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"I hate that shirt."

Loki looked up at the sound of Thor's voice, seeming to enter the living room of their apartment even before the door opened. His hands strayed from the key board in front of him as his eyes met the golden gaze that always seemed to haunt him.

"Is that an opinion about my clothing or a command to remove it?" he asked, his tone arched, nearly challenging. It was ridiculous that he would even try. Thor owned him, and no one questioned that.

Snorting contemptuously, Thor pulled his leather jacket off and snapped, "What do you think?"

"I think I'll keep it on and see what happens," Loki decided, his tongue flickering over his lips.

As if he had never seen Thor before, his eyes raked over the familiar body. Like a parched man drinking water, he took in the broad shoulders, muscular arms, powerful hands, firm hips, and mile long legs. Dark brown hair streaked with fair pieces just barely brushed his color bone, messy in a way that was sexy without trying.

Since his lower lip was fuller, when he frowned, it looked like pouting, regardless. His nose was just perfect, in elegant proportion to his face with delicate nostrils and ending in a point. The shape of his eyes was almost unbelievably sharp.

Diamond like in shape, and golden in color, his eyes were the most expensive thing about to him, next to his taste in wine. Loki was the one with good taste in clothes, which made his complain null and void.

He did not seem to agree. Elegantly removing his gloves as he crossed the room, Thor commanded Loki pointedly, "Get rid of the fucking shirt."

Blinking up at Thor, feeling challenging, Loki smiled even as he told him bluntly, "No."

It was a mistake, at least in Thor's book. In Loki's mind, it was a brilliant idea.

With the speed and elegance of a big cat, his lover lashed out, striking him across the face. Loki rolled with the blow, letting himself crouch against the couch for a moment, just long even for the blood to rush to his face. Looking up at Thor, he glared defiantly and dared him, "Make me."

Grabbing the front of Loki's shirt, Thor hauled him to his feet. They were of a height. In fact, Loki was only half an inch and three pounds smaller than Thor.

Their sizes were not all they had in common. Diamond shaped eyes with edges so sharp they looked unnatural, full lips with a plush lower one, broad shoulders, muscular arms, powerful hands, firm hips, mine long legs, and a nose that was "perfect." They had the same high cheek bones, elegant brow, and olive skin tone.

It worked out brilliantly for both of them, since they were narcissist. Since they did look like twin brothers, they never had to deal with awkward questions or ignorant prejudice when they changed homes or stayed in a hotel.

Regrettably for those that were "deceived," the two were not twins or even related for that matter. By mere chance, two people with no blood looked virtually identical and both thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Well?" Loki prompted, his voice breathless. So close to Thor, it was all he could do to not give in and strip down to his birthday suit. He knew that by challenging his lover, he would be punished, and maybe it was not worth it.

When he saw the flare of temper, turning the gold into a melting pot, he realized that it really was. He would be punished, but the line between pleasure and pain was always frail with him, and Thor could not help but cross it at least a few times every time they were together.

The hand on the front of his shirt slid up to his throat, circling around slowly. Their gazes never wavered from each other. Loki's shoulders rose and fell slowly as he prepared himself, and Thor's body tensed slowly as he tightening his hold. Painfully slow, pressure was applied until Loki could no longer draw oxygen into his lungs.

Thor had choked Loki into oblivion before, but neither of them enjoyed that much. Loki liked feeling everything, and Thor liked the fight.

Oddly, when Loki was strangled just until he was lightheaded and compliant, rather than playful, Thor loved it. It did not make sense to Loki or him, even when he had tried to explain it. Thor got off on hitting Loki and Loki hitting him back. After the initial burst of anger, there was nothing, but he was just as sated.

Since Loki loved anything Thor even liked, he did not object as long as he was conscious.

This time, he was only strangled long enough for the other hand to reach up. Then, Thor released him to shove him back, his hand pressing against Loki's throat. As the shorter man fell back, his shirt ripped.

In a twisted way, the sound was satisfying to both of them. Loki knew he was going to get what he wanted, and it gave Thor some measure of release to the anger that always compelled him.

Loki did not catch himself before he fell back onto the couch, but he did not need to. Thor followed him down. Commanding, powerful, he pushed him down against the cushions as he kissed him hard, biting at his lips rough enough to elect a yelp of pain. Loki pushed against Thor's chest, trying to get him off. Thor caught his wrists and pinned them, switching to bite the other's neck.

"Fuck! That hurts you bastard," Loki screeched, trying to knee Thor in the crouch. He moved just slow enough for Thor to pin his legs. It was not like he actually wanted to hurt his lover.

