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How many years had passed since the last time they had been in the country? Thor could not remember, and he was not sure if that counted as a bad thing or not. It most certainly did not in his book. He hated the country. It was bland and lacked color. Even with Loki brightening everything, it bored him. Unfortunately, as bored as he was, he had decided to come along.

"Where are we going again?" Thor asked, his head sticking out the window of Loki's little piece of shit car. The thing was as old as dirt and should have been scraped already, but he kept those feelings to himself for the most part.

It was apparent that Loki rolled his eyes, and there was no missing the noisy sigh. Not even sparing Thor and glance, he informed him in a tone that was bordering on annoyed, "We are going to a high school reunion. I got the shit in the mail and I am making you come with me so we can revisit some old haunts."

Snorting, Thor wondered why they had to the high school reunion. It was such a waste of his time. They had not been good enough for him then, and there was no way that they were good enough for him now. He did appreciate the fact that Loki was driving. That meant if the bastards got a bug up their asses, it was not his baby that would get hurt. Of course, he would have to work overtime to pay for the repairs, but anything for his lover, even an adventure that was just a bad idea leading up to a mess.

"Don't sound so unhappy," Loki told him with a soft laugh. His hand found its way to Thor's thigh, and he felt the urge to shift away spitefully, but was not quite angry enough to do so. What Loki said next almost drove him to that point. "It is not like you have to face down all the bad memories."

"Fuck you," Thor sighed, shifting so that he look Loki straight in the face. "Fuck you," he repeated. "You think that I don't want to remember some of the shit? I don't even know my parents' names or faces."

Realizing he had said the wrong thing, coasted to the side of the road, waiting until they had stopped before he began speaking. His hands caught Thor's face and he told him, "I know that you are not happy about it, baby. I mean, right after it happened, you loved it-"

"I can remember that much, you fuck," Thor snapped, pushing Loki's hands away. Shifting so that he was nearly pressed against the door, he huffed and told him, "It does not fucking matter. Let's keep driving so I can pretend I don't know where we are going again."

Loki obviously wanted to say more, wanted to make up for his mistake, but Thor did not give him that chance, looking out the window with an angry glare. As the car started moving, he relaxed, resting his arms on the windowsill and his head on his arms.

It was not that he really wanted to remember, but after nearly eight years of having little to no memory of things that seemed so important to Loki, he was sick of it. Loki was the second most important person in his life, and he did not want to have to remember things by hearing Loki retell them. It only made it worse to know that Loki always told him in a good light. Even times when he had hurt Loki on purpose, the story was retold like he was some sort of angel sent from heaven.

Sighing, he looked at Loki from the corner of his eye and smiled. Things were not so bad, really. Even if he could not remember, at least he did not have to hate who he had been. It did make it a little difficult to love his life as much as Loki loved his, but it was not hard to be happy when he had Loki wrapped around him most of the time, going on and on about how lucky they were to have each other and to have the whole world in front of them.

"Do you think…"

Looking over, Thor tilted his head inquisitively, waiting for Loki to finish the question. When he did not, he nudged him playfully and encouraged him, "Come on. Don't just start and stop. You know what we call people like you?"

"Tease," Loki replied with a laugh that steadily grew louder as he remembered the night before.

Loki and Thor had found a cute young man, a year or two older than them, but considerably shorter. They had wrapped themselves around him and seduced him with relative ease. He had been all too willing right up until his first orgasm. Then he seemed to think he did not have to work for anything else. Thor and Loki had quickly rid him of that absurd notion. It had been a satisfying night, though the poor boy would probably be walking funny for weeks after how hard they had fucked him and how many times.

"So go on then, finish it," Thor said, smiling to himself. At some point in the not so distant past, he truly had not cared whether Loki was smiling or frowning, but now, it made him happy to see that smile. Maybe it was a sign that he was getting old and soft, but he did not mind so much. He loved himself more than he loved Loki, but he still loved Loki and there was no shame in showing that.

Nodding, his lover, now wearing the black hair he had been born with, looked forward thoughtfully. Finally, he asked, carefully not even looking at Thor from the corner of his eye, "Do you think that you might remember some of the stuff you've forgotten when we get there? Maybe something will trigger memories."

