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uke and seme

this is what my seme and uke looks like

my uke characters has always have > bigger eyes, small neck, round face

i draw seme characters with> smaller eyes, longer face, necks are a little bit bigger than the uke's neck
(it took me one year practice to draw a seme face in a right way) drawing REAL people can help when it comes from drawing seme characters

uke are more cartoon-ish
but some artist draw manly uke, it depends on your taste

matsuri (C) :iconiluuuv:
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I c-can't even....
*Hugs you*

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Never got this Uke/Seme thing, a gay relationship is in the rarest cases the same as a straight relationship.. I like yaoi with two dominant males. :) But I really like your seme, he looks gorgeous. The uke is too feminine for my taste, but I really like your style
I on the contrary like 2 ukes
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yeah this are the old stereotypes good for beginners of making a yaoi manga...  im fine with any types just dont give me futanari x.x
ToshioArtworks's avatar
I actually love everything with two males, it's just my personal type, two really dominant parts is perfect for me :D 
And I don't like futanari that much, it's basically a girl who identifies as a girl with a dick, so.. Not yaoi, but not quite hetero. 
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Do you play nitro+chiral Bl games? They are not girly both manly. i think it will suit you. Traps are okay to me.
ToshioArtworks's avatar
I will look it up.. And traps are great, I don't know why I like traps, but epecially really dominant traps are something for me. I just don't like the character/personality to be too feminine/girly.
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Hmm reminds me of ayase from okane ga nai.
I like izumi from love stage, a wannabe seme
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It doesn't  matter anymore now!!!  Your seme can be both!   While your uke looks more like a shota!
Muurin's avatar
yup it looks more shota than uke.. this drawing is very old ^^ i think i can draw older characters now
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Seke's are the shit now! 
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The one on the left got the shota style, while the one on the right got a bishounen style. That's how I take it.
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OMG! looks like naru from ghost hunt
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Wooaa! Thank you so much for drawing Matsuri again :icontearplz:
Will try to work on my semes now, this helps a lot <3
And omg uke Matsuri = cute and seme Matsuri = too-hot-for-my-kokoro :iconmahfeelzplz:
You truly are an amazing artist :icontearplz: *touch screen*
Hmm Matsuri is kinda a seke so he's between those two :O but i fail so much he's like more on the uke side :iconcryforeverplz:
Anyways thanks again! I feel bad that you drew Matsuri twice (well three times, but you know what I mean lol) so I'll draw something for you in return ;)
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you said matsuri is "shy" person so i cant make him look like a jerk or bad ass.. hmm i think need to practice my seme more.. i can only draw pervy, bad ass, and emo semes. OTL
Fuu is my fave pervy seme that I made [link] (i know he looks like chikage kazama shhheesh)

go!! a nice bl wont be a bl without a sexy semes.

and oh.. for drawing matsuri 3 times.. erm, i just want to draw him, he is fun to draw than Nao XD i want to rape matsuri with my pen tablet jk!
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Aaw, so lovely! I quite like your style, the faces are pretty and the hair looks so fluffy ; 3 ;
Though I think your seme would make an exquisite uke, too, EHEHEH... |D
Muurin's avatar
yup. thats what I am thinking too :iconimhappyplz: but they are not my characters and i cannot change their personalities.
Luciteo's avatar
They are very handsome~ :3
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