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get nekked



idk, that was the name of the file and I couldn't think of anything else to call it e _e

color practice kind of?
I got drunk and thought that drawing Iomos and Typhon was the best idea ever and ended up putting way more effort into it than needed. ...i wasn't planning on putting it on DA but marki made me so... yeah e xe
...those two would get along so well if they didn't have to hate the other on principle > _>

For those of you interested, ~Markition-Necrovius is writing something really awesome with these two. Aphrodisiacs are involved :I Maybe if you bug her enough, she'll finish it faster and submit it to deviantart for everyone to see c:

k back to refs

Typhon belongs to meh
Iomos is ~Markition-Necrovius's
Trolls is Hussie's
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It's been 2012 since you last posted fanart here. Where ever you are? I hope you are doing okay.