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SU/LoZ: A Healing Song

Started working on this in early October 2019, and finished it Nov. 30th.
This took SO LONG to ink and color, I am literally still mad about it. But I like how it turned out, even though the colors apparently look horrible on every screen that is not my own. I guess my computer is officially Too Old. Guess it's a good thing I didn't spend seven weeks working on it! :eratsnirg: 

Anyway. I totally subscribe to the Corrupted Steven Theory for Steven Universe Future, and at some point Link's Song of Healing from Majora's Mask crossed my mind and poof: this happened. You know Link would totally understand what Steven's going through.

Also posted on my Tumblr.

Drawn in MyPaint, colored in GIMP.
Steven Universe Future → Cartoon Network
Legend of Zelda → Nintendo
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What'cha gonna do with the mask now???
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Use it for boss battles, definitely. :D

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Just remember, the only mask that works in the fight against Twinmold is the Giant Mask!
This looks amazing! I wonder what the full story is, like how did it happen? 
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Thank you! I imagine Steven somehow accidentally got warped to Hyrule or some land Link happened to be visiting, and couldn't warp back. Frustration led to rampage, which led to Link intervening. ^^;