8th annual Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Hey folks! It's October, which means the Distant Horizon Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest is back on! A contest where you can see Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra themed pumpkins, vote for your favorites, and enter your own for glory and prizes!

How to Enter:
Carve something! Take a photo! Send it in! It's all very simple. The deadline to enter is Sunday November 4th. Carve alone or enter with your friends, but keep the carvings kid-viewable and ATLA or LOK related.

How to Vote:
Voting starts November 5th and stays open for two weeks! You can vote for five of your favorites (No, not for yourself five times), so if you enter be sure to tell your friends and family! At the end the votes will be tallied and the results will be announced.

The Top 4 winners + a Mod's Choice can get:
  • An 8-inch amigurumi doll of Korra, made by me. (Photo example)
  • A crocheted beret featuring the Chinese calligraphy element of your choice, made by Reynalyn. (for two winners!) (Pics one and two)
  • Avatar-themed fanart of the winner's choosing, drawn by me. (see gallery for examples!)

There may also be a Bolin or Naga amigurumi if I can finish it before Thanksgiving. If you would like to provide a quality prize (be it fanart, craft, etc) please contact me! It is always appreciated. :D

In addition, the top 15 carvings will be on display FOREVER, to live on as proof of your carving venture. Do you have what it takes? I hope you will enter, and please help spread the word!

The main website is at Musogato.com/avatar/apcc, where you can read the full rules, links to enter, and see the past years' winners. Thank you, and hope to see you there!
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