Feeling a little less found now, Thor shifted to sit back stiffly. He had not and did not want to think about that possibility. Remember just how god awful things had been did not seem like fun to him. For some reason, he did not want to ask, but felt like he had to know, "Is that why you're dragging me with you?"

"Fuck no. I am going to need to shag once I get out of the reunion. So much of it will have me pissed off that I am going to need you there!" Loki told him, laughing. Reaching for Thor again, he pushed him playfully before adding, "I don't think I'd mind if you remembered, but I would not do something like this just so you could suffer with me."

Of course, Loki was not the sadistic bastard. That was his roll. Loki would not do something to hurt him, even if it physically hurt him. Loki had treated him like he deserved to be spared from any suffering for as long as he could remember.  Maybe that was what love was about to Loki: Protecting the person he loved. For Thor, it was about possessing him, filling his every thought and feeling. Loki did not seem to mind the trade off, even when Thor decided that leaving bruises was the best way to make sure he was never forgotten.

The rest of the drive past with a few laughs, a couple of hits, and more than one abrupt swerve to the shoulder so they could make out like teenagers. Twenty-eight years old and they still could not keep their hands off of each other. Thor knew that if there was proof that love could last, no matter how fucked up it was, their relationship was that.

"I miss being a kid," Loki sighed as they drove past a park.

Thor watched a mother push her son on the swings as he slowly replied, "I don't. Kids don't get to fuck, drink, smoke, or decide where to go. I can handle the bills and work. Don't tell me what to do."

Loki made a soft, nearly cynical noise, but did not say a word. For some reason, that annoyed Thor. Deciding to freak out his snotty friend, he reached over and jerked the wheel, sending them speeding towards a cliff.

Swearing angrily, the dark haired younger man straightened out the car, punching his now blonde lover over and over as he did so. He had clearly been spooked, judging from the pitch of his voice, so any possible bruises that would show on his arms were decidedly worth it. He did not often get Loki so freaked out that he swore.

"I hate you," Loki told him, making it almost sound as if it were true.

Laughing, Thor punched him just once and assured him, "I love myself enough for both of us."

They were almost there. Thor did not know how he knew, because nothing looked familiar, but he knew they were close. Maybe it was the way that Loki steadily was getting tenser, almost looking like a rubber band stretched too thin. It was then that Thor decided not to goof around anymore. He did not want to be the one to make Loki snap, not like that. Someone else would have to do it, just so Thor could beat the hell out of them.

"If we pull off here and drive half a mile, we'll come to the grave yard, where we had sex the first time," Loki told him, his finger pointed towards a road in Thor's side.

The road was unmarked and no different from half a dozen drive ways they had passed. It would be hard for him to find it later, so if he wanted to revisit to see if he could find that memory again, he would have to make Loki take him. He could not imagine Loki complaining, especially not if he promised to try for a repeat performance.

Finally, they reached the town. The first thing he saw was gas stations and fast food restaurants. Turning off a road into a housing community, Loki had described the place enough times that Thor did not need to hear to know that this was where they had grown up. All of the houses looked the exact same to his eyes, but Loki pointed from one to the next, telling him who had lived there, how long they had been there, and when they had left. It seemed like he knew all of them, and Thor had to wonder, even if he had not lost his memories, would he have even cared enough to know.

When they pulled up at a playground, Thor actually felt something familiar about the place. Waiting for Loki to climb out first, he followed him, walking behind him slowly. He could practically hear the story of how they first met in the air, but Loki chose to remind him of a different time.

A ten year old Troy sat curled up in the tire swing. Most people would not notice him from the road, and some people walking through the park would not notice him at all. He had carefully dressed himself in all black, and it made hiding there a lot easier. He actually was having a good time, play pretending that he had run away from home. He had not really, but sometimes, he really wanted to.

Or so he had told young Nicolas, who was now nervously searching the park, not sure if he would find Troy there or find him at all. Troy could probably see him, probably knew that he was worried, but it took almost twenty minutes before Nicolas found him. Then, the two looked at each other gravely. No one knew why Troy wanted to run, not even Nicolas, but at that moment, he forced him to make a promise.

"If you run away, promise that you will take me with you."

"What if you decide that you don't want to go when I do?"

"Force me to come anyway. I might not be happy at first, but after a few miles, I will be smiling and trying to make you smile as well."

Thor laughed at the memory, pushing Loki playfully. "You were such a needy thing," he teased.

