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Abstract - Flower Power - 1of2

Abstract - Flower Power - 1 of 2 <<<
Abstract - Flower Power - 2 of 2 - [link]

Here's something you wouldn't normally see in my gallery. Something which is not anime!

Cheer all ye anime-haters. Well, I've been going around the forum recently and -someone- stated that those who draw anime should stop and look around at what better art there is out there and widen thier horizons since, according to him, anime limits our skills. Well, this made me go back to my art-school days and I fished up a couple of drawings.

This is an abstract drawing which I had worked on a while back for class. We had to create a set of complimentart paintings and this is what I came up with. Back then, I was pretty proud of it.

Well, you see, I drew this when I was 14 years old, back in 2000. I believe it wasn't too bad compared to my work today. ^^'

Note: I'll be uploading the second artwork, related to this one, shortly.
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Indeed this is very nice!
I don't like ppl saying things like that... my art teacher used to say that to me too all the time.
Besides from drawing big eyes and shiny hair, I think anime has helped me alot to practice anatomy.
If I would give them another face and some different coloring they might even look realistic... (okay, besides from the flaws in my drawings)

But then again, by seeing this, I might try something else some time too :D
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Well, drawing anime and cartoon characters allows you to draw whats in your head, and not some model thats standing naked infront of you only. I mean, think about it, at some point, after drawing anime over anime, most people on this site can draw without an actual model, but if you stick to realism, you can't really do that, cause you'd be model dependant.

It's true, trying something new is always good, and it's refreshing. Even a change in style for example, can turn out to affect your drawings (in a good manner hopefully) in the future.
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Arg, naked models, so embarrassing...
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Exactly my point. ^^'