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Looking around himself, Thor wondered if he had gotten all of them. Now, above each mirror, was a small camera. They were connected wirelessly to his laptop, where, at the slightest movement, a video feed would be recorded. Since Thor spent more of his time working than Loki did, he did not have as much time for fun. Loki worked the construction site every other day, mostly because that was all he was needed. Some weeks he worked more, but it was more likely that he would work less. Because of this, he often went to clubs and brought someone home early, filling his vacant hours with passing amusement. Finally, Thor would be able to enjoy more than Loki's ecstatic purrs as he described it.

Of course, he did not dare tell Loki. He could never be sure how his lover would respond to knowing that he was being recorded. While he was fairly certain that Loki would love it, thrilled at the attention, he knew that Loki was prone to bouts of spitefulness. He might get angry just because Thor did not ask him first. It would be senseless to let Loki rip out all of the cameras in a fit of petty nonsense, because he would soon enough agree to it and ask Thor to reinstall them. It would be a waste of money and time.

The thought that he could have asked Loki beforehand never occurred to him, and probably never would.

Smiling to himself, Thor decided that even if all of the mirrors were not covered, enough were that he could rest easy. All he would have to do is wait and soon he would see how his lover spent his days. The idea was enthralling. The two were never close enough during the days, and it killed him a little bit. Of course, they had no choice, but to be busy, but that did not mean that he had to enjoy it. In fact, it made him miserable, and he would prefer that over becoming indifferent towards Loki. If that were to ever happen, their relationship would be damned, because Thor would not bore himself. Even if he could only find beauty in the  mirror, he would rather that than to look at himself with anything less than total adoration. Perfection was his reflection. Distance was destruction. The distance that was necessary for them to survive could tear them apart. This could make Loki boring his eyes, and when he looked at Loki and saw his face, he might even question himself. He would not let anything come between him and his beautiful self, not even the only person that he had ever loved.

Going to where he had the laptop stored, he clicked through, checking the multiple angles. It had cost an arm and a leg, been a major investment, and would probably need more money to be maintained, but he could already see how it would be worth it. Watching the reflection of the two of them was erotic. Watching video from dozens of angles, picking and choosing the moments to linger on, it would be a treat that he would greedily refuse to share with Loki.

Just as he closed the laptop, he heard the front door open. Sliding the laptop into its hidden place beneath the rack of shoes in their closet, he stood and stretched, making a happy noise in the back of his throat. This had been a good day. Unlike the usual listless boredom that infused him when he got sent home early, he had a goal and he had gone through with it. Now, the rewards would come pouring in given the right amount of time. Now, he just had to keep Loki from noticing anything had changed, which should be easy. His lover had a rather one tracked mind.

"Thor? Are you here? I saw your car in the garage," Loki called, the sound of things hitting the floor matching his footsteps.

"In our room," Thor replied, his voice not quite as loud. Heading for the living room, he paused to watch as Loki perched on their coffee table, carefully working the slush covered laces. There was a mix of disgust and concentration on his face that made Thor smile. The same look was universal when dealing with nasty laces, but seeing it on his own face made it special. That was what made them special

With a happy sigh, he walked out and wrapped his arms around Loki's shoulders. Affectionately, he kissed him on the cheek, a gesture that was almost brotherly, before reaching down to help him. The late snow in March was more miserable than the mountains that they had seen during January. Thor did not mind the snow, but as it began melting, he loathed it bitterly. It was always a bit surprising to him that he could love something almost as much as he hated it. Of course, the one time he had mentioned it to Loki, his lover had only grinned and assured him, 'You like it when it is new. When you're sick of it, you don't bother to dislike it. You go straight to hating it.' That had lead to a rather interesting train of thought: would he simply go from adoring Loki to despising him with no in-between? Would either of them be able to handle that?

"I missed you today," Thor informed him as the laces finally came undone. Helping Loki push them off his sodden feet, he kissed his neck and added, "It was only a little past eight when I got back, but you were already gone. Why?"

