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Published: December 12, 2011

You stun me with your intelligence
Your resilience
Your radiance

And the simple way you understate
Everything you've done to date
Instead of doing what you should and celebrate

You are truly brilliant

You awe me with your commitment
Your achievements
Your development

And that is so much more than so many can say
I will admit, any day
You're smarter than me, in so many ways


You wow me with your elegance
Your magnificence
Your intelligence

Now give yourself a chance
And just dance
So you can look back with fond remembrance
© 2011 - 2019 Muzica-chan
cx This is for my friend, Erika. She is a brilliant artist, a magnificent writer, and so intelligent.
Currently she is stressed out for exams (like so many others) so this is for her and everyone else that is doing their best on exams.

You amaze me, all of you. <3 I really am stupid when it comes to book smarts, don't have much when it comes to street smarts, and lack any sort of talent. When I look at all of you, I am equal parts envious and amazed. Never doubt yourself. If you are putting in the work and doing your best, you are truly brilliant.

Erika, hun, you are doing great. Don't let anything get you down. :3 And if it does, tell me so I can cheer you up again. >D
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HinfallendHobbyist Writer
You are such a good friend :)

And shouldn't it be "awe" instead of "aw"?
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FieryStallionStudent General Artist
this is amazing im just happy all my exams are over and im on holiday but just wait for those big exams coming up sooner or later >.>
and you dont lack talent you are truely amazing! i doupt myself most of the time and i make amazing mistakes with art or life but sooner or later i remember that i can be amazing if i try (which i normally dont) :P
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xD Yay for Holiday~ My little brother is still going to school, thankfully, so I am still able to write. Once he goes on holiday, my productivity is going to bottom out. "/ Good luck on the big exams~ That is at the end of the year, ne? ^^ Study hard now and all that~

It isn't really doubting myself so much as having a realistic outlook on what I can and can't do. x3 I'm not an artist and only moderate at writing, but it makes me happy and that is what is important. ^^
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FieryStallionStudent General Artist
^^ well im lucky our exams are over but our BIG BIG BIG ones are starting next year ( NOOO )

Yeah it is i enjoy my drawing even if i fail at anatomy its my own little style ^^'
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xDD I don't have to worry about it until next fall at the earliest. No school for me until then.

Yep! That is what counts. :3
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FieryStallionStudent General Artist
Hahaha luck i have to get back to school like the 2nd of something after christmas i think its febuary *dies*

Yes it is >3<
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Wow. You get a lot of time off. O.o My little brother won't even get two weeks off. x3
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FieryStallionStudent General Artist
xDDD yeah we get something like 7 weeks ? i dunno xD
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O.o That is so much. Wooow.
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MelancholicDripsStudent General Artist
:cries::heart: You are too amazing *cries some more*
Thankyou so much :heart:
But you really shouldn't put yourself so down. You are twice,thrice,quadruple this 'brilliant person' you describe me as.
And no talent?!?! Your writing skills are incredible - you ARE talented. So so very talented.
And you ARE intelligent, and you ARE brilliant in every way :):tighthug: There's nothing to be envious or amazed about XD'' :heart: but thankyouthankyouthankyou :aww: Sometimes, it's just nice to hear this kind of thing from someone, anyone... and now, it's done in such a beautiful poem too :)

..and now I want to dance. :XD: but I have a math exam to study for :cries:
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x3 I just hope it encouraged you a bit, my friend. Life isn't easy, but we can make it easier on each other and all that jazz~
I'm not putting myself down. It is as good as fact in my opinion. I see brilliance all of the time so I know what I'm looking at~
You're welcome. I like when I can state the truth and it gets appreciation. :P x3 I can only express myself through song and dance and poetry~

Dance when you get the chance! It is the best way to fill free time. =D
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MelancholicDripsStudent General Artist
Thanks! :D Sorry it's taken me butt-ages to answer this... I just completely blocked all distracting sites from my computer during exam time :XD:
But it's finally over! All finished! :D Finished today, and now I am home, my grandma's arrived from France -whichisactuallymorenegativethanyoumightthinkbutohwellI'lltryandstaypositive- and my sister is coming back tomorrow night! :) So I'm very excited...
I have a crapload of work to do this break but... at least no school. :aww:
And that means RPing! :D:D:D
I got most of my grades back from my exams too :aww: I'm pretty happy with all the results! :aww: Of course, they're never good enough for my parents, but whatever... :XD:''

Yes! Now I can dance whenever I want :D:boogie:

But seriously, you are definitely more amazing than you think. :)
And I see brilliance all the time too! :XD: Why do you think I put myself down so much? :XD: But ah well :aww:
You express yourself really well with words too ;P
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No worries~ I am just glad to hear that your exams are finally finished. =D Time to destress and dance to your hearts content. xDD
Why is it negative? Trying to be positive is always a good thing. Studies show if you approach something with a smile, it seems easier. YAY that your sister is coming back. =D Hopefully you two get plenty of time to talk and hang out~
x33 Just pace yourself and remember to enjoy your time off, dear~
YAY RPs =D I can't wait to read more of your writing. :3
All that matters is that you're happy. You can't please everyone, after all~

:boogie: :dance::party:

Dude, you'll be the definition of brilliance one day. :P Or at least I'll convince you to stop putting yourself down. x3
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MelancholicDripsStudent General Artist
thanks :XD: Yep! Especially since they're all going out right now, so I'll be able to turn on the music and boogie a bit :D:D

Yeah, just a little hard to approach fighting people with a smile :aww:'' But i'll try, I promise :aww:

Yeah! I hope so too... I really miss her. :aww:

Haha well I've posted a bunch of RP's already... the zombie one is done (from a while ago), the Ayunli one is done, anddd the Archer Falcon one as well :D I'm about to go answer Idris+Diem one, and then I'm thinking about writing about the mission in Ayunli :aww:

:XD::heart::iconcocoglompplz: Thanks :) I'm not so much of a cheerer upper, but hopefully you do too :):la:~
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Oooh, sounds like a great way to relax after all of the tension. ^^

Very true, but remember that they are fighting each other, not you. It may not help a lot, but maybe it will work a little.

I can imagine. Siblings can be a pain, but they are precious.

I wanna reply to that so bad, but I am afraid of leaving Kat too far behind. ;;A;; Sorry. I completely lost track of Ayunli. x3 Your reply to Archer Falcon was brilliant. >w< I love Niels so much. xD I have replied to that~
If you do, there are bonus points~ Though I am thinking about opening character creature in Ayunli until the new year so that things will be a bit more active. xD

:glomp: I know I'm brilliant~ Just a different sort. :P
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MelancholicDripsStudent General Artist
Haha.......... Well, actually, I'm so busy today D: And tomorrow. And after that. And after that. :XD: I've made a list of things I have to do every day... and well there's not much time left over to play :XD:''

Haha it's alright! No problemo :)
Hahaha :XD: I like him too :D *goes to run, skip, and check! *
Haha yes hopefully I'll have time to get those points :D
Oooh sounds good :D

Haha good ;D Brilliance is always at its best when it's original. :D:tighthug:
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xDD At least you know what you have to do so that you can get it done~

xD Yush~ I am still debating if I can break my own rules or not. >.> I want to put something on Ashley to protect him.

:glomp: xDD I think it is even more amazing when it is a remaster of something old~
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