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TFA CONCEPT - Jumpstart by MutouMiriku TFA CONCEPT - Jumpstart :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 7 TFA CONCEPT - Streamline by MutouMiriku TFA CONCEPT - Streamline :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 6
The Secret Language of Ratchet
The Secret Language of Ratchet
Four Ways Ratchet Shows He Really Does Care About His Teammates (even when they're being totally spastic coughBUMBLEBEEcough)

Ratchet never could understand what in Primus' name was going on in the heads of certain bots he knew. Certain young bots. Who had no idea how much trouble certain things could get them into—and didn't particularly care, most of the time.
Back when Sari had still been, for all intents and purposes, a regular eight-year-old girl, she and Bumblebee's favorite past-time (next to video-gaming, of course) had been going for joyrides through the streets of Detroit. This was one of the stupidest hobbies Ratchet could think of; it wouldn't exactly go over well with the human police if they wound up catching a speeding Autobot transporting a mere child at highly dangerous speeds. But neither one of them would listen to reason—Bumblebee would start moving, restless, and then he simply wouldn't stop unti
:iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 10 13
Return to Innocence
A single white contrail slashed violently overhead—a vivid scar, glowering against the gentle blue of the summer sky.
His chosen vehicle mode was called the Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor, but she couldn't have known that. It had been created for stealth and secrecy, for materializing out of the darkness and raining utter devastation upon unsuspecting foes, before melting away like the shadow of a nightmare...but she couldn't have known that. It was sleek and graceful and deadly, gleaming vibrant red and pristine white, and he could tell already that she was drawn to it—to him—even though he was sure she knew that she should stay away.
He was more, much more than met the eyes.
But she couldn't have known that.
She stood at the edge of the clearing where he had touched down only minutes ago, staring at him with eyes that were both frightened and curious. Tiny, she was, even for a human; no more than five or six stellar cycles old, according to his rapid calcula
:iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 6 21
Mad-Lib Meme by MutouMiriku Mad-Lib Meme :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 12 Fairy? by MutouMiriku Fairy? :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 2 4 'You know who I am.' by MutouMiriku 'You know who I am.' :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 16 12 Nostalgia by MutouMiriku Nostalgia :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 1 6
Mature content
101 Rules of the Society :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 8 39
Thinking Of You by MutouMiriku Thinking Of You :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 1 14
Where I'm From

~Jesus of Suburbia,
Green Day
Where I'm From
I am from the smell of books and the smell of rain
And of pine and woodsmoke and fresh, clean air
I am from the mountains
And the forests and the oceans
The desert and the tropics
Big cities and small towns
I'm from believe in yourself
Be kind to each other
Be who you want to be
I'm from music and mystery
Camping and climbing
Inspiration and imagination
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
I am from the artists and the singers
The readers and the writers
The fifth-grade musical where I rocked out loud
The quiet corner where my keyboard stands
I'm from helping hands and hard workers
Actions speak louder than words
Rebuilding sad, broken houses
Reviving sad, broken hearts
I am from never say never and never say die
Make new friends, but keep the old
The crazy new girl, the perpetual optimist
Smile and smile, laugh no matter what
I am from best friends all over the world
Quaint sayings and culture-shock
The words are different, but
:iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 5
Writing Meme by MutouMiriku Writing Meme :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 3 'Don't underestimate me...' by MutouMiriku 'Don't underestimate me...' :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 1 6 WTF, KAZUKI. xDDDDD by MutouMiriku WTF, KAZUKI. xDDDDD :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 4 14 - Rise Above This by MutouMiriku 14 - Rise Above This :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 0 2 Three Sisters by MutouMiriku Three Sisters :iconmutoumiriku:MutouMiriku 1 15

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Something out there... by Rainbowgal Something out there... :iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 3 10 Teen Jewel - Anime Style by Rainbowgal Teen Jewel - Anime Style :iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 3 14
Hope, and All-That-Is
I've always wondered, just who I am,
And my purpose here on Earth.
Did I exist sometime before,
Or was I born at birth?
Will I achieve great things in life,
Remembered through the years.
Or will I fade, like Winter mist,
Into a world of fears?
Will I make a mark upon,
The pages of history?
What is worse, igominy,
Or infamy?
Should I do whatever it takes,
To stand out from the crowd?
Or should I leave this earthly stage,
With a respectful bow?
After I die, what's there to do,
What's there left to be?
Is there a Heaven, or a Hell?
What happens to you or me?
Do we rush to the kind embrace,
Of a benevolent deity?
Or is life cast aside, an empty husk,
A life full of wasted piety?
But no matter what, there still lies a hope,
A hope that stands true and tall.
The hope that there is something else,
And we should heed its call.
A hope that death is not the end,
And is in fact a stone.
Across the river of All-That-Is,
And we won't travel alone.
:iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 5 19
Make Me Bleed
Cut me, make me bleed,
Slice me, its a need.
Let me find what pain's about,
Go ahead, gouge my eyes right out.
Rip me, as I say,
Gut me, it's more fun that way.
Drag that blade across my skin,
Lust for blood, the deadliest sin.
Carve me, no restraint,
Mark me, a sign of taint.
Baptised in my blood and sweat,
Pain chokes me like a net.
Hurt me, make me scream,
Re-enact your darkest dream.
Tease your tongue across my flesh,
Pain and ecstasy, tangled like mesh.
Finish me, take my soul,
Leave my heart as black as coal.
And, like a sacrificial goat,
Slice that blade across my throat.
:iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 4 27
ENDLESS DOGPILE by SonicRocksMySocks ENDLESS DOGPILE :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 794 217 NARUTO FEELS THE LOVE TONIGHT by SonicRocksMySocks NARUTO FEELS THE LOVE TONIGHT :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 1,775 734 Return to innocence by Radittz Return to innocence :iconradittz:Radittz 2,395 187 Johan Andersen by MasamuneRevolution Johan Andersen :iconmasamunerevolution:MasamuneRevolution 202 38
It was his eyes that she loved most of all.
It had been his eyes that had captivated her from the very start, from when she had first seen him. One look and wow! What eyes! They were large, bright and beautiful, sparkling, shimmering with life. And they were always what she looked at when she spoke to him. She couldn’t look at anything else.
She was different from her mother and grandmother in what she liked about the opposite sex. Her mother and grandmother had both said that they liked males with dark hair – the darker the better – and brown eyes. For both of them their look preference had worked well enough: they had married men with dark eyes and hair and a gentle, loving personality to match.
She had inherited the looks of her father, everyone said so – brown hair and chocolate-coloured eyes. She hoped that she was as kind and gracious as her father and mother too. She knew that she had her father’s almost unshakable confidence. But whenever he
:iconrainbowgal:Rainbowgal 12 18



United States
Current Residence: Somewhere in Florida.
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Yami no Yuugi/Pharaoh Atemu, Jaden Yuki, Danny Phantom, multiple Sonic characters
Personal Quote: "I meant to do that..."
  • Listening to: Rainbow Veins (Owl City)
  • Reading: Nothing. o_o END OF WORLD PLZ
  • Watching: Transformers: Animated
  • Playing: Dragon Age: Origins
  • Eating: A sammich. Nom.
  • Drinking: Tampico Punch
I'm switching accounts.

Sortof. ;P

I've discovered two things: trying to get all my favorites and deviant watches over to the new account is a pain in the BUTT, and I'm a lazy bum. So as the title so helpfully states, here's the deal.

From now on, all journal updates and art/picture uploads are going up on my secondary account. For replying to uploaded deviations from my peeps, I'm sticking around here. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, everybody's happy, nobody complains that I disappeared off the face of the planet. :3

See ya there~


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