Loki turned to kiss him back as he tossed his shoe over to the pile. There was a smile on Loki's face as their eyes met, and his voice was duly apologetic as he answered, "I got a call from Vanity. She and Pride wanted me to come with them to a saloon. After that, I went shopping. You should have called me. I would have rushed straight home to entertain you."

Chuckling, Thor kissed Loki again, waiting until the other had shifted to help him undo the laces again. "That is fine," he assured him sweetly. "I found things to do around the house. Did you have fun shopping?"

"I hate shopping, but at least it is done," Loki answered, his tone chipper. Tossing his shoe again, he turned and drew Thor down into his lap. Kissing him once, he nuzzled his neck before asking, "How did you entertain yourself? Am I going to walk into the bedroom to find a hot little piece?"

Smirking at the thought, Thor slung an arm around Loki's shoulders to keep himself securely in place. "Would you be angry or want to share?"

"Share, probably, as long as they are hot. I don't play with ugly toys," Loki answered, giving Thor an Eskimo kiss. His hands were light on Thor's hip, a sign that he expected him to take offense to that and push away.

It was a good tactic, Thor decided, because Loki obviously knew him well enough to trust that if he made it obvious what he was expecting, Thor would not do it. The fact that Loki trusted him to obey so willingly was more than a little annoying, so he decided to go with his first impulse, rather than try to spite the little fuck.

Pushing away, he rose to his feet and observed, "And you think that I would?"

A smile flickered over Loki's face, but Thor barely noticed it before he managed to hide it. The other stood up, reaching for him, and of course he stepped back, away. Trying to sound pleading, Loki murmured, "Come on, Thor. You know I did not mean it like that."

"Oh? How did you mean it then?" Thor demanded, crossing his arms over his chest. Ah, there was such fun in fighting with Loki, especially since it was not really a fight. Thor had tried dating once or twice before, but the results were always the same: a headache and a new found contempt for all the lesser beings. He was perfect, so why should he settle for anything else? The fact that some of his exes had expected him to do so was downright insulting. It was no surprise when he always ended up with the same set of beautiful blue eyes.

There was mirth in those eyes, but it was hidden elsewhere. Loki's voice even edged on panic as he assured Thor, "I did not mean anything concerning your taste. You are just more tolerant of differences. My hot is different from yours."

"Is it now?"

A theatrical cringe and Loki took a step towards him again, reaching for him. "Come on, Thor. Not like that. You are okay with shorter people, but I am not overly fond of them. That is not hot to me, but it is to you. That is how I meant it."

"Oh no, you called them ugly. Now, how exactly did you mean that?" Thor asked coolly, once again keeping out of Loki's range. This was getting fun. Maybe he could bring the young man to tears. Loki was good at acting, so he was certain that the other could burst into tears on command. The thoughts of their little game made him completely forget about the cameras all around the room, all surely recording very motion they made.

The way Loki bit his lip and wrapped his arms around himself made him seem vulnerable. Blinking slowly, he whispered, "I did not mean it like that. I spoke thoughtlessly. I just meant that what we find attractive is different."

As Thor reached towards him, stepping closer, the flinch was real. Loki was not stupid. He knew that if they were having a fake fight, that did not mean the hits would be fake. In fact, Thor viewed that as motivation to make them real. This time, however, he cause Loki's chin gently and turned them towards the nearest mirror. Their eyes met in the reflection and he kissed Loki's cheek softly before whispering in his ear, "Is it really?"

Tears glittered in Loki's eyes, threatening to fall over, but the three words pacified him. Hungrily, he eyed himself, reaching out to touch his reflection's cheek. Impatiently, he turned and kissed Thor hard, his arms sliding around Thor's waist. Just like that, the game was ended. Maybe they would pick it up again later, but for now, Thor contented himself with wrapping his arms around Loki's neck and kissing him hard. It was not often that he got to run his hands through Loki's hair while they kissed, and he had to admire how soft it really was. His lover took such good care of both of them. It was sweet.

"I love me," Loki murmured against Thor's lips, his hands sliding from his lower back downward. Thor shifted against him when he felt the hands caress his arse.

Smirking despite himself, he tilted his head to kiss Loki more deeply. Softly, he whispered back, "I love me too."

