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If I wrote you a poem about love
Tied it with a ribbon and send it to you
Would you assume that I was asking your opinion
Or realizing what I am trying to get through to you?

Twisting words into knots
Swearing what I know not
Would you know it was for you
And as far as I can tell, true?

Would you know that it is to you I speak
Delicately putting my feelings on display
Courting your heart, caressing your ears
Trying to win you with clever word play?

Love isn't something I trust
Finding it is just fickle lust
This time seduction doesn't quite fit
Because my heart won't quit.

Should I scribble words onto a scrap of paper
Draw a dozen hears around letters arranged in a verse
Describe in detail the feelings that you fill me with
For you to know I love you enough to burst?

My feelings are flighty at best
But I love you more than the rest
Someday, my heart may change course
Can you accept this for what it is worth?

If I sent you this very poem
Rewrite it and refined it amazingly
Marked it with my lip stick
Would it, maybe, influence how you feel for me?
I have seen her face
She is an angel in this dark place
I have to match her pace
So that I can linger in her grace

She is twice as amazing as I thought her to be
I wish she could feel something for me
Somehow, I know I should leave it be
But I still am convinced that this will slowly kill me

xDD Odd, but true: I am never the person to first say "I love you." Maybe it is because I never really feel it, but feel obligate it to mirror it.
So here goes, *deep breath* I'll love you until my death (or until our courses alter or my heart finally falters). Until then, I promise I'll only say it if it is true: I love you.
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BoekBindBoetiek Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
I keep coming back to read this one. It's so beautiful and urgent and such a familiar feeling for me. :heart:
SockyTM Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Daww! As usual your talent is only exceeded by your brilliant face X3
So cute, I love this poem so much haha
BTW I would have read it anyway cause I follow you now *smirks evily* Cha~ X3
Thanks for linking me though on IM X3 I RUV IT SO MUCH<3333
Silver-Song-Shifter Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
this is so sad because it seems to be true
Muzica-chan Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
I hope it isn't. xD
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