Gay? Who? Me.

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Published: August 28, 2010
Are you gay?

The question at first startled me.
Speechless, unsure what I could say.

Are you gay?

The second time it was asked and I was silent
I had heard it before, but just earlier that day.

Are you gay?

Each time it was asked it filled me with shock.
What did it matter either way?

Are you gay?

When it was asked for the last time, I was at a loss.
Should I lie or lay in the bed I had made?

I am gay.

Maybe I am too young to know,
But this is what my heart wills me to say.

I am gay.

Maybe it is foolish to say so,
Yet it would be true to this day.

I am gay.

There can be hate or they can embrace.
I won't waver either way.

I am gay.

So accept or reject, get to know me or ignore me,
The choice on that, and only that, is yours to be made.
© 2010 - 2019 Muzica-chan
This was inspired by a question on dA from :iconpalone-omi:, whom asked that when I commented on her meme.

I have been asked a total of four times if I was gay and it actually effected me. The first time was by a class mate that barely knew me. Then by one of his friends. The third time was by someone I thought was a friend. After it became apparent he was a homophobe, our friendship fell apart. The most recent and both bothersome was when a relative that I'm not really close to asked. I was completely at a loss.

I am a grand fifteen, turning sixteen, and at this age, everyone is gay or bi. Maybe not everyone, but a lot of people are questioning. Yet, it feels like it's true, so I'm just saying yes from now on. Take me as I am or lose someone that could be a great friend.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


Wow, thank you everyone. This is the first time I've gotten such warm feedback and from so many. I'm honored. When I signed on and saw how many I had...I don't think I've ever been this happy. Thank you. *goes off to cry happy tears like the loser I am*

Edit 2

Wow, this got on the front page. Anyone get a screen image of that? :XD: I kid. I'm just shocked and really, really happy. Thanks to everyone. I really, really love you all. ^_^

Also, I feel like an uber huge jerk for this, but I may not be able to thank everyone whom :+fav:'d this. DA keeps thinking I'm spamming and it's taken me forever to get as many done as a have. I am gonna try, but if I don't thank you, I am so sorry. Your support means a lot to me. Thanks. :heart:
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Nicely put. As a poem its great and easy to read.

You be you and that is all that should matter. Thank you for sharing :)
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TheEscape5657Hobbyist General Artist
POWER TO THE PEOPLE! idfk but seriously u are inspiring!
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Relic-AngelHobbyist General Artist
Gay or not, you're the same person either way. :huggle:
Muzica-chan's avatar
So true, and I just wish more people saw it that way. :3
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Relic-AngelHobbyist General Artist
^0^ I do! I knew a friend from school who came out and announced she was into girls. This came as a shock to me because we'd known each other since kindergarten and she never told me till now. :wow:

I recently saw a video of her partner making a fool of herself, and I personally think she could do a lot better. ^^;
Muzica-chan's avatar
People can surprise you. I mean, I didn't come out to a lot of people until I was 15-16, and a lot of people, I still won't come out to.
xD Don't judge too harshly. A lot of my friends don't approve of my girlfriend, but I wouldn't trade her for the world.
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Relic-AngelHobbyist General Artist

:aww: Love is love no matter what age, race or gender, right?
Muzica-chan's avatar
Yep. *nodnod* It's meant to be difficult, but each couple has their own reasons for it to be difficult.
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Relic-AngelHobbyist General Artist
Oh yes. ^^;
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xXKyaliseXxHobbyist General Artist
I get asked this question at least once a day, and I'm just like, yeah, got a problem with it?
This poem is beautiful.

~ From your newest watcher!
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The correct response is: "...Are you asking me out?" XD
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love it, everyword
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ozzypHobbyist General Artist
it dosent matter, ones sexuality i meen;
you are who you are no ones bisnach but your own
the people that it bothers should just shove off stay how you are your great as you are "NO JOKE!!!!!"
Muzica-chan's avatar
I quite agree. Who someone likes doesn't change who they are.
Even though I know that, I find myself questioning it as of late, so that you. :)
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ozzypHobbyist General Artist
im a 17 year old male with a shit-tun of friends and 1/2 of which are guy by or lesbian so ya sometime im called guy and it dosent bother me because i am me so stay you:)
Muzica-chan's avatar
You sound a lot like my Hinfallend. Most of our friends are gay, she's not, but if someone wants to call her gay/a dyke/whatever, she usually beams and says thanks. xD

Btb, thanks for the :+devwatch:
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ozzypHobbyist General Artist
ya im cool wit it i dont mind being original like today i walked 12 blocks to my house backwards ;)
Muzica-chan's avatar
xD I would fall if I tried that. I am more for running around and rolling down hills when the mood strikes me~
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ozzypHobbyist General Artist
lol so fun
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organblowerHobbyist Writer
Galen, firstly, congratulations on accepting yourself as such a young age. I realize I'm late to the party and as if 937 comments weren't enough, I'm tossing in one more. "Gay? Who? Me." is genius. When I look at it, It sounds like one of J. S. Bach's organ preludes and fugues. It has balance and almost mathematical precision. You are to be congratulated. Oh wait! You have been.
Muzica-chan's avatar
Thank you, but there are others more deserving of the congratulations. With such a great support network, it was easy for me.
Better late than never? Your support just shows anyone else reading this that there is someone who cares. :)
I have always been a fan of classical, so maybe that is where I get the measure from. ^^
Thank you again. <3
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WritersCreedStudent Writer
This is... could I call it beautiful? Yeah, I think I can. Because it IS.

I want to say: Don't hide who you are, be proud! So what if you're gay? If people don't want to take you as you are, that's their friggin problem. But at the same time, I wonder.... what would I say if someone asked me? Someone who barely knows me and probably just ask because his/her friends were gossiping about it. What would I say? The answer is: I don't know. And that brings me to the awfully pathetic conclusion that I can't follow my own advice =.=

There's a good chance I'd just blurt out "Yeah! So what?!" without really thinking about it, I guess >.> Part of me wants to do that, but I'm also kinda scared of what consequences it might have >.>
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