Without warning, he pushed Loki away, turning to head into their bedroom. While the livingroom was fine and dandy, their poor bed surely felt neglected, and he had installed a new mirror that he wanted Loki to see. As soon as they were through the door, Thor flopped down onto the bed. Arching his hips, he began to get his pants off, letting Loki watch him. Normally, they traded places with the stripping and watching, but Thor was not much in the mood for more games.

"You sure are in a good mood," Loki remarked from his position, leaned back against the door. Thor rolled his eyes and pointed up. Gullible could have been written on the ceiling and that would have been fitting, but obediently, Loki looked up. Instantly, his expression brightened, going from surprised to pleased to suddenly very eager. When the blue eyes returned to him, Thor could see that lust boiled inside of them. The same expression was mirror on his face, a reflection that came from matching desire. The darkness inside of both of them suddenly wanted an outlet, and neither of the two would ever complain about that.

"You going to keep talking or come over here and entertain me?" Thor asked. Sighing, he leaned back and remarked idly, "I don't really need you to entertain me anymore." His eyes moved to the mirror pointedly as he slid his hands down his body, pushing up his own shirt and getting his pants down farther. Watching himself, he felt the dual spark of arousal from feel and sight. Some might believe that nothing was more satisfying than sex, but he would have to argue that. Seeing himself was the best part.

From the doorway, he heard Loki draw in a sharp breath. Grinning, he wondered, for the first time in his life, if that was true. He certainly preferred touching himself over fucking around with a stranger, but there was something undeniably more interesting about being with Loki. Was it simply that the other could be a second him or was it the emotional connection they shared? Deciding that there would be a better time to consider it, he moaned pointedly as he slid his hand down his own cock, caressing himself.

"Loki, it is lonely," Thor called coaxingly. In the back of his mind, he remembered the countless times he had gotten Loki to do much the same. It was even more arousing to listen to the seductive pleas and watch Loki prepare himself. It was not quite as good as sex with a stranger, since there was something better about being a part of the play, but watching Loki touch himself was just as good as making out with a stranger. The different levels of arousal were fun to contemplate, but he was getting impatient with his mind and quick to brush the thoughts off, tightening his hand lightly and moaning softly.

When the bed sank down beneath Loki's weight, he found himself grinning.

Finally, finally, finally it made sense why Thor always had him do it. Loki had no delusions about his lover. He was a bloody pervert, but a brilliant one. They loved each other for their appearance. That much was a given. They loved themselves even more than each other. That was how their relationship never fell apart. They both enjoyed watching themselves. That was why they had all of the mirrors everywhere. However, the mirrors could only show so many angles. Having a full view of what it looked like made blood rush to Loki's cock. He may have wanted to make his lover wait, but he could not bring himself to, not just then.

Undoing his belt and fly as he walked over to the bed, he landed knees first and took off his top. Crawling over to Thor, he leaned down to press his lips against Thor's. One hand cupped his cheek while the other roamed down his chest. Deciding to play a more demanding role, Loki bit his lower lip roughly. Thor accepted the abuse, his hands wrapping around Loki's shoulders to keep him close. It was not often that Thor was submissive, so Loki wasted no time in taking advantage of that. His hands were nearly bruising as he grabbed Thor's wrists and pinned them to the bed. Shifting, he moved between Thor's legs, kneeling over him to not break the kiss. He wished, for possibly the first time in their lives, that he had some rope just to secure Thor's wrists. Biting down harder on Thor's lower lip, he released one wrist so that he could continue to explore his body with his hands. The hard, muscular form was as familiar as his own, but that did not make the experience any less thrilling. To touch without being touched was a thrill that so few could understand.

As his hand slid lower, he felt Thor tense expectantly, wanting attention paid to his cock, but his arrogant attitude earlier made Loki want to play with him. Instead, his hand slid to the hip bone, obvious through his skin. Tracing along it, he broke the kiss to move his attention lower, to the elegant neck. Nipping, nibbling, and kissing, he tasted the flesh of her lover greedily. Their bodies were made for each other, and he loved the fact that the taste of sweat and skin was as good as aphrodisiac for him. Nothing was more arousing than a mirror, but Thor came so very close.

