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:iconmuuluzi:Muuluzi posted a status
I swear I do not feel safe on my school bus anymore. I have to sit by these girls in the back of the bus and mm. Well anyway I guess this girl said something rude to them in school because one of them went straight to the front of the bus and smacked her. Then that girl scratched the one who smacked her and so she started bleeding, and then the girl who was bleeding grabbed the other girl and threw her on the ground and started punching and kicking her. Then she came back and sat in the seat next to this other girl is really rude, like I tried to ask her something and she started getting an attitude. Then when I had to get off at my stop I was trying to grab my bag and I guess she thought I was trying to hit her (?????) so she started getting defensive and stuff but this girl told her I was just trying to get my book bag. And these girls have been to this school called horizon which is where they keep the kids that misbehave and fight and stuff so I'm really scared for myself. Like I could maybe take one of them on but I feel like they would gang up on me. Plus this bus is crowded so there is no where to run cuz I'd trip over legs in the isle.
Oh well, they're gonna have a pathetic future.

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Nocturn02 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy shit
*hugs muu*
Safety bubbles much needed :(
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