Biting down particularly hard, Thor let Loki know exactly what he had in mind: blood. It was not unusual. In fact, it was pretty much one of his favorite kinks, but he knew Loki hated it. By warning him, he gave Loki the chance to genuinely protest. At the moment, both of them knew it was just playing. Thor would never push Loki if he did not want it.

Unfortunately, Loki could never say no to Thor, and even though he hated it, he tilted his head back, even as he continued to push the other away. For their games, it was as clear as any "okay" came.

Not giving his lover the chance to panic, wise up, or back out, Thor bit down roughly, his body grinding against Loki's as he arched his back for better leverage.

Beneath him, Loki writhed in pain, pushing roughly, but not so much so that Thor would be moved. His wrists ached from Thor's tight hold, and he focused on that, rather than the agony of teeth tearing into his skin.

Both of them felt the fragile, pale skin break, and Loki froze, his body ridged for a moment before he shuddered and slouched back against the couch. His body burned. He was too hot with his clothes on, and he ached to be free of them.

This was why he hated biting. It hurt, but more than that, it made him feel a mix of arousal and self loathing that twisted inside of him unpleasantly, making every sense all that more acute.

"Open your eyes, Loki."

The fairer brunette had not even realized that his eyes clothes. One moment, he had been gazing up at the ceiling, mock fighting, and the next, he was in the darkness of his own mind.

Forcing his eyes open, he was met by the smoldering, golden gaze. Loki always wanted Thor's eyes, had even dreamt of cutting them from his head for years. His own eyes were a common, forgettable blue. No one could ever forget the golden, predatory eyes that possessed them as soon as they met.

Thor did not agree with the assessment. While he hated Loki's eyes since they were different from his own, a variation in the reflection of his own perfection, they were what made Loki beautiful to him...or so he claimed. Loki knew it had more than likely just been a ploy to get him away from the mirror and into the bed, but the words had been sweet, so he let them be.

Now, as the two stared at each other, blood leaked from his neck, the sharp pain dulled all too soon into an ache that spread through him, and a smear of his life lay across those perfect lips.

Without permission or thoughts of punishment later, Loki reached up, his fingers winding through the fine, dark hair. Pulling Thor down as he lifted himself partially, he forced his lips against his lovers. The taste of his blood was an unfortunate aphrodisiac in Loki's own opinion, and as soon as the crimson liquid touched his lips, it was not enough.

His tongue flickered out, lapping up what had remained on Thor's lips, and as soon as he could taste no more, he pushed for entrance. Thor, always eager to lure Loki a little farther, let him risk a punishment a little more severe, parted his lips and gave his lover what he wanted.

Loki took what he was given, pushing upward so that he was sitting and Thor was in his lap. His hands slid along the toned thighs to the familiar waist. His hands slid under the hem of Thor's wife beater, caressing his lover's lower back for a moment as his tongue continue to plunder his mouth.

Thor responded by kissing back and running his hands gently over Loki's chest. Such submissiveness was foreign to him, except in rare moments when they were alone, and even with Loki, they did not last long.

Without warning, Thor jerked back, rising to his feet. He caught the pale arm roughly and hauled him to his feet. Loki went willingly, arousal making him into even more of an obedient puppy for Thor.

That was just as well, because as soon as Thor had Loki in their room, he released him and commanded, "Strip."

"Where have I heard that before?" Loki mused sarcastically as he let the shirt slide from his shoulders. Reaching down, he undid the top of his pants before "remember" out loud, "Oh yeah, the man that took my virginity said something like that."

Rolling his eyes, Thor smacked Loki, a hit that was almost playful but still brought color to the pale face. In an off handed tone, he assured his lover, "You were born without any purity. It was fitting someone twisted take the only semblance of it that you had."

"Troy," Nicolas murmured, shivering as he pressed against his friend. The two of them were in a graveyard, which was not uncommon, but the rain had made the place even less friend and the northern wind seemed determined to drive them out. His friend seemed oblivious to this, so he felt obligated to point it out.

The friend in question was looking around curiously. His blonde hair looked nearly blue in the moonlight, and it was continuously distracting the darker haired boy.

Glancing down at his friend, Troy lifted and eyebrow curiously, not voicing the inquiry.

Shivering again, he nuzzled closer. The two were standing between two trees, just looking out at the graves. It was the driest place, though Troy probably would not have minded standing in the light drizzle. Nicolas, on the other hand, had sports and plenty of reason to not want to get sick.

Just knowing that Troy was happy to stand there had kept him silent until then. He had finally had enough and now just wanted to warm himself up before the cold settled into his bones.

"Troy, I am cold. Let's go," Nicolas murmured, nuzzling his cheek against Troy's chest. They were of a height, but since he was slouched and leaning into his friend, it made it easier to do small, silly, affectionate things like that.