No sound escaped Thor, but Loki knew he was enjoying it, the attention paid to his neck and the soft caress at his hip. He was the only one allowed to dominate Thor, because Thor trusted him, but even he was not trusted enough to easily hear those sweet sounds. Thor was still guarded, even if he could never remember why he was.

"Fuck," Thor hissed as Loki drew his nails roughly along the pelvis bone. The light scratching was one of the few sadistic things Thor enjoyed being done to him. He was a hell of a sadist, but not much of a masochist. Loki knew he was lucky to be both. Then again, there was not much that he did not enjoy, as long as Thor was the one doing it to him. The thrill of seeing him hurt himself, but not really was intoxicating.

Caught with the mental image of dripping wax onto Thor in his mind, he bit down harder, wishing that the other was more tolerant, but still grateful that he was not. Their relationship was a careful balance, and Loki knew that he could never be the one in control of both of them. The one time he had tried, it had ended badly and bloodily. With the older male in charge, he could follow blithely, and anything he suffered would just become a testament to how much he truly adored himself. Walked through fire for himself was almost as enjoyable as rolling in the sack with a stranger. The romance just compelled and controlled him.

His fingers traced along the scratch, touching the already rising edges. There was something painful about prodding the wound that he knew Thor would enjoy. Once more at his hip, he traced the bone behind, caressing the smooth, firm flesh of Thor's ass. The other may not have worked out as much as Loki did, but his work at the construction site kept him in the same shape: perfect.

"Shall I fuck around until you moan or do you want some satisfaction, dear friend?" Loki asked, amazing himself with his voice. Somehow, he was not husky, but completely conversational. His mind was caught in a swirl of desire, and he sounded as if they were sitting on a park bench, chatting idly. He had never been able to do it before, and to reward himself for the control, he bit down on the delicate clavicle.

Thor glared down at Loki and snarled, "You do it and I'll shave your head bald. Fuck me or let me fuck you. No games."

"No games?" he repeated, his tone faintly surprised. The hand that had one wrist caught the other so that both of them were pinned about Thor's head. Kissing him again, almost lightly, Loki traced his hand back up Thor's body, touching the abs with admiration and affection. He loved the sculpted body and was glad both of them agreed on being muscular. Being slender and delicate as a teenager had been fun, and it still had its perks, but there was something undeniably delicious about kissing down a set of abs. Looking at Thor with a half smile, he cooed, "I don't think that you have much choice this time around, dear brother."

Huffing, Thor arched up against Loki, managing to grind his ass against Loki's crouch as he whimpered, "It is so wrong to call me that right now."

Laughing, Loki kissed him again and asked in a tone laced with laughter, "When have we ever done anything that is not wrong, Thor? You were the one that named us after brother gods, so it is your fault in the end."

"Fuck, just fucking do something," Thor demanded. He did not get whiny and pleading like Loki did. He steadily got rougher, not struggling to get free, but using his legs to pressed Loki to him, demanding something more than just the teasing affection. It made Loki wonder how he could stand to tease him for hours, when all he seemed to be after was the satisfaction of finishing.

It would have been easy to continue teasing Thor, kissing him and whispering taunting nothings, knowing that he could not do anything, but Loki was a kinder spirit. He always had been.

Kissing him one last time, he kept this kiss soft as his free hand returned, once more, to Thor's wrists. Slowly, he began to brush his lips along Thor's cheekbone, following the shape of his face down to his neck. Knowing Thor had a sweet spot behind his ear, he flicked his tongue over it, listening to the shuddered breath with satisfaction. Moving downward steadily, he kissed every bit of skin that he could, pausing only to use his teeth or tongue. Since he was not allowed to leave a mark, he could never bite as hard as he wanted to or suck as long as he wanted to, but just tasting and touching was enough. Thor paid attention to his chest, but Loki preferred his abs, touching them with adoration and tracing the lines with his tongue and kissing them lovingly.

