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Welcome. At 2023 I'm most interested in how to have 3D software produce non-photoreal renders (NPR). This means renders that are 'believable' as 2D hand-made art, even to experienced comics-readers and to fellow digital artists. Or which can be made so, after tickling with a little Photoshop or other software. As you might expect, this takes a lot of experimentation and painstaking learning!

In 2023 I'm also testing out some AI images, as is everyone. One day I'll learn to paint properly, and have loads of ideas from all these pre-selected AIs!

Please see my Patreon page for more details about my many interests and projects. You can find me at Patreon .com at /davehaden - and every little helps.

Over the years I haven't treated DeviantArt as any kind of comprehensive repository of my work, and nor have I regularly 'worked DA' as some people do (expect for keeping up with my 1,000 or so 'Favourites'). Thus - if you care to scroll back past the more recent AI art - you don't see all my visual work here at DeviantArt. Just the sort of thing that may interest the regular type of DA member.

Main frequent-use graphics software:

| Adobe Photoshop and plugins | PaintStorm (best digital painter) | Poser 11 ('3D to 2D' comics/sketch) | DAZ Studio (photoreal 3D rendering, it's free) | E-on Vue (3D landscapes with lush atmospheres) | Microsoft Expression Designer (lag-free vector inking, it's free) | PhotoScape (general image utility, it's free) | Microsoft ICE (picture stitcher, it's free) | Topaz Gigapixel AI (upscale pictures) | and many others, less used.

Favourite Visual Artist
Moebius, among others.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Chill synthwave, British electropop (from early Numan to the best of the Pet Shop Boys), Mirror System.
Favourite Books
The Lord of the Rings.
Favourite Writers
In genre, Lovecraft, Tolkien, Simak, Robert E. Howard.
Favourite Games
Morrowind, Unreal Tournament 3, TheHunter.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
See the above list.
Other Interests
Deep research on Lovecraft and Tolkien; running a search-engine for finding open access scholarly content; running a local 'news you can use' service for creatives.
Three free ways to use the free Intel OIDN denoiser, on a desktop PC with DAZ Studio or Poser 11: 1. Inside DAZ Studio, run on the renders from the stack - 2. Standalone with batch processing, but uses an older version of OIDN - 3. Standalone with drag-and-drop, uses latest OIDN version, but has no batch - Poser 12 / 13 and 'subscription Vue' users don't need these, as they already have OIDN built-in to the render process. OIDN is the best, because Intel trained it specifically to clear the grain and fireflies from 3D renders. It means you can do fast and somewhat grainy renders, clear the grain with OIDN, and thus save a whole lot of render time.
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My suggested ten-step workflow for AI image generation, post-work, posting and culling: 1. Work out your finished and refined prompt, in some other session. Then, in a new session, use it to generate 1,000 images in batches of four (i.e. 250 clicks, which is free with Playground.AI where you get 1000 free images per day). 2. While doing so, locally save perhaps 140 of the images that visually 'work' (i.e. maybe 15%). Also save the very occasional images that have nice elements that might be easily cut-out and pasted to other pictures. 3. Of these suitable saved pictures, use your judgement to select perhaps 20 of the best for light Photoshop post-work. IrfanView can display huge thumbnails in a Windows folder, which is useful here. Make a new 'Sources' folder for the selection, and also other folders called 'Upscale', 'Discards', and 'Finals'. 4. Upscale your choices with Gigapixel AI (ideally not with its 'Art' model, which I find never works well) to 2x. Put the new up-scaled
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Off the top of my head, in five minutes, some reasons to play around with what AI can do... 1. It's really free (e.g. if you use Dream by Wombo, Playground .ai), which is nice in these difficult times. Let someone else (venture investors) pay for the graphics cards and their huge electric bills. 2. It's new and fun, and getting better each week (e.g. the big improvement in generating hands, which arrived in March 2023). Let's see what it can (and more importantly, can't) do. Where are the gaps in which real 'hands-on' artists will still be able to work and (maybe) get paid? Starving artists need to know such things. 3. It lets me visualise a concept, fantasy race (e.g. "Imp Magicians of the Dewlands") or place (a Syd Mead spaceport), work out the looks. One day I might take those ideas and paint or draw the best, with some added twists and combinations undreamed of by the AI. Now is the time to make and stash such images - AI is a fast-moving target and will never be/work like this
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