Loki flipped him off before sitting on one of the swings. "You can not even imagine. I once told you that if you left me, I would die on purpose and it would be all your fault. You hit me for that!"

Laughing harder, he stepped up behind Loki and started pushing him on the swing, not rough pushes, but light ones that would help him gain air. The two did not talk, but repeated the motions of playing with adult detachment. Since Thor had done this in the park a few blocks from their home, he was not sure if it was familiar or if he had just done it so many times that anywhere he did it, it would feel familiar.

"You used to say that this was the only thing worth coming back here for," Loki told him, his voice just barely carrying over the distance as he rose up in the air. As he swung back down, he laughed and added, "Until you remembered the graveyard, and then you promised that we'd go back there."

It was hard to say if that made him happy or not, but Thor hugged Loki when the other was in range, pulling him off the swing. Nuzzling his face against the pale neck, he murmured, "We did come back. It just took longer than expected."

For a moment, Loki struggled to support himself so that he would not fall, but then he slouched back against Thor. With a soft sigh, he reached up, wrapping his arms around Thor. Looking forward, his voice was bittersweet as he murmured, "Yeah. We're finally back here."

"Just for a visit," Thor told him, giving him a kiss on the cheek before telling him fall. Loki yelped with surprise as he fell, but Thor did not glance back, running for the car. He did not make it, but he had not expected to. Loki caught him half way there and tackled him to the ground. The dark haired male cursed and punched him, and Thor twisted around so that he could pin Loki to the ground and mock him. Their little spat had them rolling in the dirt, play fighting for a moment. When they straightened, both of them had dirt on their clothes and leaves in their hair.

"Great. Now I look homeless," Loki complained, walking over to the car. Thor lingered for a moment, just to enjoy the view of Loki's hips swaying back and forth. It was a rather beautiful site, and he found no reason to hurry to get it out of his line of vision.

Taking of his jacket to shake it, he followed after his lover, calling playfully, "You know that you love it."

Turning to look back at him, Loki smirked and held his arms out. Once Thor walked between them, he hugged him close and kissed him hard. Thor wrapped his arms around Loki, kissing him back just as hard. There was something that he felt when he held Loki, and no matter how many other people he held against him, kissing deeply and passionately, he had never felt it for any of them but his little reflection.

Breaking the kiss, Loki gave Thor a look that held all sorts of emotions, and he whispered to him, "I don't like looking homeless, because as long as I have you, I have my home."

Thor kissed Loki again and whispered sweetly, "As long as I am alive, I suppose we both have the home where our hearts live."

With a laugh, Loki pushed Thor away before climbing into the driver's seat. Thor walked around to the passenger seat. The two did not talk much as they drove towards the hotel. Loki would occasionally point things out, but Thor found no real interest in any of it. All he could think was that Loki should never look so distraught. It was not obvious, but his lover was paler than usual, occasionally his voice would quiver as he told Thor about a particularly bad incident, but it mostly showed in his eyes,  now the same shade of blue as sadness.

Nothing but him should have caused Loki to look like that. If Loki was sad or happy, it was because Thor willed it to be so. Seeing memories, mere memories leaving his lover distraught had him angry for reasons that no one could understand. By the time they reached the hotel, his answers to Loki were curt and often indifferent.

"You go make sure our room is ready. I'll grab our crap," Thor snapped pensively. Loki nodded, meek and quiet. He knew he had done wrong, but he did not know what, and Thor certainly was not going to give him any pointers in the matter. It was his responsibility to make certain that Thor was happy, not the other way around. If Loki wanted sympathy than he should say it plainly, because Thor did not have the patience for his sniveling, especially not when he could not remember any of it.

Sighing, he leaned back against the car, able to watch Loki through the glass doors. The way Loki conducted himself was with small gestures as he spoke and a smile firmly fixed on his face. He could see the pain, even from a distance, but he did not know what to do. Thor did not like when Loki was upset, because it meant something was more important than the happiness that Thor made Loki feel.

It did not help that he had no idea how to comfort Loki. He could not remember any of it, and he was struggling to remember with no luck. Grabbing their things out of the trunk, he came into the hotel just as Loki was heading back from the receptionist with a key. Spotting Thor, he smiled and turned back towards the elevator.