"Loki," Thor said, his tone warning. He was not enjoying the slow, loving attention. Though his body reacted, he demanded more, and Loki knew that if he kept waiting, he would lose the chance, and it was not every day Thor let him top.

Sighing mockingly, Loki gave up his fixation and continued downward. His hands had remained on Thor's, dragging them down as he had shifted. As he nibbled at Thor's happy trail, he released his hands, trusting the other to behave himself. It was not a smart choice, but it was a natural one for him. His hands retraced where his lips touched from his neck down his body. Finally, his hands settled on Thor's hips, and he sat back to look at Thor.

Obviously aroused and looking surprisingly mused, a few strands of his hair were plastered to his cheek. There was an obvious flush to his cheeks, and his eyes were half glazed. His teeth worried his lower lip. There were slick marks down his body and faintly pink spots where Loki had lingered a moment too long. He had never appeared so soft, so pliable before. It struck Loki as a sign of how far their relationship had come. Thor was finally able to relax and trust him fully. A devilish smirk appeared as he decided to reward Thor for that trust. Such a switch in roles would not mark a change in their relationship, and he knew it, but he would let himself enjoy it as if this were the first step in their lifetime together.

Brushing another kiss to the hard abs, he kept his eyes on Thor's face as he leaned down to trace his tongue along Thor's cock. Every time he did this, he learned just how to do it right. Tracing the veins, he watched the bright lust. Twisting his tongue around the tip, he listened to the rush of breath, not what he wanted, but close enough that he did not care. Kissing the head, he parted his lips to draw the length into his mouth. Sucking lightly, he traced patterns on the tip, not lowering any more. One hand dipped beneath the bed to find the bottle of lube they always kept there. He had to wonder how many partners had lube stored in eight different place just out of sheer laziness.

Pouring the cool liquid onto his palm and over his fingers, he waited for it to get a little warmer, but not quite body temperature. Pushing his fingers into Thor's arse, he listened to the bitten off sound, somewhere between a whimper and a groan. Since he only bottomed once every six months usually, each time was rough on him. Loki sometimes suspected that it was because he did have more masochistic tendencies than he was comfortable with admitting to.

The tightness around his intruding digits made him moan around Thor's cock, slowly lowering his head. He knew this was much like working a virgin, so rather than be rough, he paid attention to his cock, sucking and tracing patterns while he carefully worked the two fingers, spreading and adjusting Thor. He waited until he felt Thor on the edge of cuming before spreading his fingers, scissoring them slowly. The sound that escaped Thor said that he was jerked roughly back from his orgasm and did not appreciate it. Loki swallowed hard then, applying pressure as an apology, but also to keep himself from chuckling. Just because things had gotten this far did not mean Thor would not suddenly change his mind and fuck him dry. The thought had some appeal, but fucking someone other than a stranger was far more appealing.

When he felt Thor relaxing again, he added a third and forth digit. Working slowly, he was generous with the lubricant. It was the best that he could do, which was said a lot about his self control as his own erection rubbed uncomfortable against the front of his jeans. Seeing and hearing Thor make soft sounds and act submissive was well worth it though, so he was not going to complain, at least not until they were curled up together after. Then he could ruin the sweet afterglow by being tactless and cruel.

"Fuck, that is enough. Just hurry up," Thor demanded, his voice rough. It was obvious that the pleasure outweighed the pain, but did not erase it. Loki could not help smirking. Thor had put him through things that were monstrous before. All was fair in love and war when his ass had been torn open and beaten to a pulp.

Removing his fingers, he sat back to undo his pants, reaching in his back pocket to snag a condom. Though they had been together for so very, very long, they still used protection most of the time. Since Loki had been sleeping around, he was not keen on doing anything without it until after he had gotten checked. Of course, he took protective measures with his flings, but Thor was worth more concern than that. As much as he wanted to ride his sweet ass raw, he knew the risks and his reflection was too lovely to be risked, even if he faded and fell apart. If he had something beautiful to remind him of himself, it would be fine.

"Quit fucking thinking and just fuck me!" Thor snapped abruptly, shaking Loki out of his mind.