The hard light in those cold eyes told him what Troy thought even before the perfect lips parted. As they did, Nicolas longed to lunge up and kiss Troy, just to seal his lips and keep the rebuke from coming out. He never wanted Thor angry with him.

It was strange. At school, everyone thought that they were barely friends, could hardly stand each other. They were in the same crowds, but rarely spoke. Sometimes, they would even get into fights at school. Honestly, neither of them knew why they acted the way they did at school. It just came natural, just as kissing, touching, and holding each other came natural when they were alone together.

Nicolas had hesitated, and that was enough time for Troy to lift his hand. The gentle touch on his throat was enough to leave the younger of the two paralyzed, eyes wide and his demeanor expectant. He was waiting.

"Strip," Troy ordered him softly.

"What?" Nicolas asked, his tone mirroring the confusion on his face. "Are you serious? Troy, it is too cold to play some game."

A smile flickered over Troy's lips and he repeated, "Strip." Sliding his hand lower, so that it was over Nicolas's heart, he added as compensation, "I'll make sure that the cold does not bother you too much."

Nicolas trembled, torn between the undeniable urge to obey his dearest friend and the prudency that getting naked in public was wrong, not to mention the fear of getting sick. In the end, it only took a few minutes for Troy to silently convince him that nothing was more important than obedience.

Slowly, his quivering fingers undid the buttons to his shirt, next the fly to his pants. Slowly, uncertainly, he stepped out of both and looked at Troy. Already the cold was infiltrating his body, and he stood there shivering, no longer confident enough to snuggle against his friend.

Troy seemed...pleased, if that was an accurate term. There was an edge of pride in his eyes and tucked beneath that was lust.

"Go to that headstone and place your hands on either end," Troy instructed him after he had eyed Nicolas for a moment.

A shudder went through him, but he nodded thoughtlessly. He wanted to hurry through this. He had played a few of these games before, and usually, there was no stop until he did as told. The quicker he obeyed, the sooner he would be dressed again. The sooner he was dressed again, he would be able to enjoy the pride on Troy's eyes without shivering himself to death.

Slowly, he walked over to the grave stone, his heart stuttering in his chest as the icy chill of the light rain cascaded down his body. It was just a little lower than waste height, so he had to stoop to do as told. It properly put his arse in the air, but he did not think much about it. This was not the most humiliating thing that Troy had gotten him to do before, and more than likely, it would not compare to some things their future together would hold.

Just as the cold was starting to make him feel miserable and he was ready to be defiant, he heard movement behind him. The reminder that Troy was still there, still watching him, made Nicolas straighten his back a little. Bent at the waist, it was hard to be dignified, but at least he did not look bored.

When he felt the warmth of his friend behind him, he twisted to look back over his shoulder. Troy stood behind him, his hands resting on Nicolas's hips and his pelvis right up against his arse.

Something about it shocked him, and he felt almost paralyzed as Troy leaned down, brushing his lips over the raven haired boy's exposed skin. His hands slowly slid from Nicolas's hips up, running along his sides. His right hand came to rest between the submissive male's shoulder blades, while the blonde's left hand covered his heart. His lips skimmed lightly over the dark haired boy's shoulders, as he held perfectly still, waiting for a reaction.

The only problem was: Nicolas did not know how to react. While the cold was not as noticeable, a heat struck him that was almost as uncomfortable. It started with his face and worked its way downward, seeming to highlight every centimeter that their skins came in contact.

"Would you let me?" Troy whispered against Nicolas's skin, he lips replaced by his teeth, nibbling seductively light along his shoulder and neck.

Shivering, Nicolas bit his lower lip, trying to think straight, think of what the right reply was. The very practical voice in his head told him the proper answer was no. The irrational voice instructed him to arch against Troy and ask what he thought. There was no in between, after all, not with Troy. It was either all or nothing. Nicolas either submitted to him there, violating the sanctity of a grave yard, or pushed him away and risked that being the end of everything.

The risk was not worth it, and the temptation was a mutual sin. After realizing that, no more thought was given.

Rubbing back against Troy, Nicolas looked up at him and reminded him, "You said you would not let the cold bother me. So, if I let you, you had better not."

A smirk played across those beautiful features, and Troy nodded silently. His eyes were nearly silver in the dark moonlight, but Nicolas could still see the way they smoldered. Nothing could compare to his golden gaze.

Loki rubbed his cheek, glaring at Thor resentfully. It was difficult for him to work up the nerve to ever hit Thor back. After all, if he bruised Thor, he damaged their livelihood. Thor was a stripper, and if ugly marks marred his otherwise perfect skin, it cost them both a good deal of money and trouble.