Knowing the smile was a fake one, Thor only felt himself getting more annoyed. It was unreasonable that Loki could get so depressed over something that happened so long ago. The other could get in fights at home and barely care to remember a few hours later, but here, where nothing good had happened, he was acting like every little thing they went through had been a tragedy. It had been high school. It was not meant to be pleasant. Yes, it was unfair that it had been miserable, but it was not like either of them had a whole lot of control over their lives. There was no point in mourning their childhoods, especially not when they were strong enough to do what was necessary now. Surely, the hell they had gone through helped them keep things in perspective now.

At least, that is what Loki was always saying. Thor knew that he was only happy because he was leading a good life. Sure, neither of them were business CEOs or millionaires. Their work was difficult, starting the day early with construction and then ending late after he had spent hours waiting and dancing at a bar with Loki at the bar serving. It was still fun work, something that both of them could enjoy and do together. They were rarely far apart, and there were many opportunities for them to have fun and get in trouble. There was nothing more that he could ask for.

How could Loki know what they have, but still look back on the past with such sad eyes? It infuriated him beyond belief.

The silence in the elevator was heavy, and Thor could feel Loki draw himself together to break that silence. When Thor cut him a look, he felt the other falter and then fall back into the silence, drawing inside of himself. It did not made him feel bad. Instead, it made him almost want to laugh. Loki may be effected by other things, but in the end, he could get his lover to do anything he wanted with just a look.

The elevator dinged and Thor led the way off. Loki trailed behind, just barely remembering that he had to unlock the door before they reached it. He was quick to slip in front of Thor, and Thor had to wonder how jumpy Loki would be, trying to keep him happy. If it kept up, he would probably have to give the other a downer just to keep him in his skin.

Just letting Loki off the hook and accepting that it was understand able for him to be sad never really occurred to Thor.

"This place looks nice," he murmured, his eyes drifting over the queen sized bed, TV, and dresser. It was nice, but not the nicest he had seen. It was well within their budget, but still comfortable. That seemed like the perfect fit, especially for a weekend that was already destine to be hell for both of them.

A soft laugh drew his attention to Loki. When their eyes met, a real smile appeared on Loki's face as he announced, "Don't worry, heart. I made sure we got a room with a Jacuzzi. I knew that you would not want it any other way."

Dropping their bags onto the bed, Thor walked over, wrapping an arm around Loki's waist and drawing him close. Kissing him chastely, he whispered playfully, "I knew I could count on you to do that right."

Another laugh as Loki kissed him again, and then Thor knew he was the only thing on Loki's mind and that was all that mattered to him. His hands tightened on Loki as he pushed him back against the wall, wanting to take away all of his thoughts and feelings, leaving him trapped in pleasure until he was almost numb.

Loki smiled nervously, fiddling with his watch. It was a cheap one, just a bit of metal bound on leather that he could not figure out if it was real or fake. It felt real, but looked fake. Most of the time, it was the other way around, at least with the things he had bought for himself. Of course, this had been bought at a pawn shop on their way here, a scruffy item that he had wanted the moment he had spotted it. There was no logic in the purchase, but it had been just a dollar, so that was more than enough for him. In the truest sense, it was a bargain: something he did not need, but was such a price that he felt obligated to buy it.

A warm hand touched his shoulder gentle, drawing his attention to Thor. Instantly, he smiled at him, knowing that his smile was strained. It was impossible even imagine an easy smile at the moment. Thor was pissed off at him for reasons that he was not sure of, they were back in the one place that he hated more than anywhere else in the world, and they were getting ready to meet with the people that made him hate everyone in the world except for Thor. It was impossible to even imagine being happy. Anyone that suggested otherwise could have gotten a tongue lashing from Loki.

Of course, Thor would not suggest a damn thing. He would not say a damn thing. He would just look at Loki with those flat, angry eyes, expecting him to stop doing whatever and just follow that silent command to be happy. It was impossible to capture with words exactly how that made Loki feel, but he knew that he was close to blowing a gasket already. The stress was almost too much.

The fact that Thor was switching between leering at him and seducing him did help somewhat, but it seemed that after the seduction's effects wore off and Loki got back to worrying, the anger was intensified, making things that much more miserable for him.