The fairer of the two smiled, stripping off his shirt before slathering his cock with lube. His fingers traced over the hot skin, touching himself as his eyes found one of the mirrors. Topping did not give him as much time to watch, but he had to say it was an even trade off to see Thor so adorably wanton. Spreading his legs, he aligned himself with the hole and slowly pushed it. Getting past the head made it easier pushing, but he felt Thor tense around him and he kept moving slowly, not wanting to hurt him. His hands went from Thor's thighs, keeping them spread, to his cock. One hand slid along his length while the other caressed his balls, watching his face for signs of him relaxing.

Despite the tension, his eyes were open, facing the mirror. There was rapture there, and Loki knew that it was a natural reaction to tense at the pain, not Thor rejecting him. The other was so caught up in their reflection that Loki wondered if he was even aware of the physical aspect. Eyes may have been the portal to the soul, but they were so very much more to Thor. They were what led to everything.

"You ready?" Loki asked, hearing the husky, wanting edge in his voice.

Thor's gaze flickered to his face, golden eyes hazy with lust. A smile flickered over his lips. Reaching up, he caught Loki behind the neck and drew him down. Kissing him roughly, he whispered against his lips, "Fuck me like you mean it and I mean nothing to you."

Chuckling, Loki wondered if he could even physically do that. He loved himself too much to be cruel to his reflection. Kissing him back, he drew back and thrust back in, slower than he could have been, but fast enough that Thor would not start complaining. Drawing back again, he repeated. His hands returned to Thor's hips, tilting them up so that he could get a better angle. Picking up speed, he felt Thor moving with him, taking him farther in. The elegant hands of his lover closed over his cock, and he watched with relish as Thor jacked himself off to the same pace as his thrusts. The two of them moved quickly together, moans and ragged breathing filling the air.

Abruptly, the hazy lust in Thor's eyes shifted to something else, something clearer. Arching his back to take Loki farther in, he began whispering, his voice as lewd as his words. "Yeah, fuck me hard. Push it in all the way. Screw me like a fucking whore. God, I can feel you so deep. Pound into me. Make me scream. Come on, fuck me faster. Harder."

His words continued, tumbling out without any embarrassment, and Loki listened to him with pleasure, following the commands to go faster and harder. Soon, he was gyrating his hips forward as fast as he could, listening to the gasping and demanding voice with pleasure. Grunting and shifting so that Thor's legs were higher and he could get more leverage, he pushed in harder. His lover's voice rose loudly as he cried for more, more, more, just there, right there, yes, yes, yes. He felt the lithe body tighten around him as he continued thrusting even as Thor cam, ejaculating all over himself, the angle spraying his seed over his own chest and belly.

With a final, nearly tired gasp of "Fuck," Thor slouched back, just as Loki reached his own climax. His body continued to move, even as his orgasm poured into the latex. As he finished, he pulled out and flopped down next to Thor, oddly tired. He had ridden Thor before and not felt so worn, but he decided that he was too well sated to complain. At least, he thought he was until he felt Thor roll on top of him.

The clever lips traced along his neck, nibbling lightly while fingers traced down his back and along his sides before pushing his pants down and forcing them completely off of him. He felt his body reacting, not quick as eagerly from being sated, but unable to resist the cover fingers as they brushed just so over each of his sweet spots. He felt Thor push his legs apart and sit back. Gently hands urged him to sit up as well, and obediently, he settled back on his lap. The hand slid from his sides to his chest, caressing his skin before twisting around his nipples. Just as he pinched harshly, his teeth closed on the other's neck roughly, and Loki felt himself moan. His body came to life at the sweet, sweet pain. It was just right, and he could not bring himself to resist.

Turning his head, his hands found Thor's hair, pulling lightly so that he would look up. Roughly, he kissed him, grinding back against him. Thor's body was already responding, his cock half hard. Grinning to himself, his let his hands reach down, caressing Thor's sides as Thor continued to caress his stomach and chest. Seeming to take a note from Loki's book, he focused on his abs, finding sensitive spots that left Loki torn between giggling and gasping with arousal. The touches did not compare to the pleasure he felt as he gazed at the mirror. He could see Thor's face buried against his neck, his hands working over his skin at tentatively, and his body reacting hungrily. Already, he was half hard and as Thor bit down harshly once again, the blood rushed to his cock. His skin was flushed, speckled with sweat from before, but far from tired. A day of shopping was not enough to wear him down too much for a second round.

