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Victoria Aeterna

Victoria 2, still very much alive. The cutest default face out of all Vickies IMO.

The figure itself and these skin textures have been "vaulted" from the DAZ store, sadly.

A question to dear viewers: is there any "mature content" here? And would you say it can be safely posted to the DAZ forums or not? Kerya made a thread for oldschool characters that I would like to contribute to with this one... but I'm so not sure =D

Tech specs:

DS4.9 -> custom 3Delight shaders -> custom "scripted renderer" scripts -> RIB export -> rendered to EXR in 3Delight 12 standalone -> tonemapped & otherwise processed in NIK Collection AnalogFX through Partha's custom GIMP builds.

In this render:

- V2;
- Trixie hair (DAZ3D);
- textures from OOT's IrayPair pack (Rendo);
- dynamic Circle Skirt (DAZ3D);
- free Magical Vest by AerySoul;
- free DanceStudio by SAMS3D (one of Rendo's Xmas freebies IIRC - I found a link but it doesn't work anymore);
- Calida3D "Ancient Tech" textures (from their now-defunct store);
- noise textures generated in Paint.NET.
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what a beauty! I I only noticed now, great composition and light ( not to mention the textures :D) and no problem with mature content, this is all fine to go over to DAZ.
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Oh my, thank you! I'm blushing now actually, because it's probably the first time I got a comment about the composition being good. It's one of the areas I know very little about because of no education in arts.
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Well I don't have any expertise in arts really, all I learned was from the New user contest on DAZ forums and whatever I picked up since then. So maybe I'm completely wrong about that, but its my honest opinion, and I really like it that way.
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Your work doesn't look as if you "don't have any expertise in arts" =)
You're from Germany, right? There is a chance that your basic secondary school art course was something substantial by the standards of other countries. I remember Rhian who's also from Germany telling me about how they were even doing oil painting in class...
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Yeah, I remember doing one oil painting in expressionist stile.. duh wasn't anything of that sort really, though LOL
I never expected German arts education to be anything more then really basic, but then I always had some interest in arts even when its never came to any fruitation really until I discovered DAZ. On the other hand I am kind of a sponge when it comes to information that I have an interest in, though I still have a hard time when it comes to the logic of shaders, can't seem to get my brain involved with all the mathematics behind them...
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Nah, if you want "basic", it's Russian secondary school course. When it comes to the "real deal", I think we only had one 40 min lesson for drawing perspective and two for drawing a still human figure in some kind of a "default pose". Everything else was sort of "child's play". An introduction to an introduction.
We had a separate "World arts and culture" course, but it was very perfunctory, again. We were basically just shown pictures of paintings, statues and architecture with a bit of narration about them. I submitted an essay on classic rock album covers and got an excellent mark. Imagine the depth, haha.

Well, whatever I learnt about shading past the Gouraud/Phong models from my 1980s books, it was all focused on Renderman, but the ideas are fairly universal actually. I think Pixar's general resources are nice:…
And the MDL handbook is way more than just "something for Iray":…

Then of course there is Andrew Glassner's amazing (legally free) book, but it's more about the whole rendering thing, not just shading, and there's quite a lot of maths. But it really clears the mind of many a misguided concept.…
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Thanks for the links with the great informations, though I'm afraid its not the lack of information available that keeps me from really digging into it, its more the lack of free brain capacity in the moment. Real life can be a hassle... it should go away as long as its not nice to me...
concerning artistic education, we never had a lesson on drawing human figures at all, I guess they felt awkward with that kind of stuff in the 80's in Germany, we had to learn not to be such a prude from our east german people after the unification
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Either way, it means you have less searching to do for the time when you have more "free brain capacity" =)

Hmmm, so weird, I've always thought the Soviet-influenced cultures were (and still are) prudish.
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Looks quite safe! Also tender and soft, very nice.
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Thank you so much =) I was hoping she could evoke the "tender" feeling.
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I think it's not mature content, there is no "genital" skin exposed anywhere. And the dress covers quite a lot decently.

That said - wow, the materials look amazing here. Especially for such an old figure. 
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So your vote is the third, and if I don't get any negative votes over the next week, then I'll try the forums.

Thanks! Updating materials is probably the only 3D-related thing that I can say I'm sort of good at.
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
I would say really good at. ;)
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Thanks! But let's just say "better than average". It would be more accurate (the "really good" guys work in VFX).
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
Depends on your scale I guess. 
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Check out the Image Engine company, if you want to see "my scale". These are really good. No apples and oranges because they also use 3Delight.
Chanteur-de-Vent's avatar
You mean people who do CGI for movies?
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Yeah. Although when I think "CGI" in its purest sense, I think Pixar toons = when you don't have any live footage you need to blend in. So Image Engine are VFX in the sense they do stuff to be mixed with footage. As "photoreal" as it gets.
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Wow, I never even had V2. She happened during the time that Bryce was the only 3D program in my entire world. :D
As for mature content, I'd say she's definitely forum-safe.
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Maybe they will unvault her one day =)
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A Render kettu, after all this time? Wonderful work. I don't see anything mature here at all, i'd say post away.
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Thanks so much! Yes, a render, unbelievable XD Actually I finished it a couple of months ago, but never got around to uploading.
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