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April 8, 2009
To the mask under? by ~muttiy. From the suggester: "His painting is beautifully vibrant and ethereal, with harmonious colour schemes and fluid compositions. "
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Suggested by solfieri
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Mononoke: To the mask under?

From Japanese Animation "Mononoke"
Episode 6,7 "Nopperabo"

Watercolor Illustration.
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nambnb's avatar
This is really beautiful, colorwise it's wonderful and the sad atmosphere between these tow is nicely portrayed as well.
Kringelkatze's avatar
you are freakin amazing... 
BloodyAris's avatar
This is amazing...all your art is amazing. 
Can I share this on tumblr (with Da share buttom, which  automatically links to this and your gallery), or have you already uploaded it there so I can reblog? Thank you!
muttiy's avatar
Of course, it is all right. Thank you!
signorBianchi's avatar
Wow, the expression on the face of the woman seems just perfect to me.
naningskie's avatar
love it!!! i like the colors! :D
reverseinverse's avatar
This series is so good. I wish they'd make more episodes...
Chysnachstral's avatar
Oh, I remember that episode! :D
Whenever I see it, it gives me shivers down my spin.

The picture's blaze of colour is quite appealing!
SharkVamps's avatar
yeah ! i like it !!
somnambulisticspree's avatar
sephypsycologist's avatar
This arc was so chaotic, but I love this picture. :heart: It was rather sad, to me.
Kutori's avatar
Woah, "Nopperabo" is not one of my favorite, but I love the love story between the mononoke and the maiden....Is just beautiful.

Nice art *O*
Kough-Drop-Kid's avatar
lahiro's avatar
Cranier's avatar
This is really wonderful.
RavenVonBloodimir's avatar
im going to be the mos honest that i can and say ----I freaking love your work i like this watercolor ilustration of monnoke-hime
Somatra101's avatar
luv all of the swirlies, and the watercolour look.

uch a cool idea.
HarukazeV's avatar
Mdkangs's avatar
u are so good at watercolor.
nice works and colors.
good job!
ChibixGunner's avatar
Oh man I love those guys. The one in the kitsune mask kinda confuses me about who he is, but wow, I love this work!
015270's avatar
Aww so Beautiful!!
raspberryDA's avatar
So amazing! *_*
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