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Mononoke: Jealousy

From Japanese Animation "Mononoke"
Watercolor Illustration.

Balance, Kusuriuri and ...

Edit: Color adjustment.
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I like everything in that work! The way, in which Kusuriuri smiles (or rather not?), the scale standing on his nail, the face of the sword and all colours. You've captured the atmosphere of the anime very well.
xxASKxx's avatar
The painting was beautiful, but you forgot the bells on the scale o:
Kakurosu's avatar
HAHAHA what a face the katana has X3
snoop-fox's avatar
The fang won me over on this one. xD
sephypsycologist's avatar
Ah, the scale. It's rather...appropriate that a Medicine Seller relies on a scale to do his work. :heart:
Tokuchi-gakupyon's avatar
YerSuchAGirl's avatar
Oh hell in a breadbasket this is amazing.
ayuICHI's avatar
That hand is fantastic :0
ElsewhereArts's avatar
his teeeeeeth

how I love them.
OnirikWay's avatar
As ever, really beautiful :)
Great work of details, i love the choice of the view ^^
paper-boats's avatar
Lovely as always!
YONXI's avatar
hey, what do you use for lines??))) watercolor or liners?)) your art look so cool *O*
aXDdel's avatar
Luling's avatar
love it i just love his smile ....or grin :worship:
deathinghast's avatar
I just love this and the scale^u^

All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams.
Lweeling's avatar
This is totally awesome, I love the point of view in thi picture =)
Lergahin's avatar
I love how you paint him ♥ The angle and is smile are great =)
Wai-Jing's avatar
Hehe love the expression on the sword! I wonder what Mr. Scales is pointing at...?
SaveTheDonuts's avatar
I have always wonder, in that series I got to know many strange Japanese words when describing the kind of the spirits and such, how alien where those words to you? 'Cos I would feel dizzed by all those definitions @___@
Colonel-Mogan's avatar
Of all the Mononoke art I've looked at, yours are consistently superior. Your entire artistic style is just perfectly matched to the style of the series and you always manage to convey the right feelings in your work. I <3 you.
Morosi's avatar
You know, if you opened some of your Mononoke pictures up as prints, I would seriously consider buying one.
Kyo-katt's avatar
Lovely, as always!!:D
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