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Another experiment w/ animated gifs. Might edit it into an avatar later (but I'll have to completely rearrange it for that).
There is total of 70 frames in this, it's kind of large for an animated gif, so it may go slow on some computers.

Edit: I finished my avatar but I had to edit so much of it out to be under 15k... =(
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LOL! Sweet!
Penguins are awesome! XD
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lol that's funny. =D
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I tried to upload an animated gif... but it only shows the preview... I suppose it's because it's over 150x150px....

Why can you do it and I can't??

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Well... that one, "Overrated", was done a long time ago. Before they did the update to DA (about 7-8 months ago?). When I did the same thing w/ my 'Spin Franky Spin' [link] , I had the same problem: It only works in previews. I tried several different things, but to no avail. I've seen some people have done it after the update, but I haven't a clue why it works. If you find out tell me.
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loved this animation and the avatar too... what did U use? flash?

kiss kiss
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Animations shop. It's a fairly simple animation program that makes animated gifs. Still haven't learned flash yet.
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penguins are sweet
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Unless you ruffle their feathers... we hate that! Dood!
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Indeed... *Attempts to smoke the bubble pipe, and then chokes*
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XD it looks so damn cute when its knocked out!!
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Like children whene they are asleep. One they wake up though...
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i find most children are quite placid when they wake up from being hit across the head with a bat...but thats just my exprience ;p
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Hmn, I'll have to try that next time. Do you suggest wooden or aluminum?
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your choice...i always find wood gives that more satisfying organic thud though...
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I wonder why I didn't check if you had done a .gif deviation before doing it into your avatar. :+fav:
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Poor, poor mowhawk penguin.


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Don't worry, he'll survive to be obnoxious another day!
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Yay for him and his purple-ish mowhawk!! X3

(It's a great animation, btw. 8D)
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Yes! PWNAGE!!!!! Cool job...
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