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-January 1st, 2000: y2k causes nuclear fallout, destroying half the world's population.

-2009: nuclear radiation moves to concentrated parts of the earth, allowing human society to reestablish itself. Mutants appear and, facing persecution from normal humans, create a caravan, naming it Ormazd.

-2015: Zeal, the first Machen, betrays the hordes of Hell and escapes to Earth. Eventually he finds Ormazd, and begins to blend with the mutant society.

-2016: a traveler from a human settlement stumbles into Ormazd, meeting Zeal, who has been established as a blacksmith and protector. The traveler is called Aria.

-2018: after living among the mutants, Aria and Zeal travel to human settlements to extend good relations between humans and mutants.

-2019: Zeal meets Aela, a young woman from the Sky Valley settlement. After a few months, they fall in love, and shortly thereafter, marry one another. Meanwhile, human/mutant politics are met with tragedy when a mutant slays the human leader Darius, leading to growing conflict between the two species.

-2020: war erupts between the species, with Zeal, Aela, and Aria trying to reestablish peace. Zeal and Aria are eventually called to battle, with Aela forced to stay behind. It is later learned that Aela is pregnant with Zeal's child.

-2021: Aela gives birth to Nazo, while Zeal fights for peace on the battlefield. Aria sides with him, along with the human warrior Drago and the mutant rogue Vexes.

-2025: the war ends with The Treaty of Ormazd. Zeal is marked as the mutants' official political leader and signs the treaty along with Drago, the new human leader. Zeal is reunited with his family.

-2038: Nazo celebrates his 17th birthday and learns the truth behind his heritage. It is revealed that Aela knew the whole time, but kept it secret at Zeal's request. Nazo trains to become the next protector of the mutants.

-2039: during a diplomatic mission, Zeal is killed by a mutant assassin. The assassin is caught and killed by Vexes, and Nazo assumes the title of protector. Aria and Drago are both killed in their sleep, their assassin's identity or identities unknown.

-2041: Nazo begins the construction of Progress City on the ruins of Ormazd, stating that Ormazd was a symbol of progress. Vexes contracts a disease that targets mutants, making him Patient Zero, and is given a minimal chance of survival.

-2042: Nazo uploads a dying Vexes' consciousness to a computer program, hoping to save his life. The process is successful and Vexes lives on as a program.

-2044: a faction of humans begin cybernetic enhancement, naming themselves Cybers.

-2046: Nazo is designated a world leader at age 25, heading to the Cybers' new home of Cyprus on a diplomatic mission for peace between the species.

-2052: Nazo leaves Progress City to journey through the remnants of the United States. Along the way, he meets an old woman name Cerce, who predicts his family will suffer great loss.

2058: at 32, Nazo finds a small human settlement. There he meets a young woman named Sierra,

-2099: a new Machen, known only as Grandfather, is born.

-2118: Grandfather bears seven children: David, Alice, Gabriel, Cain, Abel, Mary, and Alec.

-2135: Grandfather trains his sons and daughters the ways of the Machens, teaching them the arts of weapon generation.

-2137: During a covert mission, Grandfather and six of his children are killed. Only the youngest, Alec, survives, taking the role of protector.

-2140: World War Three breaks out between the newly formed Cyber race, the humans, and the mutants. Alec enlists in the Army.

-2142: Alec is placed in charge of the 666th Platoon. There he meets Jean Havok, Haley Darknite, Dana Ross, and Steven McFarlane.

-2143: Alec leads the 666th Platoon to victory at the battle of Skytown, leading to the end of the war. He loses both of his forearms, but they are replaced with military grade titanium mesh prosthetics.

-2145: Alec marries Dana Ross.

-2146: Alec's fifth and sixth children, Damian and Stephen, are born. Alec celebrates his 28th birthday. The Aquinas race makes its first appearance with peaceful relations to all the races.

-2150: Alec returns home after work to find Dana dead and his children missing. The only clue he finds leads him to believe the mega corporation Black Ash may have had something to do with it.

-2152: After gaining enough concrete evidence, Alec storms Black Ash's main building in Rio de Janeiro. Along the way he meets Chun Grantz, an employee at the building who helps Alec along the way. Later that year, Alec and Chun presents the evidence to the reformed FBI, shutting Black Ash down for good.

