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So the day has come when Game of Thrones season 5 blu-ray is finally out!
A few of you might be familiar with the extra called "History & Lore" and I'm happy to let you know that last year I was asked to
make some part of it for season 5! It was pretty unbelieveable and I was very excited, but a little bit scared as well, because I
never found myself good enough for something big like this. I more or less satisfied with the result, I did my best in the short amount of time I had, but of course I keep thinking my artworks in it would have turned out to be better if I would had
my usual amount of creating time. Anyway, the animators at Buddha Jones did a wonderful job with my artworks, making them even better than they was when I handed them over! 

If I learned something from this project is that I really need to learn to draw much faster than before, but in the same or even better quality, so this will be the aim for the future from now on!

In case you don't have a blu-ray device, you can see my works (among with the others) on youtube:
1. Robert's Rebellion in old Barristan's PoV:…
2. The cover and illustrations of the book in The Dance of Dargons:…
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Hello there!

I do not always write journals but when I do... Oh nevermind, I never did it yet. But now!

Is there anyone interested in reading some interviews? Well here's one with me generally about A Song of Ice and Fire and about a few of my artworks!
I recommend not only just read mine, but to explore the other interviews on this page as well if you want to get familiar with some other amazing ASoIaF fan artist! They all have very gorgeous artworks!

Also, since it seems to be an interview time, I answered a few questions back in a day about a year ago too. Somehow I didn't manage to let you know about it (rough times were back then...), but it's better later than never!
You can find it in an online Game of Thrones fanzine, right here:
The interview with me is in Issue 2 page 16-17.
But you better take a look on the rest of the pages and other issues too if you don't want to remain without a smile on your face! :D

And at last I would like to say sorry about not uploading anything lately. I don't have time to do any personal artwork, because I'm currently experimenting some professional way. But don't worry, you will have the chance to take a look how I managed with it! :)
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