Voting for Draw Ayeh Activity Round 1
184 votes

Deviation Actions

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By Muslim-Manga
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They're all so cute, Masha Allah! :meow:
I voted for UmmuVonNadia's deviation :D

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i just knew about this group today :/
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i did not know it would be voted since its called "activity"...
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I must say I have to vote for the last one! It's so CUTE! :3
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Aww shame... I wanted to enter the contest since I already have an idea of drawing her. Nevermind, I'll just make it a normal fanart by the time I get around to draw it.
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"If you still want to participate, you can. There will be a round 2 and then final round. If we get many more submissions, we may add additional voting rounds. "
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I want to joing too.and regarding to the school manga contest,I feel that it was a fail for me since it looks longer than I wanted to make it(my manga) and I'm just thinking to join with an other,is it possible to extend the deadline again?(this seems so much T.T)...
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I'm not sure at this point, but I will let you know.
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if it is for a logo, it is best to only frame the face. i recommend the ones who drew a pic bigger than that to crop the face only?
would be a lot better :)
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its not for a logo
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so it wont be used on the group's icon? o:
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