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It's time to separate fact from fantasy.

Starting now.
Over on my LiveJournal I was challenged to draw 30 monsters in 30 days which has turned into an enormously fun project.  So much so that I'm going to lap the thirty monsters easily, so I've changed it to 30 days of Creatures - meaning I can post more than 30 in the same time period!  I've already completed over twenty-five, but I'm eking out the postings to two or three a day.
Anyway, I'm not too likely to upload them individually here for some time yet, so I'm plugging it here with a hint to go on over and check 'em out.

I've not been keeping up with all the comments and submissions here, but I'd like to think I'll wade through the backlog and get up to date!
Inspired by all and sundry, I've put an old illustration onto a t-shirt at

Click here!!

Please go and vote, make my day. x
It's a graphic journey throught the horror that is a deck of male nude erotic cards.  It's a side project that I was plugging in my livejournal but neglected to put up here due to the nudity.  And the fact that I've charicatured each card to be as butt ugly as I perceived them!

I have also come to the realisation that I've made it a tricky and irksome job to order a copy because it's full of ugly penises.

You will have to Sign Up to first because I've given the content a mature rating.

Once you're all set up, change your account Access Level to mature so you can actually see the book in the listing of my Storefront.

Then you just jump to the aforementioned Storefront and click on the "OMG!  SELL ME NUDITY" button to collect your valuable prize with negative monetary recompense!

This has been a My First DeviantArt Advertisement Production.  Normal programming shall resume shortly.
I still don't navigate DevArt all that well, so I'd like to say thanks to all the hello's and faves and shouts, just in case I accidentally miss anyone!
Just as I was apologizing for not keeping up with the comments being left for me, I was shocked to suddenly discover a zillion bajillion new messages today.

Um, thanks to the guys who plugged my picture for a daily deviation, that was a surprise.
And here I was having absolutely no idea what a daily deviation was prior to this... :^)

Thanks all for saying hi and faving and watching and commenting and shouting.
You're all cool and stuff and I'll attempt to respond in time.
I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented or +watched me recently, I'm a sporadic and lazy updater and that also affects my response time to comments.

I appreciate it all and wanted to say greetings and salutations.