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Blushy White Diamond best White Diamond... you guys agree?
Steven Universe and by extension White Diamond belongs to Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network
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"Something's wrong...with ME."

Your picture perfectly captures White's conflict upon realizing this.
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Grinch Face"I'M FEEELING!!" 
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Leafoe278Hobbyist General Artist
"There's something wrong...


Me: Yeah, it's about time you admit it.
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Looks like an aheago face.
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How to defeat white diamond: roast her
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newwideshoesHobbyist Digital Artist
every one dose not have to be perfect 
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damn it another great series ended 
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The season ended. Not the show.
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lightman2120Hobbyist Artist
Chill. It was just the season.
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neoDualismHobbyist Digital Artist
it isnt over lol
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WHA Its Not .... Well I mean it just seem that they stuffed in so many things in it felt so early like it was over
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PSfreak2012Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well they did that because they thought the show was gonna be cancelled
Cartoon Network gave them the green light for another season and a movie

Plus there are a few things that haven't been resolved nor talked about yet
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neoDualismHobbyist Digital Artist
nope lol theres still a season 6 and a movie..
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HuntressOrdinaryHobbyist Digital Artist
I's over isn't it - the encore
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Who said it was over?
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ForeverForestThingStudent Digital Artist
This looks amazing!
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Honestly, white diamond is a mood, even while blushing.
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It's funny how blushing is the ultimate defeat for the powerful super being. Personally I liked Blue diamond the most only because she was the first diamond not to be completely evil.
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i love diamond from steven unvierse
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UniversumnewhorizontHobbyist Filmographer
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MyDadBeatsMe23Hobbyist General Artist
I love it!
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