Suddenly, he caught the golden gaze in the mirror. Thor was gazing at their reflection and at his face. There was something predatory about the look in his eyes, and Loki felt himself shiver slightly at it. As Thor bit down hard enough to break the skin, a single word seemed to hang in the air between them.


Thor could declare it with just one touch, one gesture, one kiss, or, in this case, one look. He could claim someone new or remind Loki that he was just a possession with easy and absolute confidence. That ease in each he claimed him declared, reminding him pointedly, "I could love myself more until there was no room left in my heart. I could touch myself before I touch him and satisfy myself with my reflection. None of that changed anything. No matter how much I loved myself, I would always belong to him. I was his, an object that he could use...and I would never complain.

Moaning, Loki ground back against him, suddenly wanting more. The way he eye fucked him, his eyes everywhere that his hands could not be, left Loki hot. It was insanity that boiled in his veins, and when Thor pushed him forward, he went to his elbows and knees willingly, his ass in the air as an offer. He was not nearly as delicate. Taking just enough time to find a condom, he roughly prepared Loki's ass with two fingers, pushing in deep and spreading him wide. Loki gasped and moaned desperately, pushing back against the rough force, wanting more than he gave, wanting as much as his body could take.

Thor, however, had never been keen on giving into demands, and as soon as Loki began to move back against him, he removed his fingers. He left him there, with his ass in the air, desperate for some sort of stimulation, for so long that Loki began to wonder if this was a new form of torture. Then, with warning, his ass split Loki's cheeks and roughly pushed inside. With a startled gasp, Loki felt his face pressed into the mattress, Thor's hand pressing him down for a good angle. He pushed back, despite the pressure the angle put on his shoulders. He could not speak, but his body demanded more, more, more so eagerly, and Thor was just as eager to give it.

Within moments, they were both coming again. Loki's second load joined the first, not making a mess, but Thor pulled out and removed to condom just so that he could spray Loki with his seed. It was demeaning, in a way, but at the same time, Loki found that he could not complain. When he turned back to look at Thor, he felt himself smirking. Thor always thought that he won these games, getting the last fuck, but Loki loved giving more than taking. He, after all, was a greedy bastard when it came to coming.

Sitting up, he pressed himself against Thor and kissed him gently, lovingly. Drawing back, he glanced at his watch, now the only thing he had left on. Kissing Thor again, he murmured, "Thirty minutes until we have to go to work. I am going to shower."

"I'll join you if you promise to behave," Thor offered, knowing that Loki was going to say the same. The two smiled at each other, a look that was oddly loving for them, before standing up and heading towards their bathroom.

As soon as they were both cleaned and dressed again, Loki pulled the blankets off of the bed. It was always Thor's choice to fuck on the bed. He preferred doing it on the counters. At least then it was easier to clean up. Of course, Thor always managed to weasel his way out of cleaning, so it was no wonder that he did not give a rat's hairy ass about it. Even if Loki asked for help, he would just grin impishly and ask him if he was sure. Maybe Loki was too willing to coddle him, but he could not get the mental image of their apartment flooding with suds out of his head.

Work that evening was slow. Thor danced and cleaned up tables. Loki served at the bar. The two spent their break together on the dance floor, laughing and flirting with everyone but each other. For the evening, they silently agreed to be friends, not lovers. It was fun game to play, but more complex by far. Neither of them were quite sure how this game had started, but they would go back to being just friends, patting each other roughly on the back, punching each other's shoulders, and not even feeling slightly interested in what the other was doing as long as they had someone to occupy their mind. It was an effective way to lure in a new toy or even a friend. After all, having a few friends that they could toy with was always great fun for the two.

