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I can't seem to bump old entries, so I am reposting my commission info.  :meow:  If you would like to commission me for a project or art piece, you can note me here on DA, or email me at IamJade[at] Payment is through PayPal only, and half up-front after the art concept is agreed upon.

Full-color Digital Illustrations/Portraits = $30
[ example 1 ] [ example 2 ] [ example 3 ]
Up to two characters with a fully-colored background. An especially detailed background or additional characters would be price negotiated.

Custom Amigurumi dolls = $25+
[ example 1 ] [ example 2 ] [example 3 ]
A character or object of your choosing, generally within 3 to 7 inches tall. Price will be determined depending on character design details, yarn color palette, and time required to craft it.

Drawings = $7
Clean lineart with one character colored and no background [ example 1 ], or limited colors with a detailed line style. [ example 2 ]. Additional characters or a more detailed scene would be price negotiated. [ example 3 ]

Watercolor Pencils
On folded Glossy paper (for personalized greeting/birthday cards) = $5, plus postage.
On 8 x 5 watercolor paper = $8, plus shipping.
On 9 x 12 watercolor paper = $15, plus shipping.
Paper can also be cut into specific smaller sizes, just let me know.
More than three characters on any paper size would be price negotiated.
For very colorful pictures (i.e., more than 10 colors used significantly), or large bg-color washes (i.e., 70% of the page is blue), an addition $2 will be added for the larger paper sizes.
[ example 1 ] [ example 2 ] [ example 3 ] [ example 4 ]

I use Digital Art (via GIMP/MyPaint and a Wacom tablet), and Watercolor Pencils, along with pencils and ballpoint pens. Amigurumi dolls are crocheted with worsted yarn and filled with polyester fiber. For digital art, the file would be emailed to you at printable-quality size, and for traditional art the original would be Priority Mailed to you. Shipping would be added to the final price for traditional art.

If you are interested, please drop me a line so we can discuss it. Thank you! :aww:
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