-2153: Alec starts a magazine dedicated to gaming in the first utopia Progress City, naming it Game Inquirer. At the same time, he establishes himself as Progress City's protector, adopting the supranym Ex Machina.

-2154: Alec bumps into Chun again, and they start dating. Later in the year, Hell takes Chun hostage, forcing Alec to dive into the pit to save her. Chun is nearly forced to become Satan's bride, but Alec cleaves him in two with Zeal's scythe, Clockwork Requiem. There he learns more of his heritage, and that Machens aren't allowed into Heaven or Hell.

-2155: Alec and Chun get married, and later have Niké. Alec celebrates his 37th birthday.

-2169: Niké is enrolled in Terrace High, meeting the Cyber Gigas for the first time. Niké celebrates his 15th birthday, and Alec celebrates his 52nd.

-2172: Niké learns about his heritage and the weapon generation technique. He renames it Gun-Shift. Niké meets Aquaria "Blues" Rodriguez and her brother Chuck, two Aquinas. Niké and Blues fall in love with each other and start dating.

-2173: Alec journeys into a computer program for an article for his magazine and is infected by the ABRAXAS virus. He returns to the real world and undergoes a drastic change, causing the wave that eventually became known as The Catalyst. Two unknown programs follow Alec back to the real world to make an attempt to purge the virus from Alec's body.

-2174: ABRAXAS infects three quarters of the Progress City population with a vampiric like virus. Chun gives birth to Dana Machen, Alec's eighth child. Niké, Blues, Gigas, and the two programs, named Vexes and Lianette, face ABRAXAS. They defeat him, costing Niké his life. With his dying breath, he tells Blues she is pregnant. Alec dies alongside his son at age 56.

-2191: Niké's son, Titus, and sister, Dana, learn about their heritage from Alec's missing sons, Damian and Stephen, now called Zandred. Niké returns to the living, rejoining his family from the gates of Heaven, as a reaper. Vexes and Lianette introduce a music bar called the End of Line club, with Vexes as the lead musician. Titus trains to become the protector of Progress City.

-2193: Dana and Titus move to Cyprus City for college, both enrolling at Cyprus University. Niké takes over for Titus while he is away. Dana meets David Smith. Titus officially comes out as homosexual, which was no surprise to anyone.

-2195: David Smith begins to see ripples in time, along with a girl named Tiana. It is revealed that Tiana was forgotten by time, and David and Dana set out to rescue her. After meeting David's father, Dana goes missing, and Tiana appears in her place.

-2196: David's father shows a miscalculation on his Tesseract, allowing the possibility that Dana was in one of the recycled rooms of the box John Smith lives in. David and Tiana go to rescue her, at the cost of Tiana returning to the room she was held in for so long.

-2199: David and Dana are happily married. David perfects his father's Tesseract equipment and rescues all the people that time forgot, including Tiana. Dana becomes the protector of Cyprus City.

-2205: A mysterious boy lands on David's doorstep wielding a key shaped sword. Another appears in Titus' place in Progress City, and a third boy appears at the home of Niké and Blues. At the same time, three girls are found around the cities: one at the End of Line club, another at Chun Grantz' house, and the third at the ruins of Alec's magazine.
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For those of you who occasionally check my page but don't look or like anything (looking at you, Moonlight_Keeper), I've branched into a new project titled Ormazd. It's essentially a comic that I'm writing set in one the world's my Kingdom Hearts OCs visit eventually. This particular world is called The Catalyst, and it's very near and dear to my heart, since I've been developing it since Ninth Grade. That's like six years ago! I'm twenty and I'm still writing this damn thing! Now, you're obviously wondering, "Gee, ENDBRINGER117, if your world is called the Catalyst, why'dja name it Ormazd?!" Well, the story is based in the world's past. Every character I've ever drawn on this page is a part of The Catalyst's future, but I realized: there is no definitive past. Which is where Ormazd comes in. It's much like Fallout, but quite a bit different. It has mutants being discriminated by humans, which apparently everyone loves to read about, and with that, I offer you, my viewers, an opportunity. If you want a character of yours in my story, let me know. I could stand to add a few more humans and mutants. :D
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So, holy shit on a Wednesday! It's been forever since I uploaded anything. But I recently busted an artistic load, so here I am again! :D

That being said, this is a rant. Because I noticed something about the in-game history of between Megaman X and Zero. If you haven't played either series, be warned, for here thar be spoilers.

