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Toon Brushes4 Simpsons Edition

By muutus
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More Toon Brushes for you cartoon maniacs out there! The Simpsons this time, even!

All Characters - Matt Groening

These brushes are not for commercial use! They are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

When using these brushes:
*Do not create anything for sale or profit or legal action may come your way!
*Do not submit prints to deviantART or any other online artist collective!
*Be sure to credit the authors of these characters in your work!

Other than that... Enjoy!
© 2007 - 2020 muutus
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The Simpsons by Ankoku-Sensei Used! Thank you!
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nice jeje gracias
muutus's avatar
Not a problem at all... Enjoy!
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You got it goimg on thanks
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I used to be an animator and director on the show for twelve years. Cheers to this collection!
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That's wicked cool. I'm glad you like them.
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Thanks much! Always glad to have another fan...
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nikho edogawa is here ~

u're welcome . it's my pleasured
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Love this one ... thank you ;)
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Thank you! Go see my gallery for more!
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i've seen) all of them are very cool! thank YOU!
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No problem... just like to give the heads up to the people who might want them...
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Thanks! There's more brush sets in my gallery if you like these... Go see!
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nice stuff :) I also :heart: Your grim & evil brushes, sweet ;)
but why is flanders stuck in a rectangle? relase him ;P
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Flanders is stuck in a box? Hmmmm, must not have tested that one... Oh well, one mistake out of 41 ain't too bad, no? Also, thanks!
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