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- process of thought - by mutsy - process of thought - by mutsy
this is something i did for my humanities class. we had an assignment to do a visual representation of what we think our thought process is like in our sketchbooks, and this is what i came up with.

i'm really pleased with it. i love the burst of color i get when i open up my sketchbook.

i did this a few weeks ago, but i've been too lazy to scan it. it's in a hardcover sketchbook and it's difficult to get it into the scanner. and as you can see, there's a slight blur on the edge... and also the colors are a bit off because my scanner isn't too great with colors. but when i can i'll get a better scan.

aaanyway, the girl is supposed to look a little like me (cept she's much prettier of course) and stuff.

used: prismacolor pencils and mechanical pencil.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-01-05
- process of thought - by *mutsy is a vibrant work of a pensive subject that succeeds in keeping the eye moving. ( Suggested by Heatheru and Featured by zeruch )
Angie-Pictures Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

MERRYMADNESS Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
lovely ^_^
lestrange13 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2008
Wow this is beautiful! I'm drawing something similar to this for my deviant ID soon.
hecatongyros Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
I like it, it has gorgeous bright colors which are simply contagious, and the contrast is very clear and still, it works perfectly as a whole. Good job, keep doing whatever you do.
GMAC06 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2007
Wow Stunning.
SamAnne Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007
Incredible work.
x-101-x Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006   Filmographer
It is interesting seeing artwork from other parts of the world. It is unique to me. It's very colorful and it is interesting to look at. Good job!
mutsy Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006
thanks! what do you mean by seeing artwork from other parts of the world?
mirrj Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2006  Student Photographer
rare exotic beauty! beautifully done!
alexandra-man Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2006
beautiful! love it :X
DarkRayneRules Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice :)
nazmiO Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006
i like your did u get inspirations to draw...........?
mutsy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006
i've been drawing forever. i'm inspired by a lot of artists and random little things in life... i'm sorry if that's too vague, but it's hard to condense such a topic...

thanks :)
nazmiO Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2006
WOW........the combination colors are wonderful.......and i like the way you present your feeling into a visual..........

i like the pattern too, it look peaceful to me........

nice work!........and keep it up...!!

if u have any drawing like this, can u show it to me...........?........please
Ente07 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006
Amazing. Truly captures the power of imagination.
english-pyro Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2006
Oh my gawd, prismacolor works so well, I shall never look at a different brand of art supply the same way again.
This is so coloury and pritty and you can't even notice the blur.
protoplasm Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2006  Professional General Artist
arrrgh, the colors. this drawing makes me happy.
platypuschild Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
Very, very colorful and smooth. :)
problemedchild Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2006
Lots of beautiful and colorful imagination and creativity seeping out from your head Nikki :P I always thought of my thought process as pealing potatos but.. XD nah, more like a strange picture of a large tree leaking into the clouds in a tye-dye mess of swirls an colors, flowing into the clouds ^_^ Yay
kiwikellie Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2006   Photographer
This would make an awesome tattoo. I love the colors and spontaneous nature of the design.
jakegillespie Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006
Great style and use of color. Makes me happy just lookin at it. Great work!
Relient-K Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
specktickleillusion Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2006
wow i LOVE this drawing...

you are very talented =)
rocksicle Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2006
Just thought you'd like to know I picked this deviation for the latest GD 5: Heart and Soul. So congratulations.
mutsy Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2006
wow, thank you very much! it's an honor :)
Genki-Chu-Hi Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I love the colours!!! ^_^
FaeAmara Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
Hummmm... I am applying for college and was told to critique an image for an entrance essay. I thought that you should know that I chose this peice XD And that you also deserve to see what I wrote:


Analyzing a piece of art is always interesting for me, because it’s like I’m trying to get into somebody else’s thought process. I chose to analyze a drawing that I came across on, a website that many artists my age display art on. This person calls herself Mutsy, and drew the piece for an assignment; which was to draw what they thought their thought process looked like.
In the lower left-hand corner of the page you can find a representation of Mutsy herself, with beautiful details like the curves in her ear and individual curls of hair. Starting from the figure her hair expands throughout the picture, turning from sienna to almost every other color. About a third up the page her hair changes into thick areas of bright colors or shapes. The hair stretches all the way across the page to the upper right corner, where the shapes and colors become the most edgy and vibrant, finally curling into a circle. Meanwhile the lower right and upper left-hand corners of the page are softer colored and are made up of thin curling lines rather than large shapes. Finally, the image was colored with prisma color colored pencils, and Mutsy has chosen to show viewers her mark making abilities by cross-hatching to give the figure form and provide a gradient for the background.
Considering that this image was supposed to show us Mutsy’s thought process, I’d say Mutsy got the point across rather nicely. Her eyes are closed; giving me the impression that she is thinking and the figure isn’t in the center of the picture. Not to mention the whole hair turning into dreams is pretty much a cliché for images about the mind. The cross hatching along the edges of the page helps push the eyes up towards her psychedelic hair, which emphasizes that the image is not about the figure, but what her hair represents. Lastly, the artist did not leave the upper left and lower right-hand corners empty. All of these are what I considered to be this picture’s strengths.
However, as in most pieces of work, parts of the image can be improved. For example, most of the lines in the image are sketchy, which draws away from the shapes in her hair. They could have been more defined and thus made a larger impact. Also, my eyes cannot truly choose a center of interest. Logic leads me to believe that the figure is always the center, but the bright colors of the ‘hair’ draw my eyes away, and them curling into a circle stops my eyes there. So, I think it would have been better if Mutsy had more clearly defined the center of interest.
As I said, critiquing is always interesting for me. In fact, my only beef is when somebody takes my advice personally, because a critique is meant to help the artists improve themselves. And that bothers me because I always want to improve.
mutsy Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006
wow. this was really great to read. thanks! i'm flattered you chose to write about my work..!
FaeAmara Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
XP You're welcome. I really like this peice ^^ Especially like the little cartoony you. So cute!
kitty1613 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2006
That's awesome. +fav
andreamb Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2006   Photographer
i lovee itt!! it's fantasticc!
lambi Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006
Thats so great. Thoughts are a lot like that.

Looks like we had similar thoughts. ha. [link]

Very nice work.
Annarosa Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006
Nice use of details and different shapes. Also colours are great. Well done.
TrishTrumpet Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006
So beautiful and vibrant!
kholoodfantasy Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like your drawings @_@ they are so inspiring
when I went through your gallery I ran to my canvas and start drawing

Thank you for inspiring me ^_^ and I am looking for more future drawing of yours

I saved most of your gallery so when I feel alittle down I can cheer myself with your beautifull art @_@
Kiki-Hiraku Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
Very original!! ::claps:: Awesome job ^.^ I love the use of color~
X-1985 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
I could say that I like that piece of art. It's particular and beautilful.. nice colors also.
Your style is particular :)
X-1985 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
I could say that I like that piece of art. It's particular and beautilful.. nice colors also.
Your style is particular :)
antilogia Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
I adore the iridescence and the fluidity of these shapes. It really is a befitting representation of the thought process. Wonderful. :+fav:
Kharmalina Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
**until i looked at the full view
Kharmalina Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
wow, i thought for sure that was digital. that's an AMAZING drawing. definitely deserving of the title of DD. congrats! :)
deejayess Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
that's super wicked. i love the part where the hair goes into the "thought"
MadCheshire Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
T____T im mad at you.

how could you NOT put this up as a print?? this pic is freakin amazing! XD i feel like spanking you cus you didnt put it as a print. i would put straight onto my wishlist! faster than the speed of sound! beat that, coldplay! XD
CurlieFri Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
wow! that is...amazing! i love the colours! i love colours so much so, this is like a treat to me! it soooo beautiful! and the colours so elaborate! wow! i faved it and have been looking at it for like 10 minutes already and i'm still in aww, i only stopped looking to write this comment! so very cool! 100/100 great job! just blew my mind!
changerous63 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006   Traditional Artist
J=)y j=)y

Halfling Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006   Photographer
That's kinda how I always imagined it too. Just a bunch of colorful nothings floating out of my head. Awesome work, it's lovely and fun.
SecretMorning Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006   Photographer
so That is what a thought process looks like... mmm... veeeery interesting! Hehe! :)
Congratulations on the DD :)
FaeAmara Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
That's so beauteful, I love her face. Especially the little swirlies on it ^^

I think my thought process would be a little more chaotic 0.o
headintheclouds09 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006   Photographer
this is a wonderful and very original drawing!! i love it!!! GREAT colors!!!
RWingflyr Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2006
Lovely color and movement. Nice. :thumbsup:
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