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See you at school Faellony then we have summer, yay..
She is amazing and just go join snfsnks.
Everyone go watch :iconnocturn02: they’re amazing I just huhbihb
imma draw something good for you. anything. I l you so much I just thank you.
Colored sketch (I’m tryna experiment) -20pts?
Regular drawing colored - 100

Colored and shaded - 120
Myth-redraw by Muuluzi Mango by Muuluzi
Two Characters- 150 + 25 for shading
+50 for more characters and 25 for shading per character 

Can draw anthro and animals.
ill try at humans but like that ain’t gonna be pretty so stick with furry babs

AND NOOOO SUUUUPER COMPLICATED DESIGNS. LIKE 6 colors at most. And not many lines and stuff
It hasn't snowed in years!
I'm working on a new main oc. I did have one before but I don't like it anymore so I wann make a new one. It's definitely gonna be a dog but which one. I have brought it down to four 

A: A keeshond
B: a leonberger
C: a Tibetan mastiff 
D: a chow chow
i want a big fluffy dog to represent me
If you have any other fluffy dog breeds please comment.
God I ruined him X3
Won't be posting for like 2 years cuz that's when my brother will leave the house and that's when I'll get my tablet back. Cant draw digitally anymore, can't talk to my friends, can't watch videos, can't learn a new language. Just giving up on my dreams cuz apparently we have to sacrifice our devices for my brothers benefit.
It's been forever since I've been on DA but I'm here. I haven't posted in a while and there is an explanation. I GOT MY TABLET TAKEN AWAY.
My brother had gotten his phone taken away and my dad just wanted to make it fair so.... yeh. I don't know when I'll get my tablet back so I might post some traditional art. Thanks for still watching me even though i legit suck at art. 
Tagged by :icondazer-ghoul:

Name: Angela

Star sign: idk? Am I supposed to? Um my sign is leo but idk what a star sign is. Someone please explain. :)

Average hours of sleep: 7 hours but since summer is coming, 10 hours!

Lucky number: 5. Does anyone apply genders to their numbers? I do to the numbers 1-12 and some are couples or relatives. XD

Last thing googled: Is my dog going to die? He's old, I want to know.

Favorite fictional characters: ummm.... It's.... I don't really know. Lemme think. Killua and Gonna (Hunter x Hunter). I know I watched this anime a long time ago and I loved the characters (The Last Exile). I should watch it again.

When did you start this account?: February 27, 2017

Number of watchers: 61. I think someone unwatched me XD. I need to post more often.

What do you post?: Well. I post animals. More specifically drawings of animals? Look in my gallery and you will definitely find animals. But don't look at the newest drawing I feel bad about that.

Current Attire: School uniform bcuz I had to go to school. Golden shirt buttons and collar. Navy blue pants.

Do you run any more blogs: Never done a blog. I guess I do somewhat on DA?

Do you get a lot of comments?: Lots of comments on my journals. :/ Not many on my art. XD But I get the favs! Kinda...

Why did you choose this username?: Because in 5th grade my friends and I made these fake moustaches for the last week of school and everyone in our class wanted one including the teacher. We called them Muustaches. I do want to change my username, though. When I get core.

I Tag: :iconfaellony: :iconmartith: :iconsoupy-chickens: and :iconlemoniichan:
Sorry this was from yesterday and it's really ugly. Sorry. I kinda gave up.
If anything looks off tell me
Everything looks off!!!!

Found my first ever drawing of Myth! I drew this during church. XD. This was when I started to draw snouts better and I was really proud of this, now that I look at it I'm lmao!

Do you guys think I should do ych's or commissions?

i honestly feel confident about doing ych's. I drew something for my friend and it ended up looking really nice. Please comment below and tell me what you think.
Hello I am pretty new to deviantart and hope you will like my art. All the art on line paper are old art. I only posted them to show how much I improved. Please give me a chance and I hope you guys like and comment on my art. Ok bye. - Angela aka muustache7234