"I hope that things will not be too boring," Thor sighed, his other hand coming up to massage Loki's tense shoulders. It was a rather friendly touch, almost unbelievably so. They had not had much friendly contact since their fight at the park, about five hours ago. Since then, they had stayed in the hotel room, caught somewhere between fucking and fighting for most of the time. It had not been unpleasant, but having his best friend was more important than having his lover. He loved himself enough for both of them, but he could not be his own friend, not all of the time at least.

Nodding, Loki left the watch alone for a moment, stuffing his hands into his pockets. They were both where black slacks and close fitting, handsome sweaters. It was fall, so the sweaters would keep them warm, but also give them a mature look. Loki had carefully selected both, and he was quite satisfied with the way Thor looked. Every time he caught sight of Thor, he knew they both looked delicious.

"It probably will but unless we start a fight, not that I am saying we should," Loki remarked, a soft laugh stating clearly enough that he was not going to complain if they did end up in a fight. In fact, a fight might be just what both of them needed. After the long car ride and the constant tension, a bit of violence might have been therapeutic.

Thor kissed Loki on the cheek before starting towards the door. Over his shoulder, he said, "I have a better idea, if you would care to play along."

Oh the offer to play along certainly had Loki's attention. Like a curious cat, he followed after Thor, pausing just to lock the hotel door behind them. In the elevator, he leaned into Thor, trying to get the answer out of him. Unfortunately, he was distracted by kisses and gentle touches. It took only a few seconds between floors, but Loki still had to straighten his hair and shirt as he followed Thor off of the elevator.

"What do you think of cutting our hair?" Loki asked Thor as he followed him out to the car. The two did all they could to look alike. While they would dye their hair different colors, the two most often went for similarity that was bordering on eerie. This meant that before either of them got a haircut, they discussed it, usually for several hours until they could find a median that both of them would be happy with. Of course, by a median, it was usually what Thor wanted and Loki was happy just to have some sort of change.

Glancing at him, Thor tilted his head and asked him, "What sort of style are you thinking of, love?"

The one word warmed Loki and he impulsively hugged Thor. Tilting his head thoughtfully, he finally answered, "A buzz cut or something short like that. We have always worn our hair fairly long."

He could see confliction on Thor's face. He knew that long hair looked better on both of them, or at least, it looked great on them. They had no "better" to compare it to. Maybe that was what Loki wanted, something to compare their current state of awesome to.

"Why mess with something that works?" Thor asked him, his voice not nearly as condescending as Loki had been expecting it to be. Still, he sounded like he was not going to give into.

Shrugging, Loki walked out after Thor into the night. The air was cool and comfortable against his skin. For a moment, he stood still, and then he walked over to his car. He was surprised when Thor climbed into the driver's side, but he did not say anything, just demurely got into the passenger seat. "I don't know. Change is fun."

"Change is overrated," Thor told him bluntly, as flat a no as he would give. Glancing at Loki, he frowned slightly and told him, "You know, you might want to start asking about my plan. After all, is not it just a five minute drive from here to the school?"

Giving Thor directions, he did not answer at first, but after a moment, he nodded, almost to himself, before asking, "So, do you want to share what your plan is or are you going to keep me guessing through the night, sending me signals with your eyes and expecting me not to miss a cue?"

The moment he saw the smile that appeared on Thor's face, he knew that he had said the wrong thing. Giving Thor an idea like that was like handing a serial killer his weapon of choice and the perfect victim, but then expecting them not to use it.

"Thor, please, don't take that to heart. You know you love doing the mad scientist betraying his whole plot thing," Loki pleaded, his not quite desperate, though it was very close.

Chuckling darkly, Thor shook his head and said, "Oh no. I think that your mind is too brilliant to neglect such a delightful idea."

Loki nearly whimpered, giving up. He knew that giving up would annoy Thor, maybe even prompt him into telling Loki even though he wanted to keep him guessing. Of course, it did not work, but Loki was allowed to hope that it would.

By the time they had pulled up at the school, Thor was more eager to go in than Loki. He hopped out of the car, waiting only a minute before starting in, seeming indifferent that Loki lingered in the car. It took Loki a few minutes before he accepted that waiting in the car was not an option, especially not when Thor had a game that he wanted to play. He was expected to play along, even if he spent most of his time hoping that things were not going to end badly for both of them.