By the time they were back to work, both had the chance to make conquests, and in quiet voices, they discussed what they would do. Loki was surprised when Thor offered to let him have the apartment. Usually, Loki was the one to go home with strangers when both of them wanted a new taste. The offer made him smile, and he nodded, agreeing to the offer. If Thor wanted to go out, he was not going to argue. Their apartment had the mirrors, and watching himself was what it was all about.

After work, the cute guy he had met before approached him. He was shy and sweet, not sure if Loki's offer had been serious. To assure him that it was, the man christened for the god of mischief kissed him. Before long, they were back at the apartment, exploring each other eagerly. Loki saw someone that was handsome, but not perfect, not what he would want tomorrow. That was fine by him. He had never met anyone other than Thor that he did.

For well over an hour, they fondled each other on the couch. Growing bored with his taste already, Loki pushed the male off of him. Walking towards the bedroom, he glanced back to wink. There were not any blankets on the bed, but he did not mind, falling back on it. Rolling onto his side, he fished the lube and condoms out of the night stand. Placing them on the bed, he rolled onto his back again and looked at the male. Smirking, he asked him silently how daring he was. The brunette stranger with amber eyes flushed before smiling timidly and approaching. Kissing Loki, he pushed him back onto his back, straddling him. The young man kissed down his neck, mouthing his skin through his clothes, and working his way lower. Undoing Loki's pants, he stroked the half erect cock until it was fully at attention. His eyes flashed with admiration and remained on Loki's face. Despite how bold the look was, he could see the guy pushing himself to be confident. It was oddly adorable. There was such a violent blush that he wondered if the kid was going to get light headed from lack of blood.

His thoughts skirted away as he watched the brunette to stand up and strip off his pants. He was surprising well endowed. He had seldom seen such shyness on someone that actually had something to be proud of. He decidedly like this taste a lot more, and that liking increased as the other prepared himself, eye-fucking Loki as he did so. Smirking, he stroked himself, watching the other. Their paces matched, and before long picked up, before Loki decided he had enough and wanted the real thing. Beckoning him, he commanded the other to come closer. He had meant just for a kiss, but he was shocked when the other straddled him once again. His fingers nimbly rolled down a condom before he mounted him. Loki let himself fall back to watch the mirror as the other sank down, his ass taking the full length of Loki's cock. The choked moan that escaped the brunette turned Loki on, and his hands were tight on the pale thighs as he rocked his hips upward, moving slowly so that he would not hurt the stranger. Much to his surprise, it only took a few minutes before the delicate hand landed on his shoulders. Slowly, he lifted himself and sank back down. Loki had never had anyone ride him before, and it was perfect. The angle surrounded him completely, putting warm pressure all around him, swallowing him completely and pushing him onward with lust.

The pace picked up, Loki's hands becoming nearly bruising as he pulled the male back down with more forced every time, carelessly chasing his own satisfaction. The golden eyed brunette came once, and Loki switched the angle, pushing the other onto his back, hoisting his legs up to pound downward into him. The man cried out softly in pleasure. By the time Loki cam, he had reached his second orgasm. While Loki stretched out on the bed happily, he dressed himself. Blowing Loki a kiss, he winked and walked straight out the door.

Thor loved the cameras. Coupled with Loki's description, it was almost as good as being there. Except, he had been able to go his own way and find his own pleasure for the night. Grinning, he looked around himself and decided that this would be very, very fun.
Here is my NaNoWriMo results.
This is unedited. Therefore, there will be numerous mistakes. Do not bother pointing them out to me. I have no intentions of editing this steaming pile of waste. :)

Initially, this was just me practicing writing erotica. Thor and Loki's lives to primarily revolve around sex. About halfway through, I realize how much more I could do with it. There are many details to their lives and their mindsets that would be absolutely brilliant to explore. Additionally, I had no outline, so it was unorganized. This frustrates me beyond belief.

For those reasons, I am going to wait until I am finished with MPiH before redoing this, and when I redo this, I will be starting from scratch. This is basically just a brainstorm/brain fart on my part. Please do not take this seriously.

Their relationship is neither normal nor healthy. Don't whine to me if you don't like it.
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