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Deadly predator by FelisGlacialis Deadly predator :iconfelisglacialis:FelisGlacialis 381 66 Pine Marten by Ivan-Kovalevskiy Pine Marten :iconivan-kovalevskiy:Ivan-Kovalevskiy 41 14 weasel by LumiLumi weasel :iconlumilumi:LumiLumi 60 8 K22 by SargassosArt K22 :iconsargassosart:SargassosArt 17 4 Steppe polecat by Renum63 Steppe polecat :iconrenum63:Renum63 48 2 Toast Weasel by ToastWeasel Toast Weasel :icontoastweasel:ToastWeasel 135 22 White Ermine by Stalio White Ermine :iconstalio:Stalio 4,114 520 The Weasel by Nina-HN The Weasel :iconnina-hn:Nina-HN 15 10 Meeny-miny-moe by barbcast Meeny-miny-moe :iconbarbcast:barbcast 38 5 Sentimental Otters by KlakKlak Sentimental Otters :iconklakklak:KlakKlak 1,115 56 Death messenger by FelisGlacialis Death messenger :iconfelisglacialis:FelisGlacialis 339 67 Ermines II by Lutri Ermines II :iconlutri:Lutri 153 35 Chart of European Mustelids: Size and Colour by redwattlebird Chart of European Mustelids: Size and Colour :iconredwattlebird:redwattlebird 172 6 Martens by Avanii Martens :iconavanii:Avanii 271 48 Mustelids by Sylfaenn Mustelids :iconsylfaenn:Sylfaenn 244 22 April by ThePyf April :iconthepyf:ThePyf 167 15







We were asked by Mutabi to spread the word. It's for a good cause and supports both artists, their work and nature, and includes mustelids.

This is a charity art project raising money for animal welfare and artists from all over the world are  invited to draw individual pictures and donate revenue to protect the environment.


Invitation to an art project for our nature

Do you like drawing or creating art?
Do you offer commissions or want to start with it?
Do you love our beautiful nature or have a favourite animal?

So please use your skills and join the Naturama Project 2018!…

It is a project, that collects artists from all nations to draw together commissions for our environment and the animals, we love.
At the end of the project, we donate ALL money (each cent!) to environmental organisations to help saving:

* the last tigers
* wild wolves
* amazing birds of prey
* sweet and helpless pets
* otters and rare snow leopards
* the marine diversity
* the little but often forgotten wild bees
* the fluffy bats
* dangerours sharks
* and the cute hedgehogs!

2011 we started the Naturama Project and about 40 artists collected 1.800 Euro!
Since then we drew, crafed and created and were able to donate all in all
19.363,98 €!

And this year...?

Become an active part in naturama and send a mail at:… !

The project starts offically at 1st of April 2018! Join us now!
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About Us

"Mustelidae (from Latin mustela, weasel), commonly referred to as the weasel family, are a family of carnivorous mammals.

The Mustelidae in general are phylogenetically relatively primitive and so were difficult to classify until genetic evidence started to become available. The increasing availability of such evidence may well result in some members of the family being moved to their own separate families, as has already happened with the skunks, previously considered to be members of the mustelid family.

Mustelids vary greatly in size and behavior. The least weasel is not much larger than a mouse. At the other end of the scale, giant otter can measure up to 2.4 metres (7.9 ft) in total length and sea otters can exceed 45 kilograms (99 lb). The wolverine can crush bones as thick as the femur of a moose to get at the marrow, and has been seen attempting to drive bears away from its kill. The sea otter uses rocks to break open shellfish to eat. The marten is largely arboreal, while the badger digs extensive networks of tunnels, called setts. Some mustelids have been domesticated. The ferret and the tayra are kept as pets (although the tayra requires a Dangerous Wild Animals licence in the UK), or as working animals for hunting or vermin control. Others have been important in the fur trade. The mink is often raised for its fur.

As well as the most species-rich family in the order Carnivora, mustelidae is one of the oldest. Mustelid-like forms first appeared about 40 million years ago in the Oligocene epoch, roughly coinciding with the appearance of rodents. The direct ancestors of the modern mustelids first appeared about 15 million years ago.
" ~
-Edited excerpt from Wikipedia

Mustelids include weasels, otters, minks, martens, wolverines, polecats, ferrets, grisons, and badgers. Skunks were somewhat recently removed from the family Mustelidae, but are acceptable in submissions.

Group icon is by NinjaFerret22! Thanks!



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How was my drawing? It's Ok. I take feedback from you guys.
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Oh damn... I just noticed that I placed my paintings in the wrong sector... I'm sorry about that. Can I somehow fix it?

This is really embarrassing. I can't concentrate enough, because of sleep deprivation.
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It's ok- it happens occasionally. I don't think members can move their submissions, so I'll have to do it for you. Where would you like to place it? They seem like they should be in the otters section.
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You are right: Two otters and one mink.
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I'd appreciate that, though it's fine for now. I'll remove the pieces- and species to their respective folders.
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Merry meet you all and thank you for accepting me to the group! :)
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You're very welcome-  thank you for joining, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay!
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Thank you. :)
Axic0n Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2020   General Artist
What do you think about NSFW works (gore theme)? I have never seen rules about them.
Han-Wik Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2020
Hi there and thank you for your contributions!

That's an excellent question, especially since there were never any rules established for this group. So far there haven't been any problems related to it, but now that you bring it up it's a good idea to have them up to avoid confusion and prevent potential issues, so I'm considering making a list of rules for future reference (kind of silly that we've been without restrictions for so long when it's such a standard thing to have in a community). For a start, I agree with the rules made for fuzzy-freaks-club when it comes to NSFW, which can be found on the front page of the club, both when it comes to gore and sexual content. However, I'd allow a blood if it's portrayed in a subtle way and not all over the place.
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