Climbing out of the car, he triple checked that his car was locked up secure. It was painful to admit, but he was more than a little afraid that someone would break into his car or fuck it up. Thor had joked about it a bit, but Loki was sincerely scared of that. The car was practically his baby. He would be an awful father if he let something happen.

A heavy sigh escaped him as he rubbed the roof, as if trying to brace the car for what could happen. He sort of knew nothing would, since he and Thor now were bigger and more intimidating, but he could not help but worry.

Finally, he had composed himself enough to follow Thor in. There were clear signs strung along the high school halls pointing towards the gym, not that Loki would have needed them. He had walked those halls thousands of times, especially at night when there were dances. Before he and Thor were found out, he had gone to every single dance, often sneaking off with one or two girls to learn a bit more than sex ed taught them.

Walking into the gym, he looked at the hundred-odd people gathered there. The majority were white trash, dressed up for one night, intending to lie through their teeth and become more than they really were worth in the eyes of people that did not care. Some of them probably had made it big, in a small town way, but the most had just fallen into the same tracks their parents had walked in. Even if they had not, they were worthy of contempt in Loki's eyes. None of them could possibly have gone as far or seen as much as he and Thor had. It was thanks to them that he had seen so much of the world, but he still felt fine with hating them for everything.

His eyes flicked over everyone with disinterest. He was trying to find one form, a familiar form that he saw in the mirror every single day and in bed every night. Unfortunately, he could not seem to spot his tall, fair, and handsome.

"Nicolas? Nicolas West? Is that you?" a high, feminine voice asked.

Gritting his teeth, Loki forced himself not to cringe at the name. Turning towards the speaker, he flicked his eyes over the big chest, green eyes, and blonde hair without the slightest bit of recognition. She had to have been one of his playmates, but he could not remember her name. Holding out his hand, he told her with a warm smile, "I got by Loki Westheart now."

"Loki, like the dude from marvel? Why?" the girl asked with a laugh. Touching his arm with a warm smile, she told him, "I always thought that Nicolas fit you so well."

Drawing away from her touch, Loki told her coolly, "Loki as in the Norse god, and Nicolas does not work so well with Thor."

Instantly, the smile and laugh disappeared from the busty blonde. She seemed to mentally and physically shift away as she asked, "So you are still with Troy?"

"Thor and happily," Loki told her with a smile that was nearly vicious. He could not remember her name, but he could suddenly remember her breaking down in tears demanding to know how he could pick "some fag" over her. Oh, he could remember that particular conversation quite well, as he told her that Thor sucked cock better than she did. Her face had gotten even paler, and she had avoided him after that. It had been such a good memory for him.

Sniffing disdainfully, the woman crossed her arms under her chest, pressing her breasts together. Looking away from him, she told him, "I don't see how you can stand to be with a guy. It is wrong."

"At least neither of us can get knocked up on accident," Thor's voice cooed. His arm dropped over Loki's shoulders, and he gave Loki a quick kiss on the cheek before looking at the girl and offering his hand. "Thor Westheart. I suffered a head trauma and can not remember shit. Who were you?"

The look of disgust made Loki want to beat the life of the woman, but Thor's hand tightened on his shoulder before he could. The blonde was as condescending as possible as she assured Thor, "I was no one that you needed to know about. I would not want to ruin your happy home."

"So you shagged this one?" Thor asked Loki. He gave the woman a look that was so invasive that she blushed, making Loki struggle not to laugh. The urge to laugh was intensified as Thor shrugged and said, "I can not blame you. Nice tits."

"Yeah, but you know how much of an ass man, I am," Loki said with a laugh. Looking at Thor, rather than the poor woman, he asked, "Don't you think that a good arse is more important than a nice pillow?"

"Depends on what is supporting the pillow," Thor told Loki, his tone almost chiding. Glancing at the girl, he told her, "You really must excuse him. Loki's manners are all kinds of awful at times. It is what happens when one tends bars, I suppose."

"A bar tender? That is all you became?" the blonde demanded, shock obvious in her voice. "Nicolas, you are brilliant. You got top marks and you let this-this-" gesturing to Thor angrily, she snapped finally "moron ruin that?" Glaring at Thor, she demanded, "Do you realize that he could have been the president or have his own company? He could have been the next Steve Jobs."

