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Inside the House

Part of a series of images for a story set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Created in Maya and rendered with mental ray. All of the models made by me except for the big chair, gun, and bookshelf.


Additional work in photoshop.

If you're interested here are others in the series:
Diner: mutiny-in-the-air.deviantart.c…

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It has been so hard for me to find employment that I decided to start my own project. The final form it will take is unclear but it will deal with the collapse of American suburbs following a non-zombie related catastrophe.
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It looks like a scene from the game called The Last of Us which I thought was really beautiful in terms of storyline and scenery! :D
clovermint's avatar
im glad you're making it a non-zombie apocalypse...
mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
Yes there has to be another kind
ysmth's avatar
awesome light!!
LordFhalkyn's avatar
Reminds me of The Last of Us.
MCGhost501's avatar
I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought that.
chubbycat-nya's avatar
Such a great atmosphere~ 
Nomad-j's avatar
Sometimes I see this and say was this reference from a photo but realise son ppl just got it like that
mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
Thanks, some of the textures are photo source, like the walls, but mostly its just putting things there and seeing what happens
AlexDemian's avatar
Very nice concept!
JavaBeanJohnny's avatar
I feel like I'm inside it!!
Jamal-Torres's avatar
Reminds me of The Last of Us by NaughtyDog
Takeshji's avatar
First thing was "This War of Mine! <3".
DigitalArt-VTG's avatar
...but in a different way I can imagine you as the next conceptmanager for the second part of 'the last of us'! I think I change from DAZ to Maya!!^^
mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
That would be awesome but a  really tough gig to get.
Maya is suited for some tasks better than others, it depends which software you feel compliments your workflow.
DigitalArt-VTG's avatar
well, the only one I can handle good enough is DAZ and Carrara. I would prefer Octane but it's quite too expensive atm. Reality is at 2.5. too complicated and Maya never tried. Where should I start???
mutiny-in-the-air's avatar
Try asking at cgtalk, someone there could probably advise you better.
Xigbar-Kun's avatar
Jesus christ, this is amazing beyond words. You, sir, need to make a world-shattering game.
floolf03's avatar
1: Convert it to Unity engine.
2: Put it in a game.
3: ???
4: Profit.
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