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Rogue a la Mode

one of these rare events when a "test render" turns into something nice-looking, at least from a technical standpoint =) yes, it's just a portrait without any deep message, really. I was playing with Hexagon, with the shader settings in DS, added a displacement map to the clothing, yadda yadda yadda, and here he is =)

UPD: for an "artistic" version of this render take a peek at this:

Tech specs:

Rendered in DAZ Studio 3
UberEnvironment 2 lighting
some shaders from the Actual Eyes 2 pack [link]
custom face morph done in Hexagon
minor postwork (fixing a few hair strands) in Paint.NET

Items used:

David 3 base @ DAZ3D [link]
M3 high-res texture maps @ DAZ3D [link]
The Duelist clothing @ DAZ3D [link]

//note: DAZ are planning to "vault" these items (=remove from the store), so go get some for yourselves while they're good!//

Biscuits Hair Trio @ Renderosity [link]
4Eyes Wall Section @ Rendo free stuff [link]
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Wonderful lighting. I love how his hair is bright lit with tints of ginger.
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Thank you. It's the simplest lighting ever actually =)…
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Wow, thanks. I'll take a look at that. 
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Oooh!! Nice lighting!
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Aww thanks!! It's the simplest setup actually... I could share the details if you want?
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I'd love to hear about the setup!!
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So, I hope this helps. As I said, the lighting is extremely simple: I took an UberEnvironment2 (this light shader comes with every version of DS since 3Advanced; I think Poser has environment lights like that, too), applied a HDR image-based lighting map to it (the Park one that comes with DS), then I created one distant light, set it to specular only and positioned it so that it would come from the same place as the sun in the IBL map (this could be tedious, but I create a new camera at the coordinate origin, point it to the sun and then copy the rotations to the distant light, then up one rotation, usually X, by 180 degrees so that it looks the other way, not up into the sky but down).

There are other HDR maps out there - I like these free ones: [link] - these are panoramas, so I'm not sure if Poser handles them well, but I saw some nice free HDR maps specifically for Poser at Cath's site

In DS, just using one IBL+AO environment light eats up all the specularity, so you definitely need that specular-only light; but I'm not sure about how specularity is handled in Poser (I have Poser Debut but the interface looks very confusing to me unfortunately).

To bring out the detail in displacement, I upped the UE settings to somewhat extreme numbers: AO samples 192 and max error 0.4; can't recall the exact AO shading rate at the moment, but it's 4, I think.
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