Loki was held in place only by the light touch to his elbow. Thor's hand had slipped down as the idiot had started to make a scene, and at the end of her tirade, Thor burst out laughing. Looking at Loki, he asked him, "Do you want to be president or maybe Steve Jobs?"

Encouraged by the warmth in Thor's eyes, Loki laughed as well. Shaking his head, he punched Thor on the cheek and told him, "I'd rather live as we are."

"Good enough for you or are you one of those people that thinks money will bring you happiness?" Thor asked the girl, smiling.

Realizing she had made a fool of herself, the blonde huffed and stormed away.

"Hate to admit I don't remember her name, but I remember that ass," Loki told Thor, nodding as both of them watched the hips move beneath the soft fabric of her dress.

Thor chuckled and rubbed Loki's arm comfortingly. "I can not remember any of their names."

"I thought that I would remember names at least," Loki complained with a frown. His eyes flicked around the room and a few names came to mind, but for the most part, his mind came up with pet names and petty insults that he had always called them in the back of his mind. It was rather depressing to realize how unimportant each and every one of them had been.

Letting go of Loki, Thor told him, "Well, I need at least one name. Who was the guy that gave us the most shit?"

Without even thinking about it, Loki answered, "That would be one Marcus O'Connor. Red hair, Irish decent, and convinced he was a gift to women."

Thor chuckled darkly and put his hands on Loki's shoulders. Gently pushing him forward, he gave Loki a very simply command, "Find him, and if he is not here, find another one of the bastards. We're going to have a bit of fun."

"Anything for you."

Looking around, he searched for redheads, which was relatively easy. There had been two in their grade, and both of them had shown up. A few people had dyed reds, but the unique copper of a natural redhead stood out to Loki, and he soon found himself walking towards and form that was almost familiar.

"Marcus, is that you?" Loki called in greeting, heading towards the refreshment table where Marcus was lingering.

He could remember the years that they had been friends. He would hug Marcus in greeting from behind, maybe even bite him if he was feeling childish. The other would always laugh and push him back. Once Loki and Thor were caught together, he had riled violently, protesting a bit too loud to make his past with Loki seem small. Even now, Loki could remember how offended he had felt. It had not hurt him, not as much as it might have, but it did annoy him. Nothing that Marcus did or said to him could change the fact that they had once been very close friends, but he certainly wanted to try. It had been Thor's idea to fuck on the guy's car before they had left town. He could still remember the look of shock on his face when he had seen the two of them. Of course, Loki had protested and fought Thor, not wanting to do it, not until they were actually there, and then he had enjoyed it more than he probably should have.

Marcus turned to look at Loki. He had not yet reached the point where he would start falling apart, turning into an ugly country bumpkin. He still was toned, probably still went jogging and hit the gym twice a week. There were different scars on his hands, the kind that showed he had worked and worked hard for some time already. His blue eyes were much more mature, but the freckles that splattered his cheeks was still so adorably boyish. Loki could not help wondering if he would have fallen for Marcus if it had not been for Thor.

As soon as their eyes met, there were conflicted feelings in Marcus's eyes. Extending hand, he greeted Loki wearily, "Nicolas West. It is good to see you after so long."

"Yeah. It has been forever. What are you doing?" Loki asked, pouring himself some punch. Sipping it lightly, he tilted his head and added, "You look like the years have been treating you good."

Seeming to accept that Loki was letting the past rest, Marcus sipped his own punch and answered, "I work at the factory like my old man. College sort of fell through after a year, but I might be going back at the end of this year. How about you?"

"I am in construction out in Bayfield, but I do bartending at night to make ends meet," Loki answered, taking another sip. "I actually changed my name after leaving here."

"Ah, what to?" Marcus asked.

The two of them talked, their words casual and almost the words of strangers. Neither of them were eager to do more than catch up, but neither brought up the past. They knew that it would start a fight, and Loki honestly did not want to even catch up with the boorish reminder of an unpleasant past. It made him feel angry and said. He wanted to demand what had been so wrong about finding happiness with someone of the same sex. It was not like they had asked Marcus to join in. It had not effected him, and he had never been homophobic before that. In fact, Loki could clearly remember how indifferent Marcus had been, not even bothering to go along with the gay bashing that the other guys had done.

