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Rarity - The Oppressor



Rarity Day 2017
I know I've done this for the third time, but I really like the idea of the Mane Six as The Mane Suspects ^^

Alias : Gem
Role : Oppressor


Rarity fell in with some unsavory characters after she was forced to take a loan when her newly opened Carousel Boutique hadn't started off well. Resorting to crime, Rarity discovered a new use for her unmatched beauty, charms, keen eye, fine control over levitation and natural talent of keeping ponies under control. She learned the arts of lockpicking, manipulation, upper class etiquette, pickpocketing, forgery. Her signature weapons are her own custom-made flamethrower and all kinds of explosive, so it's easy to tell whether Rarity was involved or not just by looking at the massive fire or explosions she created. Slowly Rarity rose in wealth and the ranks of the criminal underworld, soon enough finding her way into the upper echelons of Canterlot's elite. Her Boutique on the other hoof prospered in the newfound clientele during the day and served as a small counterfeiter operation during the night.

Starlight's Note

I'm aware that Rarity favors flame and explosive-based weapons because she accidentally killed a shopkeeper with a blowtorch once and said something about satisfaction on watching they die slowly (She's crazy, I know). She also masters the art of forgery and created the weapons for the crew. One of her greatest inventions that I have noticed is her hoofmade flamethower-grenade launcher. Tool of the trade? She makes every law enforcers oppressed by her constant flame-throwing, grenade-launching mayhem. Who isn't scared of that? I do.
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