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Good Bird

Alternate title: "Really uncool, Link. You better hope nobody was watching."

Lots of Zelda: Skyward Sword info has come out lately, but my favorite bit is that "if you overshoot your target, your bird will swoop in and save you." How sweet is that? I had to draw it. (Of course, chances are Link will just automatically whistle for the bird when he gets far enough down, but still. I like Link freaking out way better, haha.)

I'm also liking this bird the more I see of it. It's like a mix between the King of Red Lions and Appa from Avatar. I really hope there will be aerial fights in this game, because I am telling you, this bird would be crazy fierce.

Legend of Zelda → Nintendo
Watercolor pencils & pen; 9 x 12 paper
Painted Sept. 2011, took 3 days.
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It took me several minutes to figure out I had to shake the remote frequently to make the bird's wings flap, I felt like the dumbest person in the entire world! XD