"Marcus O'Connor? Holy shit it is weird to see you after the years," Thor declared as he suddenly approached. His hair was a bit ruffled and there was some lipstick on him, a clear sign that he had done a little more than share a friendly kiss with someone. When Loki gave him a curious look, he shrugged.

"Troy," Marcus said, his tone so cold that it was nearly icy. His eyes flicked over Thor and then flicked to Loki, not missing how similar they were dressed and the identical hair style. His frown became more apparent as he observed, "You two are together still."

"Well, since we were moving to the same area, it seemed convenient," Thor said with a shrug and half of a smile on his perfect lips.

Nodding, Marcus remarked, "I heard you got in a car accident and that is how you got shipped to Bayfield."

"Is that what happened?" Thor asked Loki, his eyes widening with a mix of surprise and curiosity. Loki nodded, feeling very, very numb at the memory. It was not something they had discussed. Thor had never asked, and Loki had been too bothered by the memory to address it as anything but "the accident." Looking at Marcus again, Thor grinned and confessed, "I don't remember it. All I remember is waking up in a hospital with Loki tearfully begging me to get better."

Marcus nodded once again, his mouth seeming firmly closed.

Looking around, Thor sighed, "This place is so boring. I thought that people would take a leaf from our high school years and draw up some kind of drama. Loki made high school sound so fun, you know?"

Loki cut Thor a glare and clarified pointedly, "I never once said it was fun. I said that it was interesting."

"Fine, but a bit of interest still would not be undo," Thor replied, his tone childishly snotty. Looking at Marcus, he asked him with a grin, "What do you think? Having any fun with the stiffs?"

Marcus actually chuckled at that one and shook his head no. "This place just reminds me how much I hated high school. God, I can not believe there are days when I missed it."

"I never did," Loki said with a soft laugh. "I mean, bills suck, but I would rather go without eating than come back here. At least when I am mixing a man his drink, he does not tell me exactly how to do it. He trusts me to get it right."

"Or when you're doing the same thing day after day, your boss does not tell you how to do it over and over, as if you're stupid," Marcus muttered in tired agreement.

"I dance on a bar. I still get told how to do it right," Thor declared, his tone so happy and cheerful that Loki could not stop himself from laughing. Marcus's expression grew dark once again.

Seeing that darkness, Thor glanced at Loki, and instantly he knew what he had to do. "Mentioning mixing drinks, anyone want to go find something to mix? I am feeling like a workaholic today."

Thor chuckled and punched Loki's shoulder as he said, "Holic of some sort, but I think there is more alcohol and less work in that mix."

"Maybe, but you like my drinks, so fuck off," Loki said with a laugh. Looking at Marcus, he asked, "Wanna come? I bet I can mix a dozen different drinks with names that you can not pronounce."

"Before or after he had tasted them?" Thor asked with a chuckle. Loki just grinned, waiting.

Casting a glance around the party, it took a moment, but finally, Marcus agreed. Directly to Loki, he said, "If you want to go drink, I can show you where the liquor store is. They moved after you left."

"Lead the way then," Loki trilled, slinging his arm around Marcus's shoulders in a friendly manner. When Marcus glanced over at him with the beginnings of a grin, he was flashed back to a different time and a different place. Before the memories could actually bother him, he pushed them down brutally and lead the way towards the front door, marching eagerly. He did not want to think, especially not with the company he was keeping tonight. Thor and Marcus had always fought, and he did not want to risk the one thing Thor remembering be that Loki had once been infatuated with Marcus. It was not any more serious than the passing infatuations he had with each of the toys he shared with Thor, but it had still existed, and back in the day, it had caused him and Thor to end up in rows more than once.
Here is my NaNoWriMo results.
This is unedited. Therefore, there will be numerous mistakes. Do not bother pointing them out to me. I have no intentions of editing this steaming pile of waste. :)

Initially, this was just me practicing writing erotica. Thor and Loki's lives to primarily revolve around sex. About halfway through, I realize how much more I could do with it. There are many details to their lives and their mindsets that would be absolutely brilliant to explore. Additionally, I had no outline, so it was unorganized. This frustrates me beyond belief.

For those reasons, I am going to wait until I am finished with MPiH before redoing this, and when I redo this, I will be starting from scratch. This is basically just a brainstorm/brain fart on my part. Please do not take this seriously.

Their relationship is neither normal nor healthy. Don't whine to me if you don't like it.
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