After the last Megaman X game (X8? I think?), we're told Axl was critically injured cuz his head jewel thing got busted. However, in Megaman Command Mission, he's all fine and dandy.

Now, between X and Zero, the Maverick Wars finally come to an end after X used the Mother Elf to rid Earf of the Sigma Virus. During that time, Zero sealed himself away. So that happened.

Well, after that, a crazy old white man named Dr. Weil created a giant monolithic monstrosity named Omega to fuck up the Mavericks' shit towards the end of the war, using Zero's body as a base. Oh, and he turned Mother Elf into the Dark Elf, thereby causing what could literally be called World War 4, but was actually called the Elf wars. Everything he did was government sanctioned, by the way. That's why we have anarchy, kids!

So the Elf Wars lasted about 4 years. X, being a whiny bitch who couldn't handle Omega on his lonesome, woke up Zero, slapped a new bodyon him, and used the final strike move to win the war. Zero gets sealed again, Weil is turned into a cyborg and exiled, omega is shot into space.... And that sets up the events for the Zero series.

Now, going back to Axl. We know he's alive during these two wars. Two possible outcomes could happen. 1) he was slaughtered like a pig during Copy X's "Reploid Retirement" plan, or 2) he survived what was basically a second Holocaust on Reploids. Me being an optimist, and Axl being one of my favorite characters, I pick option 2. But this begs the question: WHERE THE HELL WAS HE IN THE ZERO SERIES?!

I mean, if he survived, he could have told Zero everything when he woke up! He could have helped the resistance! He could have done a bunch of things, but he.... Disappeared.

Axl literally fell off the map after the X series. Yeah, ZX Advent makes a homage to him with Model A, but you have to wonder; if he lived, what has he been doing?

That being said, expect to see some pics of him in the Zero series style. I think the new look will be good for him.
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Ok, so.... It's been too frigging long since I posted anything or uploaded anything. Well, just so you all know, and to stop the fans from throwing wine coolers at my head, I have been drawing quite a bit. Along with that, I got in a trip to comic con, unlocked my Keyblade (which looks a lot like Sora's, by the way), and got inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood. Also started a relationship, but I think it's more of a "friends with benefits" kind of deal..... Sigh.... I'm gonna die alone..... Feel free to message me and update me with..... Well, whatever! I love hearing from everyone.

So yeah! Talk atcha later!
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What up what up what up?!

Tomorrow I'm heading out to San Antonio, Texas for medical education. It's gonna be awesome. I should probably get my phone and laptop soon, so expect to hear more from me in the future.

I havent stopped drawing, so expect to see more art from me. Hope you guys don't mind line paper, though.
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The story is complete! A fitting way to begin a hiatus. For the next few years, I'm going to be serving as a doctor for the us navy. Should be fun. Thanks everyone who liked my stuff enough to follow my page!
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What up, peeps? I got a little proposition for you. Some of you may be familiar with my new character, Jack Gefroren, or Jack Frost. Lately, I've been tossing around the idea of a series of short stories surrounding him and his pupil, Elisa Brennen (I have yet to post her). I already have the rough draft, but I want to see what you guys can come up with! Call it a contest.

All entries must be in by May 10th. It doesn't have to be a whole book, just a short story. I'll read your entries, and in my next entry, I'll announce the winner.

There are no prizes, so don't get your hopes up.

Some stuff to get you started:
•Jack was a prisoner of war during the war with Afghanistan.
•he suffers from mild PTSD.
•Jack and Elisa are part of a human
sub species known as Controllers.

If you guys want in, let me know in the comments and get started. Have fun!
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Hey, all. It's been a long while since I posted anything. Truth is, I can't think of anything to draw. I've been trying and trying, but I just can't seem to get the ideas to flow, y'know?

If anyone has any ideas for me to draw, or hell, just cheer me up or whatever, just write in the comments.

Sorry for not keeping you guys up to date...
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I'm an unsung artist, and I've been told I have potential!

Life doesn't suck as much anymore...

*sniff* Thank you, all you people watching my work. It really means a lot to me. And especially thank you to those who got me started on the path to recognition. You know who you are!
Man, it sucks I gotta leave in a couple months... But. I'm leaving to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. Thank goodness for the navy giving me that opportunity.
I just want to point out.

If ANYONE uses my art without my express permission, I will FUCKING EAT YOUR LIMBS!!!!