"Aw, don't look like that," Thor cooed mokingly, not missing the unhappy look. Roughly, he grabbed Loki's chin and jerked his face up. Brutally, he captured his friend's lips, biting more than kissing before thrusting his tongue in.

Suppressing the impulse to bite him, Loki kissed back. His hands went to Thor's hips, drawing them against his own. They both wanted to same thing, and the first signs of that were already apparent.

Things could never be that easy with Thor though. He would rather cut off his nose to spite his face.

Letting go and push Loki away, he took off the plain black tee and told Loki, "Change into something nice. I feel like treating you to dinner."

Even knowing what that meant for him, Loki slipped behind Thor and wrapped his arms around him, one brushing against the front of Thor's pants. Kissing the broad, bare shoulders in front of him, he murmured, "I'd really rather eat in tonight."

For the past two years, any time they had started to get sexual and Thor abruptly decided to go to a restaurant, it was always a high class restaurant with long table clothes. Once they were there, he would proceed to subtly molest Loki, pushing him to the edge and humiliating him in public.

The two of them had fucked in public places more than I had ever done anything in bed. It was something that they both enjoyed. However, those public places were usually somewhere slightly more secluded, such as a bathroom or an out of the way hallway. A handful of times, they had done it on a crowded dance floor, but everyone had been doing it.

There was something about sitting down, surrounded by older people in a well lit dining room that made him feel...exploited. He knew he let Thor take advantage of him from time to time, but that made it all too clear.

"I am not all that concerned with what you'd rather do," Thor told him bluntly, shrugging off his lover's attempts at seducing him. Slipping out of the jeans, he looked Loki in the eye and said arrogantly, "If it makes you feel better, you can always say it is punishment for you disobeying me."

It did not surprise Loki to see Thor make it his fault. Had he obeyed and removed his shirt, had he been docile and sweet, or had he done a little more at home, this might not have had to happen.

What a complete load of shit.

Silently steaming, Loki slid his silk boxers off. He knew what was coming, so he was not going to stain a pair of underwear that he liked. Ranting in his mind, he berated himself for going along with it, cussed Thor for making him, and generally said everything that he would never dare utter aloud. In the end, he would silently hate Thor and openly adore him. That was how it was meant to be between the two.

Cotton boxers, black slacks over top, he paused before picking his shirt, knowing that if he did not dress to suit Thor, it would only work against him. Of course, one look at Thor and he did not have to question why he adored him.

His dark hair was dyed, but it only accented his features, the same way a small bit of bleach made his hair more beautiful. The shape of his body was beautiful, and the only thing more so was the elegant structure of his face. To that, there was no compare, except for Loki's own.

To accent his pale skin and dark features, Thor chose black as always. His undershirt was a metallic gold, but his tie was blue. Over that, he wore a black jacket that nearly completely concealed the two bits of color.

With a resigned sigh, he reached for one of his blue shirts. Damn the color and damn Thor for making him want to wear it. The golden tie, however, was one of his favorites, and he always did not want to put the black jacket over it.

Not needing to wait for anybody, Thor had already dressed himself and was straightening his tie as he looked in the mirror. It was more accurate to say that he was eye fucking himself, but Loki could not blame him. They were both narcissist. If they had not been nearly identical, they probably would not have been together for nearly as long as they had been. In the end, their vanity was all the two had in common.

"You look handsome," Loki murmured as he walked up beside Thor. His own eyes wracked down his body. God, he looked so fuckable. He had always had a thing for three piece suits, though he preferred them rumbled on the floor of his room, or at least the shirt and jacket pushed up and the pants pooled around his ankles.

Imagining it, he slowly ran his fingers down the mirror, touching his reflection with more tender affection than he had ever shown anyone, even his beloved Thor.

Thor glanced at Loki, the only person that was worth looking away the mirror for. He could see the lust in those cerulean hues, and he had to wonder what Loki did all day. There were mirrors in every part of their house, and he knew that got Loki off touching himself almost as much as anything Thor had ever done to him.

When Loki was not working, but Thor was, did he just sit at home and masturbate? Was he a bad lover for thinking that he did? Was it twisted that he wanted to install cameras just to see?

"We both do, as usual," Thor murmured after a while. He gave Loki just enough time to get hot and bothered by his reflection and then he turned him away. Even if Loki loved himself more, he always obeyed Thor, and in the end, that was all that mattered in their romance.

It was not love. It was obedient and lust.

Hand-in-hand, they left the apartment and walked the few floors down to get Thor's car out of the garage. Loki had a vehicle of his own, but Thor always drove, so he had no idea which one it even was. Like a gentleman, he held the door open for Loki and closed it behind him.

