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A Desolate Sea

After you defeat the Water Temple boss in Spirit Tracks, there's this view of the ocean that makes me so homesick for Wind Waker, I can't even explain it. How one can even be homesick for a video game, I'm not sure, but there it is.

But this Link would know nothing of that, and that is precisely what bothers me the most about this game, even though otherwise it's very enjoyable. Other Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass characters are given a tribute, but the kid who saved the land in back-to-back adventures gets nothing more than an inside joke? Are you kidding me? It makes me want to put my Ranty McRanty Pants on. Or just draw moody Zelda fanart, I guess.

My usual coloring style didn't seem to fit for this piece, so I tried a swooshy hatching style instead. I like it, but maybe it makes it seem too Link's Awakening-ish? Hm.

Had the idea in January 2010, but didn't sketch it until Jan 2011. Finished in June.
Drawn in GIMP.
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks → Nintendo
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Well, Link's actions are easily forgotten *coughsocarinaoftimecoughs* over the years, and well if ww Link had made a cameo as ghost or something, they should have thought of a situation where both Link wouldn't be talking at all.

Personnally, I get homesick of Hyrule when playing Wind waker(haven't played Spirit Tracks yet). Now even more since I have played Skyward sword and ocarina of time. It feels like everything you have done so far was worthless eventhough you still provided some years of peace.