flew through the air, hitting the foul mouthed piece of backwater trash square in the face and shattering. A voice called, sing-song and happy, "Thor sucks blood, eats candy out of awkward places, and occasionally pisses on people when he is drunk, but he never eats shit."

"Fuck you," Thor snapped at Loki, turning to look at his lover as he approached with a lazy pace and a crooked grin. Glaring, he spat, "I have never pissed on anyone."

"That you were sober enough to remember," Loki assured him. Reaching Thor, he patted him on the shoulder and confessed, "The poor guy cried, because had been hitting on you all night while you hammered hard liquor, and finally, you were like, "You wanna know what I think of you?" Idiot said yes, you whipped it out and pissed on him."

Not believing the story for a minute, Thor pushed Loki and told him, "Bullshit. Any time I get drunk, I get horny. I would have pinned the fuck to the bar and shown him why it is not smart to hit on a drunk stranger."

The look Loki gave him was so contemptuous that Thor was torn between hitting him and laughing in his face. The snide comment shut him up though. "So you feel more comfortable with a story of you drunkenly raping someone rather than pissing on them? Love, I think you need some therapy."

"I did not mean it like that," Thor protested, shoving his dark haired lover again. Glaring, he challenged, "You are just going to twist my words to make me sound bad no matter what I say, are not you?"

The grin that appeared was answer enough, but Thor still waited. "Of course, but you don't have to make it so easy."

It was almost obligatory to take a swing at him then. His fist connected with the pale, perfectly shaped cheek, and he felt the jolt of pain in his hand as he caught Loki fully. The other reacted too slowly to turn his head and make it less painful for the both of them. Still glaring and now more annoyed, Thor lunged at him, knocking him to the ground. Straddling Loki's waist, he began hitting him.

Unnoticed to either of them, Marcus slipped away, filled with a dark shame and dreaded knowledge that even if he could blame some of this on Thor and Loki, he could never forget the night, never forget the moment that he came closest to being honest with himself. Somehow, it would only serve to make him hate himself that little bit more.

Thor continued to hit Loki, finding some boorish amusement in the mindless violence. His friend did not take it lying down. Well, he did, but not without retaliation. He struggled to get up, while continuing to hit back, and when he had enough, Loki rolled them over to pin Thor, making certain to get his feet and arms so that he could take his time beating his revenge into the blonde man. Of course, the way Thor quickly quit struggling and accepted the abuse ruined it, and he knew that it would. After he stopped fighting to get free, Loki only took a few more swings before stopping, continuing to pin him and stare down, daring him silently to struggle, but no longer hitting him.

"Your friend left," Thor remarked after a couple of minutes, twisting to look around and be certain. He could not see the soulless ginger in any of the shadows, so it must have been true. It was hard to decide if that was disappointing or should have been expected. He wanted to continue fighting him, but Loki had distracted him. Looking at Loki with sudden thoughtfulness, he wondered if that had been the whole point of picking at him: to spare the man that had once been his friend. As he studied his lover's face, he had to accept that it could be true. While he had no loyalty to anyone but Loki, that lay heavily in the fact that he had no one but Loki to be loyal too. While some might have seen this as something sad, he was quite happy with it. It gave him the strength to not be held back, to not be limited by other people.

Realizing his hands were free, he caught Loki's face between his hands and pulled him down for a kiss. Though his love might have divided loyalties, he was still Thor's dog, and he knew if he said jump, he could rely on Loki's "How high?" Through everything else, that was all that truly mattered.

Sitting up, he caught Loki in his arms so the other did not fall back. Holding him close he kissed him again before whispering in his ear, "Show me where the graveyard is."

They were returning home again. The trip had only lasted a few days, and they had visited all of their old haunts. The graveyard had been given a final salute. The park had been kept sacred. Their old homes had been vandalized. Now they were preparing to move along with their lives.

"That was not as much fun as I thought it would be," Loki confessed. He was driving this time. One window had been broken out, but surprisingly, nothing else had happened to it. Thor could almost convince himself that it was chance that a rock had flown through their window, almost. He was still too cynical, too caught up in Loki's bitterness, to not suspect that one of their flashes from the past had not been as happy to see them. He did not mind though. Loki would have to park the car for a while, but they would eventually have the money to get it fixed, and it was easy to move on. After all, they had had a good time, and nothing could spoil that, not for them.

Nodding, Thor flopped over so that his head was resting on Loki's leg. Tracing a pattern on the jeans, he told him, "It could have been worse though."

"Could have been much worse," Loki agreed, reaching down with one hand to caress Thor's hair. A smile flickered across Thor's face as he tilted his head towards the touch. He laughed as Loki continued, "We could have been considering moving back."

Shaking his head, he sat up and kissed Loki. "I don't think so," he told him, kissing him again. They were on the highway, but he was not driving and it was not his car. Was not that how Loki always treated it? Drawing back, he added, "I like living in the city. That is where all of our friends are."

"And your favorite drugs and stores," Loki agreed with a coy smile. Bursting out laughing, Loki actually leaned over to kiss him. Smiling adoringly at him, he whispered, "I love me."

"I love me too," Thor whispered back with a grin. Shifting back to his side of the front seat, he waited a moment before declaring, "When we get home, we should look for another apartment."

"Oh no, not until my car gets fixed!"

"It is your fault it was broken in the first place!"
Here is my NaNoWriMo results.
This is unedited. Therefore, there will be numerous mistakes. Do not bother pointing them out to me. I have no intentions of editing this steaming pile of waste. :)

Initially, this was just me practicing writing erotica. Thor and Loki's lives to primarily revolve around sex. About halfway through, I realize how much more I could do with it. There are many details to their lives and their mindsets that would be absolutely brilliant to explore. Additionally, I had no outline, so it was unorganized. This frustrates me beyond belief.

For those reasons, I am going to wait until I am finished with MPiH before redoing this, and when I redo this, I will be starting from scratch. This is basically just a brainstorm/brain fart on my part. Please do not take this seriously.

Their relationship is neither normal nor healthy. Don't whine to me if you don't like it.
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