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COGS #2 by Z-GrimV
We are happy to announce the release of an improved API. After many years the api had become a little confusing and was not keeping up with changes to its backend systems. We therefore decided to redesign parts and fix some of the confusing naming and behaviour.

These changes are versioned so if you are using version prior to 20150416 there will be no change in behaviour, we plan to support the old api for around a year.

Summary of Changes

The folderid and stashid fields have been replaced by stackid and itemid respectively, this change applies to all endpoints.

These endpoints were removed and their functionality is provided by newer ones

  • /stash/folder
  • /stash/media
  • /stash/metadata
  • /stash/move/file
  • /stash/move/folder

New endpoints to manage stacks

  • POST /stash/move/{stackid} - moves stacks
  • POST /stash/position/{stackid} - change the position of a stack within a parent stack
  • POST /stash/update/{stackid} - update stack details (title, description)
  • GET /stash/{stackid} - fetch stack details, returns stash_metadata object
  • GET /stash/{stackid}/contents - list stack contents, supports pagination

New endpoints to manage items

  • GET /stash/item/{itemid} - fetch an item, returns stash_metadata object
  • POST /stash/delete - delete an item by itemid

Stash Metadata object

  • Renamed fields folderid and stashid
  • Removed is_folder
  • Replaced keywords with tags

Any problems can be reported on the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Header artwork: COGS #2 by Z-GrimV

Mikey186 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
Is there a way how I can use DeviantART API with IFTTT Maker?
KovoWolf Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you! :)
photofroggy Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh shit is that some REST?

inb4 updates should be PUT
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