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Just Another Day :iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 1 2
Mature content
A Quarter of a Lifetime :iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 2 18
Here's Your Map
It's on the left, fourteen doors down
You can show yourself out
It's not that I don't want you
Not saying that I do
I just can see through you
And it makes me sort of blue
I rhyme~
Something, something time!
Sarcasm, spite, cynical dismissal
I'm waving goodbye eagerly~
I can see that you're sick of me!
Here is your invitation to leave!
Because just because you don't say it
Doesn't mean it isn't said
Because just because you can't voice it
Doesn't mean I don't hear it
Loud and clearly captain!
Your half hidden bitchiness isn't missed
It has been noted with vague interest
I just can't really seem to give a shit
Something, something it!
Gotta keep up the rhyme
Each word in place at the right
Oppz, fucked up
Just like everything else
Oh well
It'll still sell
Now, I'm sure you're tired of trying
I'm certain you're confused
You've always put forth kindness
Something I've refused
Even when you're angry
You front like you're not
But if you take a moment
You'll realize you've b
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 5 5
I still do poetry 8D
The attention whore
with a white and black mask
they're her version of antics
"Just jump"
she says it to herself
Just a bore
Once again:
Attention whore
Don't care
Screaming endlessly
With just a spider in her hair
She should get stoned
Not high
bashed with stones
Preferably until she dies
No one needs to know
or make it to be a show
We've covered this before
She's an attention whore
Nothing less, maybe more
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 1 23
Yours Truly + Update
I am the attention whore
That goes ignored
I am the stupid little slut
Too shy to show enough
I need your approval
Just so long as you look at me
I am the attention whore
Sitting in the corner
I am the dramatic slut
Quiet enough to be forgotten
I need your hands against me
Pushing away from me
Holding me
Hitting me
Just so long as you touch me
I am the attention whore
Best left ignored
I am the stupid little slut
Too shy to say my part
I need your everything
Just give it to me
I am the attention whore
Waiting for you by the door
I am the dramatic slut
No matter what
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 5 6
Hands wrapped tight around his throat
The two freeze
She breathes harshly
He stares calmly
They both know that if she got the chance
He'd be dead
She'd be free
They'd be over
Neither of them is more afraid
Than her because
He can just walk
And she'll crawl
His condescending smile sends her over the edge
Towards murder
Towards freedom
Towards insanity
He scream mocking at her when her eyes close
Wakes her when she rests
Taunts her ever breath
And wishes for her death
Or maybe it is her wishing and hurting him
They can't tell
We don't know
No one cares
Since before anyone had eyes to see
They've been dancing
Trying desperately
To pull free
They want free of each other
Of this world
Of life
And death
Unfortunately, all of us want free
None of us more badly
We're all equals
And equally lost
Abruptly, she no longer is frozen
And takes a swing
Hitting him again
Across the face
He has taken a hit before and smiles
She's hit him
His father has
His mother has
He doesn't care if they keep swingi
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 4 8
His Monster-Emotional Piece
This December
I finally saw my father
For the first time in three years
Some of you
You've got to be asking
"How? Hasn't he always been here?"
I can't say
Sometimes it is only his face
Other times it is my father
Watching over me
I don't always know
Is it him or his monster?
Has the angry drunk come back
Overshadowing the hopeless romantic?
Maybe this is
Could just be my way of coping
Simply disassociating this constant rage
Possibly nothing
Since he functions without meds
He obviously isn't sick enough to cage
I can't say
It's just not his gaze
My father doesn't judge me
He believes in me
But I don't always know
Will I meet his monster or find my father?
Can the care giver really ever come back
Or is this just another part in the sadist's act
This December
I saw my father
For the first time in three years
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 2 3
EotP-Ch3: Stuck in a Rut
That was the end of it. We had finally struck out. There was no easy way out this time.
Our food supply had vanished completely without our usual aid of meat. None of the trees were familiar, so I had no luck in making a bow. We didn't know any of the local plants to forage. Thaddeus failed horribly at hunting solo.
We were simply going to starve.
"I don't want to starve," I whined to Fallen, who laughed openly at my worry. Glaring, I snatched a twig off of a tree and threw it, rather lamely, at him. "It's not funny! We're going to starve to death, and then what will become of my beautiful hips!? They will wither and fade!"
When Fallen laughed harder, I couldn't blame him. Whimpering about my hips, no matter how truly wonderful they were, was a poor way to express my worry. I tended verge on ridiculous when I was frightened, a well trained coping mechanism.
Even knowing it was my own fault he laughed didn't do much to calm me down. I wanted him to at least acknowledge why I was panicke
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 1 7
Salpalmat is more than just our family name. It is our species, our blood, and our pride.
On the surface, we look no different than most humans, though one blood line can vary from alabaster skin to dark brown. Our bodies have the same shape and many similar functions, as well as herbivore dietary needs. Despite this, we are very different.
Our kind is tied intimately to stones in an unbreakable way. From birth, each of us has a stone that holds our soul separately from our body. Upon entering the world, it is nestled in our belly buttons, but as we age, it grows and changes to reflect us. For some, this means nothing more than hue variation, but some of us find the round pebble forming sharp edges.
If we lose it, we die in only a matter of days. Those that have watched their pack-mates die because of it describe it as falling into an inescapable depression. I prey I never witness nor experience this. Being run-through with a sword sounds more pleasant.
Even with our earthy origins, we
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 1 2
My Promise To You
Tied where you left me
I haven't moved, mon ami
I'm right where you put me
So where could you be?
Take me by the hand
Show me the lay of the land
Sit me by a tree
Bind my arms behind me
I'm right where you left me
I am waiting for you to come see
I'm right where you sat me
So where could you be?
Cradle my face, touch my cheek
Tell me not to speak
Leave me by a tree
Don't even glance back to me
Lingering where you left me
Just like a pretty little dolly
I'm exactly where you set me
So where could you be?
Laugh at my simple mistake
Teach me real from fake
Then bind me to a tree
And just abandon me
I'm exactly where you left me
I haven't moved an inch, truly
I'm exactly where you sat me
So where could you be?
Stroke my hair
Leave me there
By our tree
Just forget me
Dying where you left me
With no reason left to breathe
I'm exactly where you left me
So what will you see
when you finally reclaim me?
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 3 27
EotP-CH1: Cute
A world exists just beyond our sight.
Occasionally, it brushes lightly against our senses, calling to each of us sweetly. Somehow, it compels us to join, seducing us into following it eagerly despite its cruel ways. When it finally has our attention, it welcomes us, sometimes gently but most often roughly, because once it has us, there is no escape. It pushes and pulls us until we're driven to the point of collapsing.
There are times that we can ignore its call, keep our peace, and dream about a sweeter world. Those times, it is most often just teasing us, because once it sets its eye upon us, it is only a matter of time.
We can resist all we want, scream and fight, but no matter what, it will eventually trap us. Then we are its toy.
Nuzzling my face against a warm, bristly surface, I did my best to ignore this world. Even as its siren call to my senses crept in, I held fast against it. There were more pressing matters in a different world that called me.
The waking world was much too
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 1 13
Balaur by Muzica-chan Balaur :iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 3 4
And It Hurts
He's got this smile
That is absolutely adorable
And speaks such sweet words
Though his grammar is terrible
And it hurts
Because I can't love him
And I know
I shouldn't even want him
He's got this laugh
That could stop a heart
And a touch that feels safe
Maybe it could even stop the hurt
And it hurts
Because I can't love him
And I tried
But failed to want him
He's got this way
That makes me feel close
And a nature
I guess it gave me hope
And it hurts
Because I can't love him
And I guess
I shouldn't even want him
But I do
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 1 15
Princeling by Muzica-chan Princeling :iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 4 0
Gender Queer
Sometimes, I feel the man inside of me
Other times, the woman struggles to come out
In the end, I know there is no end
That is why I want to just balls up and shout
You see, this is what I am
Not quite a woman
But never to be considered a man
What is gender queer?
You may be asking
And I'll tell you that
It depends on whose answering
What gender queer means to me
Finally hacking of "what god gave me"
And waking proudly down the street
Skin exposed and questions raised
People as uncertain and confused
As when I hide inside of a hoodie
Inside of skin
Inside of what I could be.
To me, gender queer means
That I am of boundaries
For the gender binary
I am safe from labels
Of male or female, at least
It means that I can be free
Inside of my skin
Or out in public
What gender queer means to me
Modifying what I have
Until I am finally happy
No longer leered at as a weak woman
No longer mocked as a frail man
But a strong individual
Transcending skin, maybe dabbling in sin
All to
:iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 8 12
Sereg by Muzica-chan Sereg :iconmuzica-chan:Muzica-chan 0 13