As they drove along, they spoke ideally of their days and how things had been going. Loki was an accountant that spent his evenings at bars, mixing expensive drinks and getting nice tips. Thor was just a dancer. Occasionally, when money was tight, he would "whore himself out," and teach dance lessons, but for the most part, the two made enough to stay afloat and afford their bad habits. Since that was all either of them really wanted, they did not strive to climb higher.

"So, I was thinking," Loki chirped suddenly, his tone indicating that it was off topic.

Glancing at his lover, Thor made a soft curious sound, not sure if he should want to hear or cringe away. When Loki started with "So, I was thinking," it usually meant they would end up spending money they really should not be wasting. Of course, he always went along with it, because while the money was better off in savings, it always was spent on something very, very fun and usually kinky.

Even though Loki called him the perverted and blamed him for all of the fucked up shit they did to each other, Thor always blamed his lover, because he always made it seem so much more fun.

Loki had to know what the sound mean, but he pressed on anyway, valiant in his quest for corruption, "We both have this weekend off, so maybe we should go somewhere, get some new tail. I don't know about you, but I am getting bored. All of the locate joint seem to be swimming with perverts anymore."

"Yes, because letting people believe they are getting lucky with a set of twins is not perverted in the least," Thor remarked drily. Smirking, he consented, "Despite the obvious lack of thought, I think it would be fun. Where?"

"I want to go to somewhere near the ocean, so I can smell the salt."

After considering it for a moment, Thor nodded and agreed, "I don't think we've done it on a beach before."

"We have. It was our final year in high school and they took us to the beach. You and I slipped off about midnight to go for a walk and did not come back until dawn," Loki informed him with an obvious smile in his voice. Almost happily, he added, "I can remember how much I had to scrub to get all of the sand out of my hair. It still felt graining when we left to go home."

Thor could not help but laugh at that. Trust Loki to remember the one time they had done it on a beach. He would have too, except that he blocked out a good proportion of high school. It had not been a very good time for him, so he had no real motivation to remember it.

Plus, he would always have Loki, who could remind him of the good times and describe it in such detail that he could almost believe that he was there once again.

Arriving at the restaurant, Loki waited in the car as Thor walked around to let them out. Even though the place was high class and pricy, it was easy enough for them to get in. After all, the owner was close "friends" with the two of them. Maybe that was why the staff did not even blink when taking their orders and Loki would abruptly blush or moan.

Shaking his head and trying not to consider how much a pervert their "friend" must be, Thor let Loki take his arm and led the way up. Just as he predicted, they were quickly directed to a seat in the back, whisked past the waiting couples that had already been there for a while.

"I love the way they absolutely look furious when we walk past them," Loki chuckled softly to Thor. Thor merely smiled, glancing ahead to see their table.

As if someone wanted to be in his favor, it was in the dead center of the room. No matter where Loki chose to sit, he would be forced to look at a stranger while Thor touched him.

Loki realized this only a moment after Thor did. His cheeks instantly flamed, and desperately, he glanced around, probably hoping to see another open table. Thor could practically feel the dread that struck Loki when he saw none.

He did not get what Loki's problem was. Neither of them had ever really gotten modesty, and Loki was the one that got off on being watched anyway. The humiliation and embarrassment was just as much fun for him as it was for Thor. The way he reacted made that much very obvious. Maybe it was just his pride that made him deny it, but Thor thought it was all kinds of adorable.

In a gentlemanly fashion, he helped Loki sit down before taking his own seat. The table was small, just big enough to hold their plates. Beneath the table, their knees easily brushed. If Thor sank down, he could easily brush his knee a little closer.

That would not be necessary, though, because he had a rather peculiar talent with his feet. It was much more subtle and a lot more fun.

Slipping his shoes off, he made sure that he cracked his toes just loud enough for Loki to hear. The blue eyes flashed up to his face before darting back down to the menu. Shifting in his seat, the fairer man made a random remark about the menu, but both of them knew Thor was not listening.

Gently, he brushed his foot against Loki's calf, rubbing through the fabric. It was not a caress, just a warning so that he would not panic. It was not likely that Loki would panic either way, but habits die hard, and this was one that he liked keeping to. It was not always Loki in the chair opposite him, and those people did need a warning.

"We're going to get something light, but tasteful and then indulge in dessert. How does that sound?" Thor asked with a faint smile. Sliding his foot higher, he watched Loki's face eagerly. Already there was a blush blooming. He knew he was going to get the reaction he wanted.

