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September 21, 2009
Very cute! typography plate: cronies. by ~mutatedMILKFISH
Featured by Sander-Seto
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typography plate: cronies.


errrm yeah... the colored and modified WUFFLES --> [link]


plate for typography class...

used techpens and watercolor... (no, not colored pencils)

the alphabet...

imaginary friends...

... er?



* zzz... zzz... zzz... *
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What's a cronie? :3
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This is quite lovely, mutatedMILKFISH,

I hope to have your permission to use this as an example of image as type for an assignment for school. Proper citation and credit of course.

iluvsparkles's avatar
I just love this to pieces.
Shikon-Kaiyo's avatar
Whimsical and imaginative, and it's type! ^.^
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So adorably amazing (:
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From sir alpajora?
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Hahaha! I KNEW IT. I have mine uploaded too. XD
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What a great design, I love the way they are all the same whilst being totally different. Colouring is also good as it has variations that a flood fill created when using a computer does not. Well done on your DD.
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That is adorable.
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Looks great. just LOVE it man!
mutatedMILKFISH's avatar
These littles monsters are so cute. Can I buy a copy of this image? Is it not available as a print?
mutatedMILKFISH's avatar
i guess you can download and have them printed. :D
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I love the Wuffles. I'm so glad you posted this. I actually linked to it on my blog (and linked to your gallery to promote your other works of course):


Check back to this page in a few hours and I guarantee you'll see other folks liking, loving and commenting on this piece.

Also, if you don't like anything about the way I've posted it please let me know.
mutatedMILKFISH's avatar
it's an honor.
thank you so much. :)
UrbanInsomniac's avatar
I love these! They're so much fun.

Somewhere on the web I saw technology for color fonts. This would be so cool to typeset a website banner in.

I hope you do more. I'm new here so I'm still navigating the site, but did you do any numbers yet? Or punctuation?
mutatedMILKFISH's avatar
haha none yet! hopefully i'll get the chance to make a new batch this year! :D
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This is amazing!
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