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Avatar Jedi Council

Avatar/Star Wars fanart prize for Philip ( ~Confidenceman047 ) who was a winner of the 2011 Avatar Pumpkin Carving Contest! He wanted the four Avatars as lightsaber-wielding Jedi with a volcanic background, and I had so much fun drawing this. :heart:

Did a bunch of research for it at Wookieepedia haha, and together figured that the forms they might use would be: Korra - Shien (with a backwards grip like Ahsoka Tano) (ref), Aang - Soresu (pose ref), Roku - Niman (ref), and Kyoshi - Djem So, although I ended up using an Ataru stance (ref). Yes, I am telling you all of this. xD

I also stylized their lightsaber hilts to represent their home nations; a clearer view of it can be seen here.

What else..... Lots of references used for their clothing and stances, volcanoes, pinstripe decals, and the Avatars themselves. Textures for the background are brushes from the Gimp Paint Studio add-on, which is freaking amazing. :nod:

Overall, super happy with this. :aww:

Drawn in MyPaint, colored in GIMP. Took about 3 months.
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, with Avatars Kyoshi, Roku, Aang, and Korra → Nickelodeon
Star Wars → Lucasfilm Ltd.
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