Loki nodded, his voice surprisingly even as he listed a few things he liked, pausing to see what Thor wanted. Thor's faint smile was as good as any "I don't care," so he shrugged and announced that "Chicken piccata then with white wine and you, sir indifference, can pick dessert."

Nodding, Thor beckoned the waiter over. Repeating Loki's choice, he picked a good wine, one that was not over the top, but still pricey, before ordering the most expensive dessert on the menu. It was a good analogy of his personality: The stupor was not worth money, but the sweet things were worth anything asked.

As he spoke with the waiter, discussing the different types of wine, he slid his foot up Loki's leg. He did not even so much as Loki as he did so, his attention full and well on the server, so it seemed. However, he could feel the tension beneath his touch as his foot slid into Loki's lap. Since Loki's hands were delicately folded on the table, he knew that the other could not very well push him away, not without making an obvious move, and Loki was far too self-conscious to do something like that. He had him, figuratively and almost literally, by the balls.

"So-" the waiter declared, his voice rich with a French accent, "-is that all you gentlemen will be wanting this evening."

Delicately tracing his toes over the fly of Loki's pants, Thor nodded and murmured, "I believe so." Glancing at Loki, he began to tug the zipper down as he asked, "Is that alright, love?"

"I-uh-yeah, that sounds good," Loki replied, seeming to jerk back to reality. He shot Thor a panicked look, clearly not wanting his agreement to be taken as a sign of consent. The look nearly made Thor laugh aloud, because for someone so glad to say no, he did not seem to be resisting very much.

"Well, then gentlemen, if you will give me a moment, I will return with the wine you chose," the waiter purred, his accent making each 'r' a treat for the ears.

Thor watched him walk away, even as he gently slid his foot into the front of Loki's pants. The first time he had done it, it had seemed odd, awkward, and a bit too far, even for him. The second time had just felt clumsy. The third was not as bad. By the time he was doing it for the fourth time, he felt confident, even relaxed while doing it. Since, it was naturally easy, and Thor could only imagine how much Loki hated that.

Tracing his toes over the front of Loki's boxers, he turned his gaze back to the man that could pass as his brother and asked indifferently, "What do you think of him?"

"Of who?" Loki asked, his voice strained. His jaw was clenched, but otherwise his exterior betrayed nothing. Thor would expect nothing less from the master deceiver, except, perhaps, a bit more attention.

Rolling his eyes disdainfully, Thor applied more pressure, just enough to make Loki want to squirm. He loved to tease, more than he enjoyed pleasing. That was one defining difference between them. Softly, he answered, "The server. He is quite handsome."

Swallowing hard, it became apparent that Loki was seriously considering scooting back. He would not, because he knew that if he did, there would be negative results for him. However, if he did not, his body would react against his command. It did every time.

Thor was proud of him, sincerely proud, when he managed to speak, his voice unwavering, "He is. It is not often that you are interested in bringing a redhead home though."

"You rarely are either," Thor answered easily, his eyes turning away from Loki with apparent disinterest as his light touch stilled. It was a farce, just to make Loki cringe, and it was almost tragic out easily it worked. Beneath his touch, Loki squirmed lightly, subtly, trying to make certain that he still had Thor's attention.

As if he were trying to apologize for a crime he had not even realized he had committed, Loki murmured quickly, "I don't mind a bit of variety. I mean, I have long since given up finding anyone even close to us, so it is fun to splash a bit of color around."

Chuckling darkly, Thor answered in a tone that was wrought with bitter humor, "Splash the walls with some blood?"

Loki stilled, his face confused, and then he gently rubbed his own temples. It was such an old joke, one that went back so far that neither of them could recall its origin. It had the unfortunate effect that whoever heard it, rather than said it, would spend a good bit of time searching their mind for where it came from, unless they were distracted.

Feeling merciful in his own twisted way, Thor went back to rubbing his toes along the front of Loki's underwear. Instantly, he had those soulful hues locked back on him. There seemed to be a plea for him to stop on the warm, firm lips, but it did before reaching the air. Thor knew that even if he stood up, bent Loki over the table, and humiliated him in front of everyone there, he would do no more than moan and squirm, hating himself for it, but eagerly accepting his domination.

It made Thor question which of them was truly sick.

"Here is your wine, sirs," the waiter declared. A warm smile was cast in both of their directions as he presented the bottle. Thor quickly confirmed it was his selection. It was a newer vintage and cheaper for that, but he liked the sweetness, and though it was a red wine, he had wanted something lighter. After a quick taste, he was certain he had picked the right sort, but he actually gave Loki the chance to disagree.

Taking a small sip, Loki's eyes closed and when they opened again, he was grinned almost impishly. Looking at the server, he nodded and assured the man, "This is absolutely perfect."