This is my first *real* critique, so it is probably gonna be lame, but gimme a chance to get used to giving them. :XD: I shall follow my u...


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United States
Call me Muzica, Muzi, or Galen please. :3
Somehow, I'm now seventeen. It's hard to wrap my head around, but I'm proud of myself for making it. xD
The love of my life is writing and day dreaming.
I want to see the world and write a book, just like every other teenager.
There is so much I want and so much I fear and so many thoughts that it would take years to put them to paper.
But if you care to read, I shall certainly write. ;)


Update Schedule for January 2012
Mondays: None
Tuesdays: Chapter of Echo of the Past
Wednesday: Poetry (if I have any to post)
Thursday: Group Pieces (if I have any to post)
Friday: None
Saturday: Chapter of Echo of the Past
Sunday: None

Muzi's dA Family

:iconhinfallend:< Eleie
:iconthesandhut:< Big Sister =D
I know that at this point no one comes on here anymore, and that's cool. I don't expect you to at this point. I can't remember the last time I actually posted something, much less interacted. Still, I'd like to say that I am completely done with this account. I am deleting everything off of it and abandoning it like a ghost of my past~ So dramatic. xD Not really though. I just have no reason to be on here. I settled into my other account and all this one does is take up time in clearing out the messages, so I am just done. I unfollowed everyone. I am going to take down most of my pieces-and probably submit them to the scraps of my other account. I guess this is goodbye.

If you want to get a hold of me, as always: :iconmuzica-g:, just come talk to me <3


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Umm, I wrote a bit of literature which I'm finally happy with (obviously it is nowhere near as good as yours...wait, it's bad to compare *slaps hand*). It's of my characters (who're a couple) Mickey and Kevin.

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No, it was 400 for a couple of short stories, then I earned some points from doing designs, and finally a few artists I commissioned couldn't finish what they promised, so they sent the points back. xD
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