"Excellent. I do hope that it goes well with your meal. I rarely see someone going with red wine and such a light meal," the waiter said, his tone professional, but still friendly.

Smiling to himself, Thor took another sip of the glass that had just been poured. "Red wines suit us more, would not you say, Loki?"

Loki seemed to be relaxing, since Thor's attention had shifted to the wine, and he easily replied, "Of course, Thor."

"Ah, pardon my asking, but your names sound familiar," the waiter put in abruptly. Inquisitively, he asked, "Are you monsieur Landuer's friends?"

Though Loki tried to hide it by taking a sip, he blushed a rich red that nearly put the wine to shame, and Thor found himself grinning because of that. Looking at their server, he nodded and answered him, "We are indeed acquainted with monsieur Landuer."

If the male's smile had been warm before, it became absolutely radiant. Nodding, he told them both quite cheerfully, "Then I shall make certain you have the best service tonight, and if you need anything, absolutely anything, I shall be eagerly at your beck and call!"

With that, he excused himself to go back to check on their food.

Looking at Loki, Thor gave him a curious look and asked, "What do you think has him so excited?"

"Oh, perhaps he has heard how good we are with tips," Loki answered, his voice distracted, as Thor had once more returned to gently caressing him. One hand continued to cradle his cup, while the other dropped down into his lap. Thor had a momentary concern that he might be faced with his first rejection from Loki, but instead, he felt the long, elegant fingers brush lightly against his heel, almost seeming to silently encourage him.

Thor was not sure if he liked or hated this change, but he did not let it change what he was doing. With the same slow, careful deliberance, he brushed the fabric, almost seeming to be focused on that, rather than what lay just behind it. Chuckling, he remarked, "I don't believe that the scanty tips that you call gracious would garner such a reaction."

Glaring slightly, Loki dug his finger nails into Thor's ankle crossly and spat, "My tips are not scanty! I give more than ten percent. It is not my fault that you want to leave insane tips! You are not paying for their children's tuition, you know!"

"It is not like we have to worry about paying for our own children's tuition, you know," Thor replied with a smirk. If there was one thing they could agree on, it was that they would never have children, adopted or otherwise. It was impossible to improve upon perfection, so why try? Since Thor had always thought of saving up as a way to prepare for having children, he had always been gracious, nearly careless, with their income. As long as they made ends meet, he was just as happy to waste it all on something completely and utterly worthless. A bit of a spendthrift, it absolutely drove Loki insane, and he loved it.

Just as Loki went to huff in frustration, Thor pushed the length of his foot against Loki, making him grow silent with an abrupt gasp. Smirking, he went back to just light, gentle strokes, but he could see the war going on in Loki's eyes. Already, he wanted more, but he could not bring himself to ask. It made him want to laugh out least, until he heart Loki's solution.

"Will you excuse me?" Loki said abruptly, scooting back. Thor's ears caught the sound of the zipper going up, and Loki added almost as a brush off, "I need to use the bathroom."

Glaring after him, Thor considered all of the things he could and would do to punish him. He knew that Loki would linger in the bathroom until the food came. In that case, he would not dare let the food grow cold just to harass his friend. No, he would eat, and then Loki would doubtlessly come up with some illness, some reason that he absolutely had to go home. Once they were in the car, Loki would make up for making him wait, but it still was not what Thor wanted.

Sighing, he glanced around before an idea struck him. Gesturing their waiter over, he asked him, "Will you be going on break soon?" It was not all together an odd question, since a change in staff could influence their meal. Of course, even if it was an intrusive question, Thor would not have cared. He was the one in charge. No matter where he went, that held true, and he was not afraid to use that to his advantage.

Apparently, the redhead did not seem anything of it as he confessed, "I was supposed to take a twenty minute break, but since you came in, I figured I would finish serving you."

"Ah, well, that is very nice of you. I hate when my order gets lost in the shuffle," Thor said with an easy smile. He did not want to edge around the problem, but he did not have a good feel for this man's personality. If he pressed too much, he would not get the results he wanted, and what would be the fun in that?

An almost embarrassed chuckle escaped the waiter, and he confessed, "If I may be so forward, it was not wholly out of good work ethic. I have heard some rather interesting things from the staff and monsieur Landuer himself. I-uh-was curious."

He had not expected this to be so easy. Seeming to change tact, he asked, "How long until our meal will be finished?"

"Another twenty minutes or so, I imagine. If you would like to add an appetizer to your meal, I could bring you something sooner," the waiter told him, abruptly a little too stiff and professional. It was obvious that he thought he was in trouble.

Thor almost wanted to make him squirm, but instead, he asked him, "Exactly how curious are you?" As confusion appeared on the man's face, Thor pulled out his cellphone and a few folded bills. "Because I have something that could definitely sate your interest if that is the direction that your interest is pointed in."

The way his jaw dropped with surprised as understanding dawned on him was adorable, and Thor could not help but smirk. Normals could be so amusing to watch and play with, at least, when he was in the mood. They did annoy him quite a bit usually, but this one seemed to be okay enough.

A vivid blush appeared on his cheeks as the waiter demanded softly, "What is the phone for?"

"Take pictures of Loki. You don't have to put your face in any of them if you don't want to," Thor answered, his tone dismissive. He wanted the pictures as something to provoke Loki with later. Cutting off the next question, he added, "And the money is a promise between you and I that you will not go and talk to everyone about what I have just asked of you. It is rather unpleasant for one's reputation to be mixed up with such a thing, as I am sure you can imagine."

For a moment, he hesitated, watching Thor quick seriously, and then, he took the money and cellphone, quickly turning and leaving.

After slipping on his shoes, Thor closed his eyes to wait patiently. Even in his indifference, his ears focused on different conversations around him. Aged lovers, small families, and young couples talked of their days as if they were interesting, but he wondered if they could compare to his. Of course they could not. None of them woke up to the second most beautiful human being on the earth, and none of them were happy with what they were doing. They all strived towards some unseen destination, compelled by arrogance that promised salvation and led them right to the grave, rather than dancing just out of death's daunting hand, as Thor and Loki did. They were not living compared to the powerful heartbeat that sang inside of his chest, but it was none of his concern. Quite frankly, if all of them had opened their eyes, he might have given up the fun, just to spite them.

"Hey baby," Loki purred in his ear, pecking him on the cheek as he dropped his phone into the pocket of Thor's jacket. When he took his seat, there was something about him that spoke volumes, but Thor was no fool, and he could see that Loki wanted more.

Smirking slightly, Thor asked, "What did you do, love? You seem a little too happy."

A laugh escaped him, low and rumbling. Rubbing his foot up Thor's calf, he answered, "The pictures explain better than I could."

It was tempting for Thor to go through them just then, get his eyeful, but he knew it was better to wait. Later, he would have to work with them to improve the quality, so there was no point in encouraging himself to get bored with them already. After all, Loki was his breath of fresh air in a world that made him really not care.

As if on cue, their meal arrived, and Thor gave the waiter a wink before tucking in. The two spoke quietly over unimportant things. They were only half through when Thor decided to get their deserts to go. The waiter seemed a bit disappointed, but Thor gave it very little thought. He had the sudden urge to go somewhere. He had no destination in mind, just the desire to start going. Loki seemed to notice and did not question him when Thor asked him to hurry.

In less time than either of them had expected, they were back in their car. The desert was settled on the floor in the back seat, wedged so they would not slide. The care that Loki exerted to do so seemed either sarcastic or exaggerated, but Thor knew it was just for his sake. After all, he was the one with the sweet tooth that was more like a fang.

"Where are we going?" Loki asked when Thor put the key in the ignition. He seemed to have already accepted that they were not going home, and Thor did not want to prove him wrong just for the sake of proving him wrong.

Instead, he backed out and put the car into drive carefully. After a moment, he was on a road, not weaving gingerly around vehicles. With a sigh of relief, he answered, "I know this nice country road not far out that I thought I would take you down. It ends by a big lake, if I remember correctly. You are not on shift tomorrow, are you?"

"I am not," Loki answered in a tone that clearly said 'even if I was, I would call of for you.' It made Thor smirk. Some day, he was going to leave Loki, after making him lose his job and turning his heart to stone, if he had not already done that. It was almost as funny as it was tragic.

"Well, then, if we can not find something that amuses us at the lake, we'll head back to the city to find something interesting to do, okay?" Thor murmured, using his right hand to rub Loki's thigh. It felt a little tense in the car until they got out off of the crowded roads.
Here is my NaNoWriMo results.
This is unedited. Therefore, there will be numerous mistakes. Do not bother pointing them out to me. I have no intentions of editing this steaming pile of waste. :)

Initially, this was just me practicing writing erotica. Thor and Loki's lives to primarily revolve around sex. About halfway through, I realize how much more I could do with it. There are many details to their lives and their mindsets that would be absolutely brilliant to explore. Additionally, I had no outline, so it was unorganized. This frustrates me beyond belief.

For those reasons, I am going to wait until I am finished with MPiH before redoing this, and when I redo this, I will be starting from scratch. This is basically just a brainstorm/brain fart on my part. Please do not take this seriously.

Their relationship is neither normal nor healthy. Don't whine to me if you don't like it.
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